I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 333 - Chapter 333 Unprecedentedly Powerful in Human History

Chapter 333 - Chapter 333 Unprecedentedly Powerful in Human History


Within half a month.

Everyone knew about Zhou Xuanji defeating Shi Shenzong. Everyone, from the high officials in the empires to the commoners, were talking about this.

This battle pushed Zhou Xuanji’s reputation to the highest it had ever been.

In the hearts of countless people, he was on par with Yang Di.

The two of them would surely battle!

Soon, news about Fu Hao sneak-attacking Zhou Xuanji also spread among the people.

This matter quickly grew, and a storm of verbal attacks against Yang Di was about to begin.

In an old and worn temple, Xian Xianghua was cultivating.

Qin Zheng, the leader of the 36 Demon Leaders, stood beside her.

The other Demon Leaders were seated on their own, and each had disbelief on their faces.

Qin Zheng told them about the battle at Sword Emperor Canyon. Finally, he sighed with amazement, “The Sword Emperor is really growing at an alarming rate. It seems that the Sect Lord will not become the top cultivator again.”

If it were another person, he would not dare to say so. But since it was Zhou Xuanji, he was not afraid that Xian Xianghua would become angry.

Having heard that, Xian Xianghua opened her eyes and said proudly, “That is of course. The man that I choose must be extraordinary. He will surely become the top cultivator in the world, and he will be far more than just being the top in the Northern Wilderness Region.”

The Demon Leaders nodded their heads. They were all in amazement.

That young man was only a little more than fifty years old!

The Thousand-Hands Devil, Qin Gang, stood at the corner and had a complex expression on his face.

He remembered his first encounter with Zhou Xuanji. Back then, he did not expect Zhou Xuanji to become this powerful so quickly at all.

The group continued to sigh.

“What is Diablo doing recently?” Xian Xianghua asked.

After reviving the Ancient Diablo, she did not restrict his freedom.

“Sect Lord, the Former Sect Lord is in the north. He seems to be searching for something,” Qin Zheng replied truthfully. He was also a little confused about this.

After Diablo revived, he did not take over the position as the Sect Lord. He did not even mention it.

Xian Xianghua fell into deep thought.

The north was covered in ice and snow. It was a dangerous place to be, but there was also countless serendipity sealed within.

It seemed that Diablo had his own schemes.

Xian Xianghua instructed, “Continue to keep an eye on him. Also, we must continue to recruit followers. The more, the better. I’m not asking for quality.”

Qin Zheng received his orders before leaving swiftly.

Xian Xianghua’s eyes turned cold as she mumbled, “Fu Hao, humph. I will torture you to death.”

Back at Skyfall, Jiang Xue, Lin Changge, Huang Lianxin, and the others gathered around Zhou Xuanji to congratulate him.

The news had already spread to them, which excited them for many days.

After defeating the Sword Saint, how reputed would Zhou Xuanji become?

They did not dare to imagine but looked forward.

On the official opening day of their sect, how many cultivators in the world would come to pay their respect when Zhou Xuanji called?

After congratulating Zhou Xuanji, they expressed their rage against Fu Hao’s actions. They all talked about venting their anger by killing Fu Hao.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head in a smile and only replied with some simple words before he walked to a secluded place to cultivate.

Everyone knew that he must have had some kind of insight during the duel, so they no longer disturbed him.

Daoya Old Man gazed at Zhou Xuanji and fell into deep thought.

Something is wrong with this kid’s aura. Could it be that Fu Hao did something to him?”

He mumbled to himself but did not ask Zhou Xuanji.

He did not want to interrupt Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation.

On the way back, Zhou Xuanji had been thinking about the sword soul.

During the duel, Shi Shenzong used his sword soul multiple times.

The sword soul was mighty when still but thunderous when activated.

Even World Reincarnation could not fully deflect its power.

If he could learn it, it would be a very effective move against other owners of the Tianxia Map in the future.

He believed that after he ascended, he would encounter former owners of the Tianxia Map. They would have mastered the World Buddha Art, and it would be big trouble to fight them.

The Sword Spirit mentioned it. As long as he realized one sword soul, it would be very quick for him to realize the sword soul of any other sword technique.

He looked forward to it. Once he mastered the sword soul, he would be confident in defeating Yang Di!

He did not believe that Yang Di was far more powerful than Shi Shenzong.

He was determined and motivated. He quickly took out the Bookcutter Sword and began training.

He was practicing the White Crane Sword Technique, which was the first and the sword technique he was most familiar with.

In the courtyard of Sun Hill.

Fu Hao knelt on the ground with his head touching the ground.

Yang Di was still doing calligraphy and did not look at him.

He had already knelt for three days and three nights, and Yang Di had yet to ask him to get up.

He waited patiently without speaking a word.

“Tell me, why did you do that?”

Yang Di put down the pen in his hand and asked, gazing at Fu Hao. He looked calm, and no one could see through the thoughts in his heart.

Fu Hao looked down with gritted teeth and said, “Zhou Xuanji defeated Shi Shenzong with an overwhelming advantage and has become a threat to the Great Emperor. I naturally want to help the Great Emperor by getting rid of him.”


Just after he finished speaking, an unstoppable wind pressure swept him away and smashed him against the courtyard wall.

After that, he quickly got back and knelt down at the same spot.

“Then why did you give up halfway?”

Yang Di continued to ask. He circled around the desk and walked up to Fu Hao.

Fu Hao sensed a murderous aura and quickly replied, “Although Zhou Xuanji was severely injured, it was very difficult for me to kill him. Moreover, the Sword Saint helped him, so I could only retreat.”

Yang Di smiled mockingly.

“Fu Hao, back then, if you had not taken This Emperor in, This Emperor might have died in the belly of that demon. With the help of some serendipity, This Emperor received the inheritance of a Great Emperor and improved This Emperor’s cultivation tremendously. However, you are not very talented, and This Emperor helped you with your cultivation because of the good you did to me.”

“In this world, we rely on each other. This Emperor has always treated you like family. However, This Emperor has been thinking about it carefully and always felt that something was wrong.”

Listening to Yang Di’s words, Fu Hao was covered in cold sweat.

He wanted to explain but did not know what to say.

He suddenly realized that Yang Di’s suspicion toward him was more than he expected.

“If you want This Emperor to trust in you one more time, This Emperor shall give you a mission. Head to the north and find Liu Wuji’s cave. If you can find it, This Emperor will forgive you. If This Emperor cannot get the desired item, This Emperor shall kill you personally.”

Yang Di instructed coldly, and Fu Hao looked up immediately.

“Liu Wujii?” He cried out in fear, “What are you planning to do?””

Yang Di’s eyes brightened with a peculiar expression and said, “I heard that Liu Wuji was the most powerful human to ever exist. Even the Human Emperor back then could not defeat him. His Astral Spirit escaped his body and shattered the void, leaving behind an indestructible body sealed underground in the north. This Emperor just wants to see what cultivation stage his body reached.”

Fu Hao took a deep breath and tried to compose himself.

He looked deeply at Yang Di and said with a complex tone, “Great Emperor, you hide things well.”

Yang Di isolated himself from the world often, and it was Fu Hao who did his errands and collected intel.

He thought that Yang Di was already in his grasp, but he did not expect Yang Di to know about Liu Wuji’s body.

Chills traveled down his spine. The more he thought about it, the more he feared Yang Di.

“Liu Wuji’s body is very dangerous. When it was dug out fifty thousand years ago, it massacred the world. If not for Devil Emperor Dugu, who suppressed the body, the Northern Wilderness Region would have become a land of death. You want to make it happen again?”

Fu Hao asked with gritted teeth. This matter was too dangerous, so he did not dare to agree immediately.