I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 322 - Chapter 322 The Sword Saint Defeated Tian

Chapter 322 - Chapter 322 The Sword Saint Defeated Tian


Zhou Xuanji had no pleasant feelings for Diablo, even though that guy’s attitude was not bad.

Xian Xianghua must have obtained some kind of handle over that old guy, or the old guy had already become her puppet. To Zhou Xuanji, this must be why he had such a good attitude.

Facing Zhou Xuanji’s question, Diablo remained silent.

Xian Xianghua smiled. She waved her right hand, and five Colorful Celestial Fruits flew to her.

She sat down in meditation and said, “Hurry. I found traces of others the last time I came here. We are not the only ones who have found Violet Demon Palace.”

Other people?

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes. People who could dive ten thousand meters underwater must not be ordinary people.

Could it be Yang Di or Jiang Wudi’s subordinates?

Or it could be people from overseas?

He did not overthink it and began cultivating after picking a few of the fruits.

The subterranean space regained silence.

The three cultivated on their own and caused turbulence in the spiritual Qi.

Each fruit contained much more spiritual Qi than Zhou Xuanji had expected.

He took six hours to finish converting a Colorful Celestial Fruit. However, his conversion rate was getting faster.

Xian Xianghua and Diablo were not much slower than him, either. They were of higher cultivation stages than Zhou Xuanji after all.

Time passed quickly.

Eight days later.

A group of cultivators surrounded Violet Demon Palace.

The leader was bald and wore heavy armor. With a great tiger-striped saber in his hand and a fleshy face, he looked rather fierce.

“It’s Violet Demon Palace indeed! Legend has it that Demon Sovereign Sanhai guards inside. No one lower than Fourth Tribulation Scattered Immortals can intrude,” the bald man said with a deep voice. He looked at Violet Demon Palace greedily.

He had longed to find legendary Violet Demon Palace for a long time, and he had finally found it.

A robed old man said with cupped fists, “My king before we have a plan, we better not go in. This is the Northern Wilderness Region, after all. If we create too much noise, trouble might come at us.”

The bald man nodded and laughed, “No wonder the Northern Wilderness Region waned. Such a treasure and no one found it. How miserable. Hahaha, and now it shall benefit This King.”

His name was Duan Yougu and he came to this ocean through a void tunnel from another sea region.

According to his understanding, the Northern Wilderness Region was not very powerful.

There were fewer than fifty Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals.

Currently, only Yang Di was worth fearing.

The other cultivators showed disdain as well.

However, they also understood that the humans and demons in the Northern Wilderness had great fear for the ocean. Countless ferocious primordial beasts resided in the ocean after all, and even they had to tread carefully.

After that, Duan Yugu trespassed Violet Demon Palace alone. He encountered Demon Sovereign Sanhai the moment he stepped in, and a great battle ensued.

And he retreated in defeat within fifteen minutes.

Wiping off the blood on his face, he stared furiously at Demon Sovereign Sanhai, who stood at the gate.

“That demon’s body is too overpowered. We can not barge in just like that,” he cursed.

His subordinates were shocked too. They knew that Duan Yougu was both an energy and physical cultivator, and he was more inclined to cultivate his physical body. His physical strength was unrivaled across the sea regions, so it was unexpected for him to have been defeated so quickly.

On the other side.

Under Violet Demon Palace, Zhou Xuanji and the other two sensed minor trembles above.

“They came so quickly,” Xian Xianghua opened her eyes and said.

She turned to look at Zhou Xuanji.

He had already broken through to Great Realization Level Eight after absorbing twenty Colorful Celestial Fruits.

Diablo consumed thirty-two and had some improvements in his cultivation.

Without opening his eyes, Zhou Xuanji uttered, “If so, let’s distribute the fruits. I can get fewer fruits, but the tree belongs to me.”

His words made Diablo open his eyes in rage.

The Colorful Celestial Tree’s value was far more than the fruits, why should it belong to you?

“Good!” Xian Xianghua agreed without hesitation, which infuriated Diablo so much that he almost vomited blood.

Such a shameless couple!

He could only curse in his heart and did not dare to say it out.

He could neither convince nor defeat both of them, so the decision was made.

After that, Diablo and Xian Xianghua each took about 120 fruits. The rest belonged to Zhou Xuanji.

Along with the 100 he took at the beginning, Zhou Xuanji actually had the most fruits. Since Xian Xianghua was on Zhou Xuanji’s side, Diablo had no other option.

Zhou Xuanji flew up to the surface of the lake and uprooted the Colorful Celestial Tree single handedly. The spirit fountain gushed out as the entire subterranean space shook. The fountain water rained on Zhou Xuanji but was repelled by his spirit energy.

To prevent the Colorful Celestial Tree from withering, he immediately stored it into his Supreme Storage.

The sight of this made Diablo’s heart bleed.


Zhou Xuanji returned to Xian Xianghua and said, “The two of you leave this place quietly. I want to stay here to cultivate a little longer.”

He looked fixedly at the spirit fountain and seemed reluctant to leave.

Xian Xianghua shook her head and said, “You have to leave now. If this is exposed, you will become the target for a lot of the overseas powerhouses for having both the Tianxia Map and the Colorful Celestial Tree.”

Zhou Xuanji hesitated a short while and finally agreed with Xian Xianghua.

The three left quickly.

Outside Violet Demon Palace, the cultivators were forming a formation.

Duan Yougu stared at Demon Sovereign Sanhai and said coldly, “This King doesn’t believe that I can’t obliterate you!”

“Create the Hades God-slaying Formation with full force! Summon the most powerful devil from hell!” He said with a motivating tone to rouse his subordinates’ emotions so that they could channel their spirit energy to their highest potential.

At this moment, a ball of demonic Qi flew out of the Violet Demon Palace suddenly with extreme speed toward the surface of the sea.

Duan Yougu’s pupil contracted and immediately chased after it.

A streak of sword Qi shot out from the demonic Qi like a bolt of lightning. Duan Yougu blocked instinctively with his saber but was struck down with a loud boom.

When he finally stabilized his body, the ball of demonic Qi had already disappeared.

With a deep frown, he looked at his hands. The thenar webbings were torn with excruciating pain as blood oozed out.

“Such domineering sword Qi. Such a powerful sword cultivator in the Northern Wilderness Region…”

Sword Saint Shi Shenzong!

News about his revival spread all across the Northern Wilderness Region, and he got to know about this through the many spies he had in the Northern Wilderness Region.

Humans overseas all originated from the Northern Wilderness Region. Legends about the Sword Saint were passed down overseas as well.

Thinking about how powerful the Sword Saint was, Duan Yougu took a deep breath and did not pursue it.

Zhou Xuanji and the other two already flew out of the sea and traveled toward land at full speed.

“The Hades God-slaying Formation. Tsk tsk, overseas cultivators are quite something. They even passed down such a powerful ancient formation.”

Diablo said in admiration while Xian Xianghua looked at Zhou Xuanji with an eccentric look.

Because Zhou Xuanji had mastered this sword formation as well.

Zhou Xuanji looked calm as though he did not notice that she was looking at him.

He was thinking about Duan Yougu.

That guy was very powerful. He must be at least a Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal, and Zhou Xuanji wondered what his ranking was overseas.

Of course, Duan Yougu could not stand up against him at all.

That slash just now was not at his max power.

This trip to Violet Demon Palace had saved him ten years of cultivation. At the same time, his body metamorphosed. This was great serendipity indeed.

If he were to challenge Yang Di now, he might even become the world’s top cultivator?

However, he did not know that the Northern Wilderness Region was greatly shaken at the moment.

Sword Saint Shi Shenzong defeated Tian. Tian fell from the sky into the royal city of an empire and died on the spot.

News about this spread out and shocked the world.

The legendary sword Saint was going to show his might!