I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 332 - Chapter 332 The Tribulation Executive’s Schemes

Chapter 332 - Chapter 332 The Tribulation Executive’s Schemes


Facing Zhou Xuanji’s cynicism, Fu Hao showed no care.

He chuckled, “You are right. But it’s useless for a dead man to know this much.”

He kicked and charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

The Ancient God Sword conjured the souls of the eight powerhouses, and each fought back.

Just when Fu Hao was about to reach Zhou Xuanji, he was swept away by a powerful gale.

He was not injured but laughed mockingly, “Zhou Xuanji, there is no need to resist. This will only increase your pain.”


A violent aura exploded from his body, and a light blue flame covered his skin. His body blurred and reappeared above Zhou Xuanji’s head in an instant.

Turning his body upside down, he kicked downwards like a whip. The kick was heavy and powerful.

The souls of the eight powerhouses used their abilities respectively and sent him flying away again.

This time, Fu Hao dared not to be careless.

He squinted as he looked at the souls of the eight powerful cultivators and asked with a smile, “These are souls in the Tianxia Map?”

Zhou Xuanji did not reply. Such an ignorant kid who only knew about the Tianxia Map.

Fu Hao took a deep breath. He sharpened his eyes as though he was going to finish this battle quickly.

If the dust storm around him dispersed, he would expose himself.

Zhou Xuanji’s reputation leaned toward being righteous and benevolent. If others found out that he had killed Zhou Xuanji, Yang Di’s reputation would be impacted greatly.

It might even obstruct the endeavor to create the Great Fate Empire.

He charged at Zhou Xuanji again with three duplicates, attacking his opponent in different directions.

He shot out a green dagger at Zhou Xuanji, and because of the close distance, the souls of the powerhouses could not deflect it in time.


The dagger pierced into Zhou Xuanji’s chest but did not penetrate. The blade pierced into his flesh.

Zhou Xuanji was calm and snorted coldly. The World Reincarnation activated, and the dagger was expelled.

Fu Hao caught the dark green dagger swiftly, and a vertical eye opened between his brows. He stared at Zhou Xuanji with his three eyes, which shot out three bolts of lightning that resembled pythons and dragons. The lightning hit Zhou Xuanji.

As the bolts of lightning flashed, Zhou Xuanji was not affected at all.

With the power of heavenly lightning, how could Zhou Xuanji be hurt by lightning?

Fu Hao frowned, as though he did not expect to have so much difficulty in killing the badly injured Zhou Xuanji.


An air-piercing sound came. Fu Hao’s scalp went numb as he evaded instinctively.

The Saint Path Sword descended from the sky and landed before Zhou Xuanji.

Fu Hao looked up in shock. He did not expect Shi Shenzong to help Zhou Xuanji at all.

He twirled and dug his body into the ground and disappeared immediately.

Following that, the Saint Path Sword rose slowly and disappeared in the billowing dust storm.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head in a smile. This Sword Saint really had character.

Shortly after, his eyes turned cold.

During the exchange of blows just now, he had a clear grasp of Fu Hao’s power.

That boy should be at the pinnacle of the Great Realization stage, which did not pose a threat to him.

However, he had to investigate Fu Hao’s background.

At this moment, Zhou Xiaoqi ran over with the little black snake. They were both excited and talked non-stop around Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji did not tell them about Fu Hao.

He felt that there was surely something odd about this.

If Yang Di were to be so despicable, why would he send someone this weak to kill him?

At the edge of the forest, Fu Hao appeared at the cliff. Looking toward the sky covered by the dust storm, he smiled.

“Zhou Xuanji, don’t disappoint me.”

He turned to leave but stopped.

Someone walked out of the forest.

It was the man in the woven rush raincoat.

He stood under the tree and asked, “Fu Hao, are you still the original you?”

Fu Hao did not lose his composure and smiled, “You don’t belong to the human world. Could it be that you want to break your restrictions to attack me?”

He continued forward.

The man in the raincoat continued to speak, “If I were to tell this to Yang Di, what will he think about it?”

Fu Hao walked to his side without looking at him. “He never believed me, but he doesn’t believe in you either. What’s the meaning of making a fuss out of this? He smiled, looking down.”

Just when he was about to take a step, he remembered something and said, “Oh yeah. You should think about what happens to your plan if Zhou Xuanji defeats Yang Di.”

After that, he laughed wildly as he ambled into the forest.

After he left, the man in the raincoat came to the cliffside.

“The Tribulation Executive’s Scheme is far beyond what a child like you can know,” he said mockingly. His voice scattered into the air and dissipated with the wind.

The dust storm calmed down, and Zhou Xuanji was still healing himself on the ground.

Cultivators gathered around him, and everyone looked excited.

The ones nearest to him were those from Great Zhou, Great Chen, Great Shang, and the Hegemon Sword Sect. This was in case anyone were to backstab him.

Meanwhile, Shi Shenzong had already left the Northern Wilderness Region.

A long while later, Zhou Xuanji finally revealed Fu Hao’s sneak attack.

He projected the appearance of Fu Hao with his spirit energy and asked about his background.

Someone quickly recognized that he was Yang Di’s servant boy.

He pretended to be shocked and then said with disdain, “This boy assaulted me just now. If not for the Sword Saint’s help, I might have been injured worse. It’s a shame that such a despicable person became the Great Emperor’s servant.”

With these words, the cultivators were shocked.

Yang Di’s boy servant attacked Zhou Xuanji in such a sneaky way?

They immediately had all sorts of thoughts about it.

“Could it be Yang Di’s order?”

“It must be. Yang Di is the most powerful cultivator. Now that the Sword Emperor defeated the Sword Saint, the next target will be to take over his throne as the top cultivator in the world!”

“It cannot be. Yang Di doesn’t look like such a despicable person?”

“When what do you think is the motive? Only Fu Hao follows Yang Di around. Or do you think the Sword Emperor is lying?”

“The Sword Emperor is so upright, how could he be lying? Although Yang Di stopped the great war between the demons and humans, the Sword Emperor was the one who killed Jihuang Demon Lord.”

Listening to the cultivators’ conversations, although Zhou Xuanji showed no expression, there was a little joy in his heart.

After that, he got up slowly. He spoke to Zhou Chengxin for a short while before he left.

He sent invitations to Great Zhou, Great Shang, and Great Chen, and asked that the tree empires come on the day that the Emperor Sword Court was established.

The three emperors were overjoyed. After defeating the Sword Saint, ZHou Xuanji was still not arrogant. He still remembered their shared past, which greatly pleased them.

Zhou Xuanji rode on Xiaoqi, and the Qilin departed swiftly on the clouds.

The little black snake rested on Zhou Xiaoqi’s head and cursed, “I didn’t expect that boy to be so despicable. He had so little power, could he be trying to arouse your hatred for Yang Di?”

Fu Hao escaped too quickly. If he continued to fight, the Sword Saint would not be able to stop him. The Sword Saint had already ascended after all.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “Don’t care. It must be connected with Yang Di somehow. The world’s top cultivator must not be that stupid, and moreover, Fu Hao is his close servant. How can Yang Di be ignorant of his coming to Sword Emperor Canyon?”

They suddenly felt that this was quite interesting.

They flew straight toward Skyfall.

Zhou Xuanji received a lot during this battle and had decided to focus on training.

At the same time, news about the Sword Emperor defeating the Sword Saint and the ascension of the Sword Saint spread out.

Within three days, this news became prevalent among both the humans and demons of the Northern Wilderness Region.

The current legend defeated the historical legend!

Shi Shenzong even claimed that Zhou Xuanji would become the most powerful Sword Emperor. This statement was incredibly reliable.

He was the teacher of a Great Emperor after all!