I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 335 - Chapter 335 Fifty-Seven Years Old. Sword Soul Formed.

Chapter 335 - Chapter 335 Fifty-Seven Years Old. Sword Soul Formed.


Great Emperor Heartless exploded himself when facing the Ultimate Devil?

Zhou Xuanji had a peculiar expression. He felt that it was both expected and unexpected.

The current Great Emperor Heartless would explode himself when facing enemies that he could not defeat.

But why would Daoya Old Man divine this scene?

Could it be that the Great Emperor Heartless had some connections with the future of the north?

Diablo and Fu Hao might be the reason for the appearance of the devil. How about Great Emperor Heartless?

The group fell into deep contemplation as the atmosphere turned solemn.

Chen Bantian suddenly smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m the descendant of the royal Yellow Dragon bloodline and the Ten Thousand Year Prince. With me around, whatever devil appears will not stand.”

With his hands on his hips, he laughed wildly, and everyone rolled their eyes at him.

The tense atmosphere dissipated along with it.

Zhou Xuanji turned to leave and continue to figure out the sword soul.

He already had some leads, and it would not take long before he formed a sword soul. After that, he would form a sword soul for every sword technique he had, and his power would surely grow tremendously.

The matter about the Ultimate Devil made everyone train even harder.

Nothing major happened in the Northern Wilderness Region for a long while since then.

The topic of Zhou Xuanji versus the Sword Saint did not die down. There were always people talking about it.

Sometimes, they would mention Fu Hao, but it did not have too big an impact. Apparently, some influential parties were suppressing the topic.

What’s worth mentioning was that Great Zhou, Great Shang, and Great Chen had formed an alliance formally and became the most powerful bloc among the empires.

Of course, Hunyuan Empire was still more powerful in terms of battle power because of its many powerful cultivators. If they were to war against each other, it would not be just between the empires but also their supporting powerhouses. It would be hard to predict who would win.

Half a year later.

Zhou Xuanji finally formed the sword soul of the White Crane Sword Technique.

The so-called sword soul was the manifestation of the sword will. It required extreme insight into the Sword’s Way and soul power.

When the sword soul was still, it would appear as the essential form of the sword technique.

When it moved, it would deliver the full power of the sword technique.

After forming the sword soul, most sword techniques looked similar. However, their destructive power and essence were different. They were like breeze and gale, fire, and water.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has formed a sword soul. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations! The Sword Owner unlocked Sword Soul Mode and obtained [Glorious Gold] Ebony Abyssal Dragon Essence, and Dao Fruit Blue Pill!”

Zhou Xuanji stopped and let out a long breath of air.

Next, three lines of words appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Ebony Abyssal Dragon Essence

Grade: Glorious Gold

Description: This sword was forged with the dragon essence of the Ebony Abyssal Dragon. It contains dragon might and the extreme power of its flames.

A Glorious Gold legendary sword. It was so so.

Zhou Xuanji did not take out the Ebony Abyssal Dragon Essence because Glorious Gold legendary swords no longer surprise him.

He even had two Intimidating Spirit legendary swords already.

However, he was rather interested in the blue pill, and he asked about the origin of the pill.

“Dao Fruit Blue Pill is a medicine that helps to improve cultivation. It has a domineering effect and should not be taken without a powerful enough physical body. It can be consumed by the Sword Owner.”

The Sword Spirit introduced it, and Zhou Xuanji nodded.

He still had many Colorful Celestial Fruits in stock, which was enough for him to break through to become a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Shortly after, he took out the Bookcutter Sword to practice his other sword techniques.

He needed to practice each sword technique a thousand times to form the sword soul.

A thousand times would take him less than a day.

In the next month, he continued to form sword souls for all his sword techniques tirelessly.

After forming the sword soul, he could not do it as majestically as Shi Shenzong. His sword soul was merely a few meters tall.

He wanted the sword soul to be his trump card, so he kept it a secret when Lin Changge asked about it.

Even if he said it, the others could not have formed it.

Sword souls required not only talent but also insight into the Sword’s Way.

Zhou Xuanji mastered so many sword wills, which was something that others could not compare.

After forming all the sword souls, he began to focus on internalizing Qi.

He wanted to break through to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal soon.

In the blink of an eye, three years passed.

Zhou Xuanji reached fifty-seven years old and had obtained five more legendary swords. These swords were not very high-graded, and the highest was merely Amethyst.

They were Feishi Sword, Far East Sword, Luchen Sword, Sucking Cat Sword, and Thousand-bladed Ruler Sword.

With the help of the Colorful Celestial Fruits and Dao Fruit Blue PIll, his cultivation had reached the pinnacle of Great Realization. He was one step away from a breakthrough.

This day, he walked down from the peak to take a look at his disciples.

Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian had already returned, and the third-generation disciples increased to more than 1500 people.

The second-generation disciples became teachers, leading ten disciples each.

The eldest apprentice-brother, Xu Yang, could already take charge of things alone. This guy was the reincarnation of some powerhouse indeed. His cultivation had broken through beyond Astral Projection already.

The cultivation of his revered teacher Xiao Jinghong had also improved tremendously with Zhou Xuanji’s guidance.

As Zhou Xuanji’s only disciple, Xiao Jinghong received much love from Zhou Xuanji. Zhou Xuanji gave him five Colorful Celestial Fruits straight away.

Back then, when Zhou Xuanji was still a child, Xiao Jinghong helped him a lot.

Xiao Jinghong was not only his disciple but also a savior. Zhou Xuanji always kept that in mind.

“Wait until I break through to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, we shall open the sect.”

Zhou Xuanji thought as he rubbed his chin. In his plan, the Emperor Sword Court would pursue quality over quantity.

However, since Skyfall was located in the demons’ territory, he had to visit the powerful demons in the vicinity to ensure the success of creating the sect.

If the demon were to play some tricks and no one came to Skyfall on that day, it would become a joke.

Along the way, the disciples saw Zhou Xuanji and paid their respects. Each of them looked fervent.

In their hearts, Zhou Xuanji had already become the most powerful person in the world.

From the peak to the foot of the mountain, Zhou Xuanji was very pleased with the disciples’ training.

At least he saw no one slacking.

In the north, the sky was veiled by snow.

Diablo, who dressed in a black robe, walked ahead with a map in hand. Amidst the frozen land and great snowstorm, his silhouette seemed so small.

“I’ve been searching for four years, why haven’t I found it…”

Diablo was a little anxious, and his face turned sinister.

The north of the Northern Wilderness Region was vast. There were cities and tribes of humans and demons, but rarely did they venture outwards because of the dangerous weather.

If someone ventured out alone, he would sense the loneliness of being the only person in the world.

Diablo did not. He only began to doubt whether the map to find Liu Wuji was real.

“Come… Come…”

At this moment, a faint summoning came, which made Diablo stop his tracks.

He was wildly surprised and immediately dashed toward another direction.

Dozens of miles away, a silhouette stood on the tip of a high peak and looked afar.

Her white clothes danced in the wind, and her silver hair was bunned with a pin. She had an indifferent expression with exquisite facial features. But since her eyes looked spiritless, a death aura emanated from her.

She gazed at the direction of Diablo’s departure. She said faintly, “The most powerful dead body of the humans, why is it that all of you want it so desperately? You really don’t know your own limits. You really don’t understand what it means to be the most powerful in the human race.”

A murderous aura could be sensed from her tone. The snow behind her transformed into the shape of a phoenix and roared shriekingly.