I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 327 - Historical Legend Vs Modern Legend

Chapter 327 - Historical Legend Vs Modern Legend


After Shi Shenzong descended, the atmosphere around Sword Emperor Canyon became quite lively.

Hundreds of thousands of people were shaken by Shi Shenzong’s aura, and they were all incredibly curious as to just how strong Shi Shenzong was.

With what they had currently sensed, they felt that no one could defeat the Sword Saint.

Time gradually passed, and more and more people arrived.

After another three days, there were more than one million cultivators gathered.

Princess Xuanya stood on her large leaf and looked around as she exclaimed, “So many people.”

Most of them were not ordinary people either.

If it was her, facing the gazes of so many cultivators, she would not even dare to fight.

Zhou Chengxin also felt quite amazed.

The allure of Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji’s name was simply too powerful.

Before, Shi Shenzong had challenged other experts, but there had never been a scene like this.

At that moment, Yang Xindi and Great Chen’s Emperor arrived with their people, talking and laughing.

Seeing them, Zhou Chengxin hurriedly got up and welcomed them.

The three Emperors had already formed an alliance through letters, and after Zhou Chengxin invited them into his tent, they started to chat.

The topic was naturally Zhou Xuanji.

“20 years have passed, and the current Xuanji has greatly grown; don’t worry, everyone,” Zhou Chengxin said as he lightly swirled his wine cup.

Zhou Xuanji was terrifying in terms of his talent in the Way of the Sword and cultivation.

It had been many years since he had become second in the world, and now, no one could imagine how powerful he had become.

However, Shi Shenzong was too much of a legend, and his name was synonymous to invincibility in the hearts of the people of the Northern Wilderness.

Despite dying, he had died at his own hands.

Yang Xindi nodded and said, “The Sword Emperor’s talent is unparalleled, but he’s too young. In the future, his strength will definitely surpass Shi Shenzong’s. If he encounters any trouble, our three Empires can do our best to help him.”

Even though the three Empires did not have any peak level experts, they had their own foundations. If they rushed up together, it would not be too difficult to save Zhou Xuanji. After all, the Sword Saint cared about his reputation.

If he killed the most talented member of the younger generation, he would be condemned by the entire world.

The Emperor of Great Chen nodded; he was the one who did not want Zhou Xuanji to die the most—after all, his son was relying on Zhou Xuanji to teach him.

The three Emperors started to talk about their contingency plans for rescuing Zhou Xuanji.

In the blink of an eye, another ten days passed.

There were now over two million cultivators gathered around Sword Emperor Canyon. At a glance, the entire land was filled with figures, and there were many mighty looking mounts and subdued demons.

The vast majority of people would glance at Shi Shenzong, sitting on the massive stone sword, now and then.

Shi Shenzong was sitting cross-legged with his sword across his legs. He patiently waited, and his eyelids did not even flicker.

The Hegemon Sword Sect and Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain had all sent many cultivators to spectate.

The two factions were not too far away from each other, and there would often be conflict between the two. However, with Shi Shenzong here, they did not dare to make a big ruckus.

“Sect Lord, is it possible that the Sword Emperor won’t come?” A Hegemon Sword Sect disciple nervously asked.

Hearing this, the Sect Lord glared at him and cursed, “Shut your mouth.”

Lin Changge had already joined Zhou Xuanji, and if Zhou Xuanji lost face, Lin Changge would also be humiliated. As his father, he would also feel disgraced.

As such, no matter how much he didn’t like Zhou Xuanji, he still had to support Zhou Xuanji at a moment like this.

The Hegemon Sword Sect’s Sect Lord looked at Shi Haiming in the distance, and he could not help but gnash his teeth.

Before, he had always acted high and mighty towards Shi Haiming, but after Shi Shenzong had revived, the dynamic between them had completely reversed.

Sensing his gaze, Shi Haiming looked over at him, looking disdainful.

The Hegemon Sword Sect’s Sect Lord was so angry that he nearly rushed over.

It was not just them, the other spectating cultivators also felt quite annoyed.

If Zhou Xuanji did not dare to come and fight, wouldn’t they have come for nothing?

“Is the Sword Emperor too scared to come?”

“If I was him, I wouldn’t dare to come either.”

“Impossible, he said that he’ll fight.”

“People often regret what they say.”

“Isn’t Zhou Xuanji reputed for being fearless?”

“Despicable, I’ve waited for half a year here.”

The cultivators all quietly discussed among themselves. However, because there were so many of them, the area was filled with chaotic chattering.

At that moment, Shi Shenzong suddenly opened his eyes and looked in a direction.

Baihao Yixin, who was enjoying a massage from the beauties, sat up and narrowed his eyes as he looked over and said, “This boy’s growth speed is quite absurd.”

The beauties looked at each other, not understanding what he was saying.

“Seeing the Legend of the Way of the Sword myself today, you’re indeed extraordinary. It’s a pity that you’re going to lose under my sword,” Zhou Xuanji’s bold, laughing voice sounded throughout the sky, causing the crowd of two million cultivators to become quite excited.

He had come.

He had finally come!

Zhou Chengxin, Yang Xindi, the Great Chen’s Emperor, Princess Xuanya, Hegemon Sword Sect’s Sect Lord, Shi Haiming, and others all stood up, holding their breath in anticipation.

A fiery light appeared on the horizon and approached incredibly quickly.

After that fiery light got closer, everyone looked closely and their eyes widened.

What a spirited-looking Fire Qilin.

Zhou Xuanji stood on Zhou Xiaoqi’s back, his arms crossed in front of his chest as he smirked. The Tri-Sun Flame Qi Robe fluttered in the wind, and his black hair also danced. His gaze looked incredibly proud, as if he was looking down on the world.

The cultivators were shocked to find that Zhou Xuanji’s aura was not any inferior to Shi Shenzong’s.

Both of them had a spirit of invincibility about them.

Zhou Chengxin, Yang Xindi, Princess Xuanya, and the others felt quite absent-minded upon seeing Zhou Xuanji. It had been a long time since they had seen him, and they could not help but feel that this was not real.

This fellow was already powerful to such an extent.

The Hegemon Sword Sect’s Sect Lord looked at Zhou Xuanji with a complicated gaze. He could not help but admit that Zhou Xuanji had already surpassed him.

Even without fighting, he knew that he was not a match for Zhou Xuanji.

“‘No wonder my son wanted to take him as his master. That was truly brilliant of him,’ he thought to himself, feeling quite pleased.

He could now be counted to be allied with Zhou Xuanji, and as long as they were not enemies, the more he looked at Zhou Xuanji, the better he seemed.

Zhou Xuanji leapt up and landed on the other 300 meter tall stone sword, facing off against Shi Shenzong.

Zhou Xiaoqi flew into the distance to avoid being caught up in the battle.

The Sword Saint and Sword Emperor looked at each other, about 300 meters apart from each other. The clash between their gazes caused everyone else to become quiet and focus.

A historical legend versus a modern legend.

Before the two of them started to fight, everyone’s blood already started to roil.

“You’re not bad.” A look of approval appeared in Shi Shenzong’s eyes. He spoke softly, but his voice traveled into everyone’s ears.

Zhou Xuanji smirked and gave a confident laugh as he said, “Shi Shenzong, you’re not bad either. However, I want to become the most powerful Sword Emperor in history. In the future, when later people mention the Sword Emperor, I want them to think of me and not others. As such, it is not shameful for you to lose to me.”


Everyone started to sweat on his behalf; this boy had not only talked rudely of Shi Shenzong but also the Nine Emperors of the Way of the Sword as well.

Was he not afraid of losing?

Shi Shenzong suddenly started to loudly laugh. His laughter was very cold, but it did not contain any killing intent.

“Seeing you reminds me of myself. However, your cultivation is too weak, and is only at Great Realization Level Nine. No matter how great your achievements in the Way of the Sword, you won’t be a match for me,” Shi Shenzong said calmly after laughing.

However, those words caused the spectators to look shocked—the Sword Emperor had already reached Great Realization Level Nine?