I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 336 - The World In Chaos

Chapter 336 - The World In Chaos


Eastern coast of the Northern Wilderness Region.

A giant whirlpool appeared in the ocean as a group of cultivators leapt out of the water.

The leader was a bald and muscular man. He was Duan Yougu.

He had been to Violet Demon Palace before, but he had found no trace of the Colorful Celestial Tree. This infuriated him.

In his search for the Colorful Celestial Tree, he went back again, along with the best diviner he knew.

“Sir, this is the Northern Wilderness Region, please try.”

Duan Yougu took out a Colorful Celestial Fruit and passed it to the blue-shirted taoist beside him.

The taoist looked thin and had a mixture of white and black hair. His eyes were fearsome and sharp like a panther’s.

He took the Colorful Celestial Fruit and began divining.

The other cultivators kept watch over their surroundings carefully.

The overseas and the Northern Wilderness Region were always hostile toward one another. If they were to be found out, a fierce battle would surely ensue.

Duan Yougu looked toward the horizon of the Northern Wilderness Region in deep thought.

“Why does it feel like the Northern Wilderness Region is not as heavily guarded as before,” He mumbled.

When he came to the Northern Wilderness Region a long time ago, a powerful cultivator from a Sanctum forced him to flee when he had just landed on the beach to rest.

This time, no one stopped them despite him bringing so many people.

It seemed that the rumors were true. The Northern Wilderness Region had waned.

“My King, I can’t divine it. I must enter the Northern Wilderness Region first and understand the Fate of the heavens and the earth of the Northern Wilderness Region before I can divine further,” the blue-shirted taoist opened his eyes and said as he shook his head. Duan Yougu was not angry about this because it was what he had expected.

After that, the group of people flew toward the Northern Wilderness Region.

The undulating mountain range and the sparkling lake looked like a beautiful scene on a piece of drawing.

A group of buildings stood amidst the mountains. There were wooden huts, buildings, stone huts, palaces, and high towers. It was apparently a city in the mountains.

Multitudes of flying birds circled on top. A celestial atmosphere pervaded the area.

This place was called Mountain Abyss Ziggurat. It was one of the Eight Sanctums, sitting in the east of the Northern Wilderness Region.

The Ziggurat Lord’s Residence was situated on a high peak that was covered by mist and clouds. Four cultivators guarded its main gate.

Inside the residence, the Ziggurat Lord, Zeng Junlou, was staring at a crystal sphere, which showed the silhouettes of Duan Yougu and his followers.

Zeng Junlou was ranked in the Northern Wilderness Region top hundred, and his power was unfathomable. He wore an elegant violet robe, looking prestigious and generous.

He mumbled with a frown, “Why did these people come from overseas?”

He did not send his men out immediately because he sensed that Duan Yougu was very powerful.

These few thousand years, the Sanctums had fought with the demonic sects endlessly, and both sides had depleted many resources. Although the Tanhua Sect was defeated, the Eight Sanctums waned in power as well. Many powerful cultivators had passed away.

He flipped his right hand, and a paper and pen appeared on the table. He began writing.

Since Mountain Abyss Ziggurat could hardly stop the enemy, he decided to ask for help.

The great war between humans and demons had just ended. The Eight Sanctums needed to band together to guard against forces from overseas.

When he finished writing the letter, he sighed, “It seems that the world is about to turn chaotic. Can Mountain Abyss Ziggurat today be considered a Sanctum?”

He felt lost about the future of Mountain Abyss Ziggurat.

If Mountain Abyss Ziggurat were to end in his hands, he would be too shameful to face his predecessors.

On the peak of Skyfall, Zhou Xuanji began breaking through.

The Thunderclap Sword was levitating above his head and was prepared to absorb the heavenly lightning.

Everyone stood afar in case they got injured.

“When he broke through to Spirit Refinement and Great Realization, he had to overcome great tribulations at the ascension level. Not sure what kind of tribulation it will be this time,” Daoya Old Man stroked his long beard and said with a smile expectantly.

Xiao Jinghong asked curiously, “I heard that there was no tribulation when Shi Shenzong ascended. Why was that?”

The others were listening as well. If there were ways of avoiding tribulations, they wanted to know.

Although tribulations could empower them, it was too much of a risk.

“It’s different. Shi Shenzong’s cultivation and lifespan had already surpassed the limit. He had already overcome the ascension tribulation twenty thousand years ago. But since he wanted to be testified as a Great Emperor in the human world, he did not ascend. His ascension was what Heaven really wanted, how would Heaven send tribulations to stop him?” Daoya Old Man said, shaking his head. He felt rather amazed when he mentioned this.

Such a powerhouse was defeated by his grand-disciple.

Now, even he could not see through Zhou Xuanji. How powerful was this brat actually?

The group came to a realization. They turned their gaze toward Zhou Xuanji.


Thunderclouds gathered and veiled over the starry sky. The entire peak was darkened.

A purple Taichi diagram appeared and was levitating between his brows as he waited patiently for the tribulation to come.

He was introspecting his violet heart.

As the breakthrough drew nearer, he had a stronger feeling that there was more to the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart.

There was an extremely powerful force wriggling inside and seemed to be breaking out at any time.

Soon, the heavenly lightning struck but was absorbed by the Thunderclap Sword.

After the tribulation began, the impetus of the heavenly lightning grew tremendously. Countless lightning struck down, wild and domineering like when he was battling using the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

The Thunderclap Sword resonated violently as it absorbed the heavenly lightning for Zhou Xuanji.

Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, and the others were worried about whether the legendary sword could hold on.

At this moment, a giant lightning dragon head appeared from the thunderclouds. It was even bigger than the peak of Skyfall.

Everyone’s jaw dropped in awe as they shuddered before the lightning dragon head.

“Heaven’s envy… Intolerable…”

A majestic voice came like a celestial being’s roar. The voice shook every demon and human on Skyfall.

Next, the lightning dragon descended from the dark clouds and charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

This scene seemed like armageddon. Its divine power seemed unstoppable!

Amidst the green mountains, Daoseeker and the man in the woven rush raincoat were drinking wine in a stone pavilion.

“Fate is changing. Have you divined it?” Daoseeker asked. He shook the wine cup in his hand as he stared fixedly at the man in the raincoat.

He remained silent for a short while before sighing, “I can control him no longer.”

He was referring to Yang Di naturally.

Daoseeker’s face turned grim. “How can that guy overestimate himself so much, thinking that being the top cultivator in the world means he fears nothing? Doesn’t he know who Liu Wuji is? He is the most powerful being in the human history of the Northern Wilderness Region. Even though his soul ascended, his physical body is beyond his reach.”

The man in the raincoat was speechless.

He was angry too, but he had no other ways.

Tribulation Executives like them could not attack the people in this world, or else they would be trespassing their restrictions and would receive divine punishment.

“Also, more people from overseas are entering the Northern Wilderness Region. The World Epoch is most likely related to overseas,” Daoseeker’s face softened down and diverted the topic.

The man in the raincoat asked, “You mean that the next leading role of the world comes from overseas?”

Daoseeker nodded.

Although they were tribulation executives and could not involve themselves in the matters of this world, they were both humans, so they did not hope for humans to be destroyed.

“If Yang Di and Zhou Xuanji were to work together, they might be able to protect the Northern Wilderness Region. The current Northern Wilderness Region is far more inferior than overseas. There are many geniuses in foreign regions. I hope you can tell Yang Di about this,” Daoseeker continued, but the man in the raincoat shook his head.

Yang Di was too arrogant to work together with Zhou Xuanji.

The two spoke no longer and drank their wine quietly.