I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 328 - Ten Thousand Swords Flying, Matchless Sword Emperor

Chapter 328 - Ten Thousand Swords Flying, Matchless Sword Emperor


Chapter 328: Chapter 328 – Ten Thousand Swords Flying, Matchless Sword Emperor


Shi Shenzong drew his sword. It was three fingers wide and the blade was mostly black, with silver on the two sides. It was incredibly sharp and there were many strange black characters engraved on it, causing it to give off a dense feeling of ancientness.

As soon as this sword was drawn, the temperature in the heavens and earth seemed to drop by a few degrees.

A cold wind blew out, causing all of the spectators to shiver.

“This sword is called Saint Path, a saint among swords,” Shi Shenzong said coldly. When swordsmen fought, they would naturally first introduce their sword.

Sword Path was ranked extremely highly on the Northern Wilderness’ sword chart, and it was higher ranked than even some Sword Emperors’ treasured swords. Even the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s Hegemon Jiu was beneath it.

The spectating sword cultivators all stared with heated gazes, and some people’s breathing became ragged, passionate looks on their faces.

Zhou Xuanji flipped his right hand, took out Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment, and said, “This is Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment, a sword of heavenly law.”

Following this, he flipped his left hand and took out the God Ghost Howl.

“This sword is the God Ghost Howl, a ghost sword that can cause Immortals to howl.”

He continued to take out other swords and had them float behind him.

“This sword is the Ancient God Sword.”

“This sword is the Sky Extinguishing Sword.”

“This sword is the Great Heaven Black Jade Sword.”

“This sword is the White Dragon-bone Sword.”

Zhou Xuanji took out all of his legendary swords above Gold grade. They appeared one after another in the air, floating behind him.

Everyone fell silent and stared at the legendary swords that Zhou Xuanji took out.

All of the people who looked up to Zhou Xuanji became excited.

The Sword Emperor was so domineering—just in terms of introducing swords, he had already defeated Shi Shenzong.

At the very least, Zhou Xuanji seemed more imposing.

After Zhou Xuanji spoke, he did not wait for Shi Shenzong to speak and directly used Sword Master Haki.

At that moment, all cultivators’ swords within 100 kilometers started to tremble and hum.

“This is—”

“My sword!”

“What’s going on? Why can’t I control my sword?”

“Could this be caused by the Sword Emperor and Sword Saint?”

“Ten thousand swords humming, what kind of realm in the Way of the Sword is this?”

The cultivators all cried out. Seven or eight out of ten cultivators had swords, even if they were not sword cultivators. It was just that many magical techniques could be used using swords, and because swords gave the airs of a gentleman, very few people did not like using swords.

“In front of me, all swords will submit. If I’m not the Sword Emperor, who can be the Sword Emperor?” Zhou Xuanji said as he proudly laughed. As he spoke, all cultivators’ swords shot out of their sheathes and slashed towards Shi Shenzong.

Shi Shenzong’s eyes narrowed his eyes, but he did not do anything.

These swords quickly stopped about dozens of meters away from him, scattering in all directions with their tips pointing towards him.

Everyone was shaken. In their eyes, Shi Shenzong was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of swords, creating a majestic scene.

The Hegemon Sword Sect’s Sect Lord and Shi Haiming both had grim looks on their faces.

Their swords had also left their control and flown out.

Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain’s disciples felt incredibly awkward; their swords were pointing towards the founder of their sect—this was an incredibly unfilial and rebellious action.

“This boy.” Baihao Yixin stood up, his expression serious.

If he was right, this was some kind of divine ability.

A divine ability that could command swords.

He suddenly thought of someone, and a look of fear flashed in his eyes.

Shi Shenzong’s expression revealed a seriousness that had not been seen before. He looked at Zhou Xuanji and said clearly, “Zhou Xuanji, I acknowledge you as the Sword Emperor. You have the qualifications to be my opponent.”

After speaking, he swung out his sword with his right hand, sending out a wave of sword qi that sent the swords flying back to their owners.

This action was not any inferior to what Zhou Xuanji had just done.

The cultivators all leapt up and caught their swords. They all had a mental connection with their swords and naturally would recognize their swords.

Now, everyone became truly excited.

Zhou Xuanji did not seem any weaker than Shi Shenzong.

The two of them looked at each other and simultaneously leapt up.

In that moment, the two 300 meter tall stone swords directly shattered. Seeing this, the Hegemon Sword Sect’s Sect Lord felt his heart shattering.

The two of them turned into rays of sword light and shot into the sky.

“Wuuu…” Ghost gods’ howls sounded throughout the sky, and Zhou Xuanji directly used Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment and God Ghost Howl’s powers.

Facing the legendary Sword Saint, he did not dare to be careless.

The two people quickly clashed together, and sword light shot out like fireworks blossoming, illuminating the sky.

Zhou Xuanji used two sword wills, Sky Dominating Divine Sword and Heavenly Lights. His right hand became mighty and heavy, while his left hand became ever changing and unpredictable.

Facing his attacks that were as berserk as a storm, Shi Shenzong was not at a disadvantage at all.

He was able to easily block Zhou Xuanji’s two swords with just a single sword; the speed of his sword was simply too fast.

It was the first time that he had met an opponent with such a fast sword.

‘As expected of the Sword Saint; his reputation is well-deserved,’ Zhou Xuanji’s heart shivered as he thought to himself.

He started to use his full strength.

Shi Shenzong also felt quite amazed; he had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would have such exquisite sword techniques.

He was using two sword techniques at the same time, and they did not conflict with one another, being incredibly harmonious.

An absolute genius.

Even though he greatly appreciated Zhou Xuanji, Shi Shenzong did not go easy on him.

Only geniuses like this deserved to be defeated by him.

At that moment, Shi Shenzong’s speed suddenly became faster. Faint white light appeared on the surface of his body, and his gaze became incredibly sharp.

Sword will.

The Sword Path Sword seemed to become a berserk gale in his hand, and sword qi swept out in large waves, sending Zhou Xuanji flying back.

Shi Shenzong remained where he was, quickly swinging his sword, and a blazing sun appeared behind him.

The blazing sun quickly expanded until it became hundreds of meters wide, making everyone who looked at it feel shocked.

A massive sword intent covered the heavens and earth, making the spectators feel an aura of oppression. Some felt that they almost could not breathe.

Zhou Xuanji directly used Ancestor Dragon Sword, turning into a five-clawed golden dragon that had a length of 3,000 meters. It looked mighty and domineering, and his body flashed with a divine golden light.

Shi Shenzong narrowed his eyes and slashed out, and the blazing sun behind him swept above his head and smashed towards the five-clawed golden dragon.


A shocking explosion suddenly sounded out, causing the spectators to feel deafened.

The five-clawed golden dragon was confined by the blazing sun, and dragon’s roars continuously sounded out. The scene was incredibly shocking, and everyone watching felt completely dumbfounded.

“So powerful.”

“I think they both have the qualification to become the first in the world.”

“The Sword Emperor is actually so powerful; he can face off against the teacher of a Great Emperor.”

“Mighty! Who said the Sword Emperor would lose?”

“So spectacular, I didn’t come for nothing.”

The cultivators all felt incredibly excited and continuously cried out.

The five-clawed golden dragon forcefully ripped apart the blazing sun. However, Shi Shenzong rushed out and pierced through the five-clawed golden dragon, destroying it.

Zhou Xuanji was not heavily injured, and he gripped both swords as he used Universal Attraction.

Shi Shenzong felt a massive suction force, and his speed was somewhat reduced.

To Zhou Xuanji, this was enough.

He spun and used Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, but Shi Shenzong slashed backhanded, blocking his approach.

Their eyes clashed with sharp glares, and both of them could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

They were both startled by the abilities of the other.

Zhou Xuanji continued to swing both swords.

Shi Shenzong received the blows, but he was sent flying back.

Following this, every time their blades clashed, he would be sent flying back, causing his face to become paler and paler.

Suddenly, he laughed and said, “So it’s like that.”

After saying this, he once again shot at Zhou Xuanji, but this time, he did not circulate spirit energy.