I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 323 - Chapter 323 The Battle Between The Legends

Chapter 323 - Chapter 323 The Battle Between The Legends


When Zhou Xuanji received the news about Shi Shenzong defeating Xuanyuan Zhou, he was already back at Skyfall.

Along the way, they did not stop to collect intel at all.

When they neared Skyfall, Xian Xianghua and Diablo left.

Zhou Xuanji was curious about what they were secretly planning. However, that was the Tanhua Sect’s matter, and he did not probe into it.

After returning to Skyfall, everyone gathered around him.

The first to speak was Lin Changge, who updated him about Shi Shenzong’s battles.

Ever since Tian was defeated, Shi Shenzong traveled around to challenge powerful cultivators. His opponents were all in the top ten of the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred. Even Jiang Wudi was defeated by him.

“Tsk tsk, Tian died again?” Zhou Xuanji sighed with amazement. He was really unfortunate in battles. Ever since Zhou Xuanji appeared, he had died several times. However, with the protection of Heaven, Zhou Xuanji was quite sure that he was going to revive.

Lin Changge said with a deep voice, “There’s another thing. Shi Shenzong asked to duel with you in a year at Sword Emperor Canyon. That was the place where the Hegemon Sword Emperor ascended. Canghai Ziggurat has already informed the world about this, and everyone knows about it.”

Jiang Xue, Chongming Demon Monarch, Beixiao Wangjian, Huang Lianxin, and the others all had a gloomy expression.

They knew that Zhou Xuanji fought Tian and was almost killed.

Looking at Shi Shenzong, the Sword Saint destroyed Tian alone. Only Yang Di might stand toe to toe with such a powerful cultivator.

Zhou Xuanji did not lose his composure but said, “Spread the word. A year later, I shall head over for the duel.”

Having heard him, everyone opened their eyes wide and began persuading him.

Shi Shenzong was a legend after all. Zhou Xuanji could just ignore the duel invitation. At most, he would be joked about by the world, but no one would doubt his power.

“What cultivation stage are you in now?” Daoya Old Man asked doubtfully.

The group quieted down. Could Zhou Xuanji become more powerful again?

Coming to think about it, it was quite expected. Didn’t he go with Xian Xianghua to search for some kind of serendipity?

It seemed that he had already obtained it.

“Great Realization, Level Eight.” Zhou Xuanji smiled. His words shocked everyone again.

Before they could speak, he told them about Violet Demon Palace but did not mention the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart.

He had a feeling that the origin of the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart was not less significant than the Tianxia Map.

“Which means we can use it to improve our cultivation greatly as well?” Jiang Xue said excitedly.

She was smart in directing everyone’s attention to the Colorful Celestial Fruits immediately. None of them probed about how Zhou Xuanji stopped Demon Sovereign Sanhai from attacking him.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and took out some Colorful Celestial Fruits.

He distributed them to Jiang Xue, Han Shenbo, Daoya Old Man, Huang Lianxin, Beixiao Wangjian, Chongming Demon Monarch, the little black snake, Meng Tianlang, Zhou Xiaoqi, Ning Zifeng, Lin Changge, and so on. Each had one.

Other than these, he planned to give the Four Mountain-Guarding Kings, the Three-eyed Drought Rodent, Fenyu Dragon King, Ah Big, and Small Er one each.

As for the second and third generation disciples, he did not give them a fruit.

The Colorful Celestial Fruits were rare after all. He could make it into a supreme treasure of the Emperor Sword Court in the future to motivate the disciples to work hard.

Daoya Old Man shook his head and said, “I don’t need it, since I’m already at the bottleneck.”

Zhou Xuanji did not force him to take it. After that, everyone returned to their own cultivation.

Daoya Old Man, Jiang Xue, and himself walked to one side.

“The Colorful Celestial Tree is an important matter, where do you think I should plant it?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He wanted to plant it on the peak, but after some careful thought, it was too conspicuous.

Daoya Old Man stroked his long beard and said, “Why don’t we open a cave underneath us. Then we shall draw the spirit fountain of the mountain to nourish the Colorful Celestial Tree.”

He sighed with amazement in his heart. Why was this brat so lucky?

Whatever serendipity he wanted, he got it.

Could this brat be the legendary Child of Fate?

The three began working on it immediately.

Meanwhile, Lin Changge left Skyfall to spread the news about Zhou Xuanji agreeing to the duel.

Since they were going to duel, then he shall make it even grander!

So what if he was a legend of the Sword’s Way?

Within ten days, news about Zhou Xuanji agreeing to the duel spread across the world.

“The Sword Emperor indeed. Such boldness!”

“The current top genius in the Sword’s Way versus the top genius of the Sword’s Way in all history?”

Shi Shenzong’s power is so domineering, do you think Zhou Xuanji can stand up against him?”

It’s difficult, indeed. Even Tian was killed by him. The previous Tian was a great threat to the Hegemon Sword Emperor and Diablo.”

“The Sword Emperor Canyon. I must go!”

“Haha, no matter who’s the winner, it’s a must to spectate. It’s going to be such a good fight!”

The Eight Sanctums and seven empires were all discussing this.

If Zhou Xuanji were to defeat Shi Shenzong, he would surpass the legend and become a Great Emperor for sure.

If Shi Shenzong were to defeat Zhou Xuanji, his next target would be Yang Di. It would only be a matter of time before he becomes the world’s top cultivator.

Most people thought that Shi Shenzong would win since even Tian was slew by him.

However, Zhou Xuanji was already a legend in the current world. All sorts of battles spread across every corner of the Northern Wilderness Region and had looped in countless faithful believers. Instantly, a battle of words involving the world began.

Great Shang, Chaoge Royal City.

Yang Xindi gathered all his officials and generals to discuss the battle at Sword Emperor Canyon.

They wanted to support Zhou Xuanji. If Zhou Xuanji was at risk of dying, they could stand out to help.

“This Emperor feels that only the Sword Emperor deserved to be the world’s top cultivator. If he were to die, it would be unfortunate for humans. He did so many righteous things across these decades without asking the world to return the favor. This Emperor cannot let him fight alone,” Yang Xindi said with a deep voice. His name had only one character difference from Yang Di, but their power differed hugely. Yet, his courage was not less than Yang Di’s.

Zhou Xuanji possessed the Tianxia Map and was the common target of all the Northern Wilderness Region. Even so, he dared to stand up for Zhou Xuanji, which garnered great respect from his officials and generals.

However, they had their own worries as well

Yang Zhongtian stood up and said, “I’m afraid that even if we send all our powerful cultivators, it’s not enough to stop Shi Shenzong.”

Although he sounded like a wet blanket, he told the truth.

Yang Xindi nodded and was not angry over being humiliated. “Let’s find Great Zhou and Great Chen for help. This is a great opportunity as well. Tell them, if the Sword Emperor Sword Court becomes a Sanctum in the future, it can protect the three empires. If the Sword Saint’s Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain becomes a Sanctum, he will not protect us.”

With Shi Shenzong’s leadership, Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain would surely become a Sanctum.

All the officials and generals nodded. They began discussing how to convince the other two empires.

At the same time.

Great Zhou and Great Chen were discussing this matter too. The two empires had the same thoughts to combine forces.

In the vast wilderness and sand storm, the black-robed Shi Shenzong ambled ahead.

With a sword by his waist, he looked ahead with sharp eyes.

Laughter could be heard from ahead of him.

Hundreds of meters away, there were a dozen wooden huts, and numerous ladies were singing and dancing.

Baihao Yixin laid on a wooden bed, served and accompanied by beautiful ladies. Each was charming and seductive, which gave him much pleasure.

He saw Shi Shenzong’s silhouette suddenly and frowned.

His heart skipped a beat.

Such a fearsome aura…

He had a bad feeling.

“You are here for?” He asked loudly.

Ever since he had encountered Zhou Xuanji, he had become very unfortunate.

As though he was bound by some kind of mysterious force.

He had to suicide bomb multiple times and was already near his limit.

“Great Emperor Heartless, let’s duel today,” Shi Shenzong’s voice came coldly.