I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 326 - Chapter 326 – Sword Saint Descends

Chapter 326 - Chapter 326 – Sword Saint Descends


Hearing that Zhou Chengxin was not sure that Zhou Xuanji would win, Princess Xuanya could not help but pout.

She greatly hoped that Zhou Xuanji would win. After all, Zhou Xuanji was her little brother, and the greatest pride of Great Zhou since its creation.

Because of Zhou Xuanji, this generation of Great Zhou had felt great pride like never before, and they believed that the current Great Zhou was the most powerful Great Zhou. This included herself too.

If Zhou Xuanji lost to the Sword Saint, she could not help but be disappointed.

After a while, Great Zhou’s carriages stopped 1,000 meters away from Sword Emperor Canyon, staying away from the crowd.

Seeing Great Zhou’s army flag, many cultivators started to discuss and point.

However, Great Zhou was not the first Empire to arrive.

The Hunyuan Empire had long since arrived, and they had brought hundreds of soldiers. They all had powerful cultivation, and they had set up their tents and base.

Of the Four Legendary Generals, Legendary General Tang was within a tent, studying a map.

People who did not understand would think that they were preparing to fight.

Legendary General Tang placed his hands on his hips and tightly frowned. His tower-like body gave others a massive sense of pressure, and no one spoke in the tent.

“The reason why Shi Shenzong chose to fight at Sword Emperor Canyon definitely is not simple. Back then, the Hegemon Sword Emperor gained instant enlightenment here, and there is definitely a secret that no one knows hidden at Sword Emperor Canyon. All of you must clearly investigate the surroundings for me; when the Sword Emperor and Sword Saint start fighting, they will definitely cause abnormal signs,” Legendary General Tang said with a low voice, his eyes filled with expectation.

Ever since Yang Di had wanted to create a Great Fate Empire, their Hunyuan Empire had received many taunts.

After all, their Hunyuan Empire had been aiming to establish a Great Fate Empire this entire time, and if Yang Di achieved this before them, their thousands of years of boasting and self-proclamation would cause great humiliation to them.

“Yes!” The officers and soldiers replied.

It was not just the Hunyuan Empire; the other factions all had their own goals, and the situation became quite complicated.

Daoseeker was flying on a white cloud, with both his hands behind his back, looking quite calm.

“Come out; you’ve followed me for so long,” he suddenly said. After a moment, a figure appeared beside him out of nowhere; it was Feng Kule.

Feng Kule looked at Daoseeker with a complicated gaze, and he gritted his teeth as he said, “Who are you, sir? Why are you always investigating Zhou Xuanji?”

After Zhou Xuanji had obtained the Tianxia Map, he had been keeping a close tab on him.

However, he found that there were others also investigating Zhou Xuanji. One of them had even more brilliant tricks than him, and that was Daoseeker.

It had taken him great difficulty to track Daoseeker. He did not know his strength, so he could only follow him.

Daoseeker glanced at him and said, “We are of the same path. It’s a pity that your divine ability is inferior to mine. I advise you to put aside any ill intentions towards Zhou Xuanji—he is mine, and if you want to get involved in this contest, you can find someone else.”

Hearing this, Feng Kule became quite angry and said, “I discovered the Tianxia Map, and it was me who schemed to have people fight over the Tianxia Map. In other words, it was me who nurtured Zhou Xuanji. Are you an expert who likes to steal other people’s success?

“Are cultivators of my generation unable to talk about fairness?”

He did not continue to speak because he was afraid of angering Daoseeker.

“You’re wrong, you don’t understand Zhou Xuanji at all. His greatest strength is not the Tianxia Map,” Daoseeker said as he shook his head.

His tone then changed as he said coldly, “Next time I see you plotting against Zhou Xuanji, don’t blame me for not being courteous.”

Feng Kule was so angry that his body trembled, but he did not dare to say anything.

He could sense a wave of killing intent, the likes of which he had never experienced before. It caused cold sweat to soak him and his soul to tremble.

In the end, he could only flick his sleeves and leave.

Daoseeker muttered, “Mortals wanting to pursue the Mandate of Heaven must toss aside everything. You’re still greatly lacking.”

He continued onwards, his target Sword Emperor Canyon

Sun Hill.

Within a courtyard, Yang Di was currently practicing calligraphy. A child stood next to him—it was Fu Hao, who Lin Changge was afraid of.

Fu Hao was the only person who could follow by Yang Di’s side, and because he had never fought before, he had not entered the Northern Wilderness’ Top 100.

“Great Emperor, aren’t you going to take a look at the battle at Sword Emperor Canyon?” Fu Hao asked. He slowly rose off the ground, hovering one meter above the ground to see what Yang Di was writing.

There was only one character on the white scroll.


Yang Di did not look over and said, “What’s there so good to look at? No matter who wins, they will come to challenge This Emperor.”

Fu Hao nodded and said, “No one is a match for Great Emperor.”

His eyes shined as he cupped his hands and asked, “How about I go and take a look?”

Shi Shenzong and Zhou Xuanji were not ordinary at all.

One was the teacher of a Great Emperor and the other was the person with the most talent in history.

The battle between the two of them would definitely be spectacular.

“Mm,” Yang Di said as he lightly nodded. Hearing this, Fu Hao immediately bowed and left.

Only after he left did Yang Di look up.

He looked in the direction that Fu Hao had left in and muttered, “Can’t hold back already?”

The corners of his mouth tilted up as he gave a strange smile.

The day of the battle quickly arrived.

There were already hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the Sword Emperor Canyon. From above, the ground was covered with figures.

On a northern corner, there was a man surrounded by dozens of women, attracting the gazes of many people; it was Baihao Yixin.

He was lying on a transportable bed and enjoying the caresses of many beauties. Even though he looked quite satisfied, his face was quite pale and had no color to it.

The two black rings around his eyes gave one the sense that he had been completely hollowed out.

After self-destructing, he had spent half a year building a new body.

The only thing that he felt happy about was that he still had beauties, and they were more loyal than those women from before.

“Perhaps the Sword Saint, that brat, won’t come…” Baihao Yixin said as he grinned. During this period of time, he was always saying bad things about Shi Shenzong and cursing him.

He had guessed that the brat from half a year ago was Shi Shenzong.

At that moment, a boundless might descended, covering the ground.

The raucous noise quietened down as everyone looked up, and they saw Shi Shenzong dressed in black clothes and hovering in the air, looking down at the ground.

His face was cold and handsome, and his gaze was sharp. He looked like a high and mighty god, making people feel reverence.

He seemed to be looking for Zhou Xuanji.

Following this, under everyone’s gazes, he slowly descended and landed on one of the 300 meter tall stone swords and sat down cross-legged.

As he sat down, the hundreds of thousands of people excitedly started talking again.

“Is he the Sword Saint?”

“So domineering! That might just then… it was the first time I’ve experienced such a powerful might.”

“I’ve heard that he’s an existence closest to Great Emperors.”

“He’s even more domineering than I imagined; I think Zhou Xuanji might lose.”

“It’s expected for him to lose. What is important is how long he holds on for.”

“I can finally witness the Sword Saint’s glory. I can feel my sword shaking in excitement.”

All kinds of discussions sounded out, and everyone was in awe of the Sword Saint’s imposing aura.

Even the people from Great Zhou could not help but admit that Shi Shenzong fulfilled all the requirements of the image of a peerless expert.

Just by sitting there, they felt as if they were in awe of a massive mountain.

In the distance, Fu Hao sat on a large rock. His feet were bare, and he swung them as he said in amazement, “This Sword Saint, he’s already at the Ascension Stage and can ascend at any time.”

Everyone’s Ascension Stage was different. The earliest was the Emperor of Empires; they could ascend at the Great Realization stage.

For most other people, those who had reached Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal could ascend.

Shi Shenzong’s cultivation was higher than Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal!