I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 325 - Chapter 325 – 54 Years Old, Tri-Sun Flame Qi Robe

Chapter 325 - Chapter 325 – 54 Years Old, Tri-Sun Flame Qi Robe


After hearing what Jiang Xue had to say, Daoya Old Man fell into his thoughts.

“Your cultivation has greatly increased, so it’s not right that you can’t divine their futures. The only possibility is that the future has changed and they will all die,” he said in a low voice, an unsightly expression on his face.

After all, they had all relied on one another for the past dozens of years, and this meant that there was an extremely powerful existence that would kill all of them.

Thinking about that, he started to divine.

In the next moment—


A jet of blood spurted out of Daoya Old Man’s mouth, spilling onto the ground. Not too far away, Beixiao Wangjian and Huang Lianxin, who were currently training, looked over.

Jiang Xue hurriedly supported him so that he would not fall down.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite speechless and asked, “Old fellow, are you alright? I feel that your divination abilities are becoming weaker and weaker.”

He had never seen Jiang Xue cough up blood before; rather, it was Daoya Old Man who would often cough up blood.

“It’s over… over…

“A death calamity hangs over us… back then, I divined that we would all die; who would have thought that the conclusion still hadn’t changed…

“Apart from you, we all might die…” Daoya Old Man said as he gave a bitter smile. There was a reluctant and despondent sorrow about him.

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes; could it be that someone would attack Skyfall while he was challenging the Sword Saint?

He thought about his enemies: Yang Di, Tian, Baihao Yixin, as well as countless experts who wanted the Tianxia Map.

It was indeed possible.

He frowned; worst came to worst he could bring all of his close subordinates to the Sword Emperor Canyon.

However, if he did that, who would guard Skyfall?

Daoya Old Man sat down and started to recover from his injuries.

Jiang Xue comforted him, saying, “Don’t worry, Xuanji, it might not happen right now, and it might happen after you ascend”

Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation simply progressed too quickly, and even though he would say that he wanted everyone to ascend together, everyone understood that Zhou Xuanji would most likely leave before them.

After all, they could not have Zhou Xuanji waste thousands of years, if not longer, waiting for them.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt that this was possible.

However, he still felt somewhat worried.

“Should I go and find Xian Xianghua and ask her to protect you all for a while?” Zhou Xuanji asked. However, where would he find Xian Xianghua?

Daoya Old Man shook his head and said, “I did another divination; we’re still alive in three years, but our future does not exist in 100 years.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt at ease for now.

100 years.

It seemed that he had to continue to encourage everyone to work hard at cultivating.

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Xuanji’s fifty-fourth birthday arrived.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 54 years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding, Congratulations Sword Owner has obtained [Gold] Still Watch Sword, Tri-Sun Flame Qi Robe!”

That was it?

Zhou Xuanji, who was currently teaching Chen Bantian, frowned.

Just a Gold grade sword and a robe?

In the past 20 years, this was the worst draw he had received.

“Tri-Sun Flame Qi is not bad at all; anyone below the Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal stage will not be able to damage this robe easily, and even if it is damaged, it will quickly repair itself.”

The Sword Spirit’s voice sounded out in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, as if it could sense his disdain.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji walked into his room and put it on to try.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji leave, Chen Bantian awkwardly scratched his head, thinking that he had not done well and made Zhou Xuanji angry.

After a while, Zhou Xuanji walked back out.

Chen Bantian glanced over and his eyes widened, revealing the shock he was feeling.

Zhou Xuanji was wearing a white robe that had many flame inscriptions on it. There were suns on his shoulders and back—each of them were crimson red, and within each sun was a fiery bird. They looked incredibly lifelike, as if they would fly out at any moment.

After putting on the Tri-Sun Flame Qi Robe, Zhou Xuanji’s aura became even more dignified.

Adding on the Tyrant Emperor Ring, Chen Bantian felt as if there was a god walking towards him.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Chen Bantian’s expression in satisfaction, and he looked towards the horizon and said, “It’s time to leave.”

The battle at the Sword Emperor Canyon was his opportunity to rise up.

Of course, it could also be where he took a devastating fall.

However, he had confidence in himself!

At dusk, Zhou Xuanji rode on Zhou Xiaoqi and left, while everyone remained at Skyfall.

Zhou Xiaoqi was a Fire Qilin, and he was now six meters tall. He had a domineering and mighty aura, and riding him as a mount looked quite grand.

There was also the little black snake; Zhou Xuanji originally did not want to bring it, but it had nagged him into bringing it along.

It was only one meter long and was coiled on Zhou Xiaoqi’s head, and it was easily missed by others.

“Master, I think we should arrive right on time and make everyone think that you were too scared to arrive,” the little black snake suggested. Its cultivation was now at the Sixth Rank, and it could turn into human form, but it still liked its current form.

Its actions were quite nimble and could cause others to lower their guard against it.

“I’ll decide when the time comes,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly. He looked into the distance; under the light of the setting sun, the horizon looked as if it was on fire, beautiful but filled with a sense of killing intent.

Sword Emperor Canyon was towards the north of the center of the Northern Wilderness. The surrounding 10,000 kilometers around it were filled with rising and falling wastelands and countless valleys, making it look like the earth had cracked skin.

Sword Emperor Canyon was hundreds of meters wide and unfathomably deep. On either side of the canyon was a 300 meter long stone sword, looking incredibly mighty and extraordinary.

Legend had it that when the Hegemon Sword Emperor ascended, he suddenly gained enlightenment and slashed out, opening up a 10,000 meter long canyon that was unfathomably deep, which became Sword Emperor Canyon.

The stone swords on either side of the canyon were not created by the Hegemon Sword Emperor but instead had been created by the Hegemon Sword Sect to commemorate this matter. After tens of thousands of years, Sword Emperor Canyon had become one of the most famous places in the Northern Wilderness. Cultivators would often come to take in the magnificence of the Great Emperor of an age.

Currently, there were already tens of thousands of cultivators sitting down cross-legged at the Sword Emperor Canyon and cultivating.

They all came from different factions and all of them had come to witness the battle between the Sword Emperor and the Sword Saint.

Behind them, there were people heading towards Sword Emperor Canyon from all directions. Some were walking, while others used tools to fly, and others rode on mounts. The scene was quite grand.

Carriages from Great Zhou also arrived.

Zhou Chengxin rode on a mighty-looking horse and looked ahead of him as he said in amazement, “In the current age, there are not many heroes who have such great reputation.”

There was still one month until the battle, and yet so many people had already arrived. It was difficult to imagine just how many people there would actually be to watch the battle.

Princess Xuanya sat on a large leaf which floated in the air, traveling side by side with Zhou Chengxin. She asked in curiosity, “Brother, do you think Xuanji will be able to defeat the Sword Saint?”

Because of Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch, people of Great Zhou had all grown up listening to legends of the Sword Saint.

They knew that he was the teacher of a Great Emperor and was one of the greatest geniuses of the Way of the Sword, etc.

All kinds of titles fell on Shi Shenzong’s head, and they were not any less than the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

In fact, he could be even more of a legend.

Shi Shenzong had died by suicide. As for why he had committed suicide, no one knew.

“No one knows; after all, the Sword Saint was a peerless expert who could kill Tian. However, Xuanji’s current performance is not inferior at all. Even if he loses, his reputation will grow. After all, he is not even 100 years old, while the Sword Saint had cultivated for nearly 10,000 years before he died,” Zhou Chengxin said in a low voice. He was quite reserved in giving a judgment; after all, no matter how great Zhou Xuanji’s potential was, it would be very difficult for him to defeat Shi Shenzong.