I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 330 - Chapter 330 – You’ve Lost

Chapter 330 - Chapter 330 – You’ve Lost


The two million spectating cultivators were completely dumbfounded, unable to believe their eyes.

Shi Shenzong had talked up the Sword Soul so much, and the Blazing Flame Sword Soul had looked incredibly mighty and given off a might that caused them to tremble.

They had thought that the two people would erupt out with an incredibly breathtaking and massive battle, or that Zhou Xuanji would be heavily injured.

They had never thought…

As soon as Shi Shenzong had struck out, even though he had destroyed the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, he had taken great damage as well.

Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain’s Mountain Lord Shi Haiming was completely stupefied.

“How can it be… founder…” Shi Haiming’s body trembled and he fell to his knees with a plop.

The Hegemon Sword Sect’s Sect Lord did not taunt him because he was just as shocked.

“Could it be the World Buddha Art? How old is he? He’s already learned World Reincarnation…” Baihao Yixin gulped, and his gaze towards Zhou Xuanji became full of fear.

He had seen the power of the World Buddha Art before, and the person using it had been the Emperor of the human race at the time!

Even though he had not been a match for Baihao Yixin, he had still been incredibly stunning and outstanding. If that Emperor of the human race had another 10,000 years, perhaps the one who would have lost would be Baihao Yixin.


The spectators below exploded out with clamoring, and everyone excitedly discussed.

“Heavens! What did I just see?”

“The Sword Emperor is mighty!”

“So domineering! Is the Sword Saint dead?”

“It’s over, just like that?”

“As expected from my idol; now, who dares to say he’s not deserving of the title Sword Emperor?”

“I knew Zhou Xuanji would win; he’s incomparable!”

Millions of voices sounded together, sounding as if they were going to overturn the heavens.

Zhou Chengxin, Princess Xuanya, Yang Xindi, the Emperor of the Great Chen, and others all cheered excitedly for Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xiaoqi jumped up and down on the spot, making the little black snake so dizzy that it almost fainted.

In the air, Zhou Xuanji did his best to stabilize his body, making it seem like he was fine.

He had been injured by that strike, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he had fused with the Violet Demon Monarch Heart, he might have been instantly defeated by that strike.

No wonder Xuanyuan Zhou would die at Shi Shenzong’s hands.

So it was like that.

This was the power of a Sword Soul?

It was so fast that even gods could not fathom it, and it was so domineering that it could shatter mountains and rivers!

Zhou Xuanji felt a fire within his heart; he would definitely realize Sword Souls as well!

At that moment, a figure quickly flew over—it was Shi Shenzong.

He was covered with blood, but his eyes remained clear and sharp. He held the Saint Path Sword with his right hand, and his eyes locked onto Zhou Xuanji.

The Tianxia Map continuously provided Zhou Xuanji with spirit energy, and he once again cast Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

The magnificent Thousand Hand Sword Buddha quickly swung its swords, wildly hacking towards Shi Shenzong, and Shi Shenzong slashed back with his sword and defended.

Even though the Saint Path Sword was much smaller than the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s golden swords, its power was not lacking at all, and it looked like a grain of rice sending a house flying.

“Sword Saint, your accomplishments in the Way of the Sword are indeed incredible, but you’re not a match for me!” Zhou Xuanji said as he loudly laughed. The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s power became stronger and stronger, and with divine lightning aiding it, Shi Shenzong began to become covered in more and more blood.

“The age that belonged to you has already passed!” As this roar sounded out, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha unleashed the Sky Dominating Divine Sword. The 1,000 swords combined together and furiously slashed down.


Shi Shenzong was slammed down by this trike and he crashed through the ground, causing dust to rise up. The ground in the surrounding ten kilometers directly collapsed, and countless cracks spread out, making it look like there was a massive spider web on the ground.


Zhou Xuanji also coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his arms slightly trembled.

The might of a Sword Soul was simply too powerful and had injured his organs. Now that he had attacked Shi Shenzong with his full power, he would naturally be injured as well.

However, he did not care—he had to defeat Shi Shenzong!

The heavens and earth fell silent, and everyone was shaken by Zhou Xuanji’s domineeringness.

He looked down at Shi Shenzong and said coldly, “Sword Saint, do you still want to fight?”


Intense flames split apart the dirt and rushed up from the massive crater, looking like a volcanic eruption that reached the sky.

Following this, Shi Shenzong rushed into the sky.

His gaze was cold as he stared at Zhou Xuanji and said, “I will never lose!”

He had his pride!

He would either win or die!

The concept of living as a loser did not exist for him, nor did the concept of a draw.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha once again slashed out using the Sky Dominating Sword, giving off an unstoppable aura.

Shi Shenzong unleashed his Sword Soul and blazing flames flashed, seeming to lift up a massive sword as big as a mountain range. It disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared; after colliding with the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s golden sword, it exploded and turned into a sea of fire.

Shi Shenzong once again fell.

Zhou Xuanji was blasted upwards, and he quickly stabilized himself. Blood continuously leaked out from his mouth like a fountain gushing out.

“Goddammit! This guy doesn’t care about his life at all!” Zhou Xuanji felt a savageness within his heart. Since Shi Shenzong did not want to live, he would go all-out too.

He did not believe that he could not win!

His legendary swords appeared above his head, and with a thought, the swords quickly went into formation and cast the Sealing Dream Sword Formation.

A violet pillar of light blasted down from the sword formation and slammed into the ground incredibly quickly, causing the ground to tremble.

A sandstorm rippled out, sweeping across the land. The cultivators who were somewhat nearby were forced to quickly take cover.

Within the violet light, Shi Shenzong gripped the Saint Path Sword and ignored his injuries as he forcefully stood up.

“I am the Sword Saint… invincible in the mortal realm… why should I lose?”

The sleeves of his clothes had been destroyed, and his legs bent as he forcefully broke through the Sealing Dream Sword Formation and once again charged at Zhou Xuanji.

Was this guy using hacks?

Even this was not enough to finish him off?

Zhou Xuanji felt infuriated and madly used God Ghost Howl and Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment’s power. Countless ghastly howls filled the heavens and earth, sounding incredibly eerie.

Despite his body being incredibly tough, his skin started to crack open as blood spilled out. It was extremely painful, and it felt as if his blood was on fire.

The violet Taichi diagram on Zhou Xuanji’s forehead gave off an even brighter light, and he let go of the swords in his hand. He raised his right hand and swung it downwards.


All of the legendary swords shot downwards, with the two Intimidating Spirit grade swords at the front. They were followed by the Heavenly Soul grade swords, then the Glorious Gold, then the Amethyst grade swords.

Each of the swords exploded out with their own power, and their lights combined to form a massive sword of light that descended from the skies.

Shi Shenzong gritted his teeth and once again unleashed his Sword Soul. This time, he used up all of the spirit energy in his body.

In that moment, a massive sword of blazing flames appeared, slamming into Zhou Xuanji’s swords.

A deafening explosion sounded out, and powerful light blasted in all directions, making the spectators feel their vision had gone completely white.

Soon, the sound disappeared for many people—their eardrums had burst.

It was like the almighty explosion that had created the heavens and earth, and it caused everything else to lose color and sound.

Zhou Xuanji almost fainted. He felt as if his body did not belong to him, and he started to fall down.

Zhou Xuanji grit his teeth and desperately used the Tianxia Map to restore his spirit energy. It took him great effort to stabilize his body.

After the powerful light disappeared, the clear and bright world had become dark. Dust and smoke covered the ground and sky, making it difficult to see anything.

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in; he could sense Shi Shenzong’s aura, and he quickly flew over.

By now, he was like an arrow at the end of its flight, and he flew incredibly slowly.

After a long while, he arrived in front of Shi Shenzong.

Shi Shenzong was half-kneeling within a massive crater, holding the Saint Path Sword with both hands. The blade of the sword was stabbed into the ground, helping him stay upright and not fall down.

Zhou Xuanji looked down at him and said calmly, “You’ve lost.”