I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 33

Chapter 33


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Zhang Tianjian slammed the table and snorted, “If he meets me, within three moves, I will make him unable to draw his sword ever again!”

Zhang Ruyu laughed disdainfully.

He realized that his father was becoming increasingly arrogant. Could his father have forgotten how he was shamed in front of the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou?

This was something that he did not dare to bring up, but to him, it was a humiliation.

When he went to the Great Zhou Empire for examinations, he was often mocked by young cultivators of the empire.

Therefore, he blamed his father since then.

However, his father was indeed the greatest sword cultivator in the Southern Snow Kingdom, and he aimed to surpass his father.

But ever since he encountered Sword God Zhou…

His blood boiled in excitement whenever he heard the news about Sword God Zhou destroying the brigand strongholds.

Gradually, in his heart, Sword God Zhou’s position had surpassed that of his father.

In his eyes, Sword God Zhou was like him, they both had a passionate and kind heart.

But his father, instead of exterminating the brigands himself, mocked Sword God Zhou. With such a comparison, it was evident that his character could not make it.

“Then go ahead!”

He said as he rolled his eyes. His idol was destroying brigand strongholds everywhere, it was easy to track him. If his father was willing, he would meet him.

Based on his estimation, Sword God Zhou should be on par with his father, so he was not worried that either one might lose their life.

“Humph. Recently the demons seemed to be on the move. How could I leave?”

His father snorted solemnly.

Zhang Ruyu rolled his eyes, walking to the soldier. “Has Sword God Zhou entered into the Reputation Ranking?”

The Great Zhou Reputation Ranking was the ranking for people of great renown. It was not ranked by power but by fame.

“Not yet,” the soldier shook his head.

Zhang Ruyu felt that it was a pity.

His father saw his expression and roused in anger.

He was waiting for a time when he could settle this issue with Sword God Zhou, to let his son see that his dad was more powerful!

On the narrow path of the valley, Zhou Xuanji walked in with Ah Big. He was stained with blood, and a killing aura was emanating from him.

He just overturned another brigand stronghold, and all the blood on his body belonged to his enemies.

Half a year had passed since his eighth birthday.

After he destroyed countless brigand strongholds, he really wanted to challenge a powerful cultivator of the Enlightening Stage.

Although he only had the cultivation of Foundation Building Level Five, he was already unrivaled amongst all cultivators at Foundation Building.

He was no longer the two-year-old child he used to be, he was very experienced in battle now.

He activated the mechanism, and the miasma covered the narrow pathway. As he was going to take a bath, he saw that Little Jiang Xue was training, while Small Er was chasing after the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent.

He smiled and walked into the lake.

The lake was connected to an aqueduct, and the water was kept clean as it flowed. However, the two of them did not drink the water from the lake, but from the fountain that flowed down from the mountain wall beside the lake.

After he took a bath and changed into a set of clean clothes, he threw the dirty ones aside and walked straight toward Little Jiang Xue.

He asked her, “How was it? Did you manage to break through?”

She opened her eyes and looked frustrated, “I can’t. I just feel that I can’t find the direction for the breakthrough,” she said.

The twelve-year-old girl continued to grow taller and prettier. She wore her hair in a ponytail, and the manner that she tilted her head was very adorable.

Zhou Xuanji, with his hands on his hip, smugly grinned, “Take it slowly, you are not a genius like me!”

She heard him and pounced on him abruptly.

It caught Zhou Xuanji off guard, and he was brought down to the floor by her.

She sat on his waist and pressed down on him. “Try being cocky again!” she exclaimed proudly.

Zhou Xuanji was strong enough to push her off easily, but he never did so and let her do with him as she pleased.

He pouted, “What kind of elder sister are you. Ohh, how you loved me when I was still young. You only know how to abuse me now!”

Little Jiang Xue smacked his buttock like she was riding a horse and snorted, “Who asked you to make fun of me?”

The two began play-fighting.

Only after half an hour was she satisfied. She got up and walked to the lakeside.

All of Zhou Xuanji’s clothes were washed by her. She would knit clothes for him when there was fabric, and she put in more effort than her own clothes.

He was a little bored. He brushed his messy hair and ran toward Small Er to play with it.

This was the everyday life of the two. Although the days were repetitive, they did not feel bored.

Time flew.

Half a year passed.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to Foundation Building Level Six, and Little Jiang Xue successfully broke through to Foundation Building Level One.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached nine years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Gold] Hell King Sword, Ranged Sword Propelling, Flaming Fan.”

The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded, and Zhou Xuanji, who was on the swing, jumped down immediately.

What the?

Gold grade legendary sword!

Zhou Xuanji trembled in excitement. He finally obtained a gold grade legendary sword!

Immediately, the details of Hell King Sword appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Hell King Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: The Hell King’s sword, imbued with the power of the deep abyss. It can be used to summon the soul of the Hell King to possess the user!

Hell King?

Sounds awesome!

He quickly took out the Hell King Sword.

The sword was five feet long. Its hilt was black and covered with tiny carvings like scales. The blade was three fingers wide and the width increased gradually down the blade. As a whole, it looked mighty and emanated an indescribably imposing aura.

It was a gold grade legendary sword indeed, as it was distinct from the other legendary swords.

He was delighted. He held and swung the sword around, which looked strange since it was even larger than him. Because the blade was too long, he was not completely used to it.

As he swung the Hell King Sword, Zhou Xuanji was even more imposing.

Even Little Jiang Xue, who was knitting clothes, turned and looked at him.

“Another new sword?”

She muttered and went back to her knitting.

She was not interested in swords because she had no talent in the Way of the Sword, so she disliked swords.

After practicing one round of the White Crane Sword Technique, he stopped. He wanted to take a look at the Ranged Sword Propelling and the Flaming Fan, and then try out the effects of Hell King Possession.

Ranged Sword Propelling was a sword technique. Once a sword was tossed out, it could slay an enemy tens of miles away.

The Flaming Fan was an enchanted artifact. Its cross-section looked like a calabash and it was red all over.

The Sword Spirit did not allow him to use any other artifacts other than swords so that he would not be overly reliant.

He did not want to use the Flaming Fan anyway, so he gave it to Little Jiang Xue.

She injected spirit energy into it and fanned it toward the empty ground in front, and a blast of flame was generated, which was enough to envelop Ah Big and Small Er.

It had great destructive power!

“Nice, with this Flaming Fan, I can help you from now on!”

She said happily as she hugged and cherished the Flaming Fan.

Zhou Xuanji was relieved to see that the girl had the talent to be a spellcaster.

Shortly after, he began practicing Ranged Sword Propelling.

This sword technique only had one move, which was sword tossing.

But there were nuances in the technique when it came to hand movement and injecting spirit energy. But for him, it was a piece of cake.

Within half an hour, he achieved Great Accomplishment in Ranged Sword Propelling.