I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 329 - Chapter 329 – True Buddha, Sword Soul

Chapter 329 - Chapter 329 – True Buddha, Sword Soul


After seeing through World Reincarnation, Shi Shenzong started to use only his body’s power and his sword techniques, and he was actually able to contend with Zhou Xuanji.

Gradually, he started to use different sword techniques, causing his attack pattern to become incredibly varied.

Similarly, Zhou Xuanji also continuously switched between different sword techniques.

The two of them started to compete in terms of their sword technique foundations. Their bodies continuously moved about and sword light flashed out; all kinds of abnormal signs appeared and did not stop.

Among the spectators below, there were many experts, and they all felt intoxicated watching this battle.

“Both of their skills are so profound; they’re able to change so smoothly between skills like moving clouds and flowing water.”

“Does that mean Zhou Xuanji is not any inferior to the Sword Saint?”

“That’s right, and not just in terms of strength but in terms of the foundation of his Way of the Sword as well.”

“That’s indeed the case. Rumors say that the Sword Emperor can learn a decent grade sword technique to the point of manifesting the Sword Will in a single day.”

“In other words, the Sword Emperor is even more powerful than the Sword Saint; after all, he’s so young in comparison.”

“I support Zhou Xuanji. He’s killed so many great demons for the human race and has contributed more to the human race than even Yang Di. Look at Shi Shenzong—what has he done for the human race while he was alive? The only thing he contributed was the Hegemon Sword Emperor, but even after the Hegemon Sword Emperor became a Great Emperor, he did not destroy the demon race.”

They started to discuss as they watched.

The voices cheering for Zhou Xuanji became louder and louder.

Legends were legends, and they were simply too far away from them.

Moreover, Zhou Xuanji was one of the top heroes of the current age; who did not want him to surpass the previous age?

Of course, there were still many people who believed that Shi Shenzong was stronger.

“Both of these people have the potential to become Great Emperors,” Baihao Yixin muttered, his expression serious.

He had seen countless geniuses, and Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong both ranked at the top.

It had to be known that there were not as many opportunities in this age as were in his age.

If both of these people had lived 90,000 years ago, it was difficult to imagine what kind of heights they would be able to reach.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong quickly clashed, turning into two rays of sword lights that raged above the sea of clouds.

‘This fellow is becoming stronger!’ Zhou Xuanji inwardly thought in shock. He was using the power of two Intimidating Spirit grade swords, and even though he had made up for the difference between their cultivations, he was unable to suppress Shi Shenzong.

In the end, he had still underestimated Shi Shenzong.

This person was truly powerful!

Shi Shenzong was even more shocked. This boy only had Great Realization Level Nine cultivation, and yet he was able to fight toe to toe with him, who had Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation.

It had to be known that his strength could sweep across the Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal stage, and even Xuanyuan Zhou was not a match for him.

This boy’s talent was greater than his!

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji’s arms shook and he used Sword Qi Soar. Countless traces of sword qi shot out from the surface of his body, forcing Shi Shenzong back. Following this, Zhou Xuanji immediately used the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

A 3,000 meter tall golden buddha appeared behind him. 1,000 hands stretched out from its back, each holding a massive sword.


Traces of divine lightning wrapped around the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, and thunder sounded out.

A golden light shined on the ground, and the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha looked incredibly mighty and divine, like an unparalleled god that looked down at the world.

Seeing this, everyone was dumbstruck.

What kind of divine ability was this?

Shi Shenzong felt stunned; he looked up at the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, like an ant looking up at an enormous mountain.

“This is the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. Try it out, Sword Saint,” Zhou Xuanji said as he laughed. Following this, his body fused into the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

Sword Will Mode!

He was the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, and the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was him!

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha opened its eyes and two rays of light shot out. Following this, a violet Taichi diagram appeared on the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s forehead.

A low ringing could be heard, like the sound of a massive bell.

A violet Taichi diagram then appeared behind the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, and it was even bigger than the Sword Buddha. It looked like a halo for the Sword Buddha, causing the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s aura to become even more powerful.

“The Buddha in my heart does not appear in an age of prosperity but an age of chaos. It saves the common people from the water and fire, and it does not disturb a race for its own selfish desires. In this current age, there are no true Buddhas, only some selfish Buddhist cultivators who pretend to war with demons. Much of the responsibility of the chaos in the human race falls on them, so I created this sword technique, wanting to return clarity to the world and cleanse away filth. This sword technique suppresses evil and is the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha!” Zhou Xuanji’s voice sounded throughout the world, sounding like a divine Buddha enlightening the masses.

Everyone was shaken, and they immediately thought of Dongyuan Monastery.

The Dongyuan Monastery had been one of the greatest advocates of the battle between the righteous and demonic sects, but when the human race was in great chaos, the Dongyuan Monastery could not do much.

At that moment, they started to have other thoughts about the Dongyuan Monastery.

There were many monks from the Dongyuan Monastery present, and hearing this, their faces and ears became red. Even though they felt quite angry, they could not help but think about Zhou Xuanji’s words.

Was what they were doing really right?

Shi Shenzong laughed. He raised the Saint Path Sword and the blazing sun once again behind him, as big as the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

“Sword Emperor, you’re indeed powerful. To you, unlocking Sword Will is incredibly easy. However, you’re still a bit lacking: You need to understand that Sword Will is not the pinnacle of the Way of the Sword. Today, I will show you what is above Sword Will!” Shi Shenzong said as he coldly harrumphed, his voice filled with pride.

He was the Sword Saint, the Saint of the Way of the Sword. How could he allow a member of the later generation to surpass him?

After he spoke, the blazing sun behind him started to ripple.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha narrowed its eyes but did not immediately attack.

The Sword Spirit had once told Zhou Xuanji that there was a realm above Sword Will; could it be that Shi Shenzong had reached that?

He wanted to see what it was!

The two million or so spectators stared and focused, not daring to even heavily breathe.


The Saint Path Sword in Shi Shenzong’s hand violently trembled and gave off a clear hum that sounded incredibly piercing.

Following this, traces of intense flames seeped out from the Saint Path Sword, and smoke rose up in spirals.

Soon, the intense flames reached 3,000 meters tall and fused with the blazing sun.

Shi Shenzong’s entire right arm was covered with flames, and at a glance, it looked like he was connected to the blazing sun by the surging flames, causing his aura to rise.

A might that surpassed that of a Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

In the distance, Fu Hao stared and said in shock, “Sword Soul!”

The top of the blazing sun solidified and became the top half of a person’s body. It was incredibly dignified and domineering, and it was not any inferior to the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

Zhou Xuanji did not feel any sword qi from the Blazing Flame Sword Soul; rather, it was formed from Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi. Apart from this, there was an unknown and indescribable power about it.

In contrast, his Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was made out of sword qi, and although the two of them both looked grand, their essence was different.

Shi Shenzong slowly raised the Saint Path Sword and his expression was cold as he said, “Sword Emperor, I hope you can receive this strike!”

After speaking, he vigorously hacked out with his sword incredibly quickly. The Sword Soul turned into a blazing longsword and flashed out in the blink of an eye.

Before Zhou Xuanji could react, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was directly cut in half.


Shi Shenzong was shaken by his own power to the point that all of the blood in his body roiled, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood as he flew backwards.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Shenzong shot over the horizon and smashed into a large mountain; no one knew if he was alive or dead.


The heavens and earth fell silent.

Zhou Xuanji floated in the air, both hands trembling. A trace of blood trickled down from his hairline, streaking across his handsome face.

He frowned and his gaze was cold, but waves crashed in his heart.

Just then, he had not been able to fully stop that strike with World Reincarnation.