I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 321 - Chapter 321 The Situation Changed

Chapter 321 - Chapter 321 The Situation Changed


“Are you not anxious?” Diablo could no longer hold his anxiety and asked Xian Xianghua.

Xian Xianghua’s eyes were calm. She ignored him, which enraged him.

Looking into the same direction as her, Demon Sovereign Sanhai was still guarding the gate. He looked at them furiously and did not move an inch.

‘That’s odd. Why does this guy keep guarding the gate? He wasn’t like this previously. Could it be that he’s protecting Zhou Xuanji?’ Xian Xianghua thought in her mind, astonished. She was sure that Zhou Xuanji had obtained some form of serendipity.

But it should not be the Colorful Celestial Tree. That treasure was connected with the spirit fountain, after all. If it were uprooted, the whole place would be shaken.

Of course, there was another possibility.

Zhou Xuanji might be eating the Colorful Celestial Fruits one after another.

But with her understanding of Zhou Xuanji, this guy would not eat everything without her.

Just when the two were thinking to themselves, Zhou Xuanji’s silhouette appeared behind Demon Sovereign Sanhai. Both opened their eyes wide.

The Demon Sovereign Sanhai turned and knelt before Zhou Xuanji.


Zhou Xuanji was shocked in his heart. He felt that he had some kind of connection with Demon Sovereign Sanhai.

The demon was like a slave to him. He somehow assumed that the demon would obey all his commands.

“Get lost to one side,” he instructed immediately, “Don’t harm these two.”

Demon Sovereign Sanhai heard him and immediately disappeared into the darkness.

He smiled satisfactorily before turning to Xian Xianghua and her father.

“Come in,” he said with a smile.”

It seemed that Demon Sovereign Sanhai had a special relationship with the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart.

He had no idea about this and could only ask Emperor Hanlan again at a later time.

Or, there might be an answer deep inside Violet Demon Palace.

Xian Xianghua and Diablo came up to him and stepped into the palace carefully.

“Young man, what’s happening?”

Diablo asked gently, but his heart was filled with rage.

This brat must have obtained some form of serendipity!

Zhou Xuanji made Demon Sovereign Sanhai submit to him, which he really envied.

If he were able to do so too, Demon Sovereign Sanhai would surely help him rule over the world.

Zhou Xuanji had already prepared his excuse. He shrugged his shoulder and smiled, “Previously, he was after me, and I hid in an annex hall. It was weird that the demon did not dare to come in. Then I found an eyeball-like bead in the annex hall. Before I could react, that bead buried itself into my body, and now, things became like this.”

That eyeball represented the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart, and he was sure that Diablo could not figure it out.

Diablo came to a realization as his heart bled.

If he had known this earlier, he would have tried it back then.

This was great serendipity!

It was not lesser than the Colorful Celestial Tree!

The more he thought about it, the moodier he got. But facing Zhou Xuanji, he had to maintain an admiring smile.

Xian Xianghua wrapped her arms around Zhou Xuanji’s neck and smiled charmingly, “You are so awesome, my little husband.”

She ignored Diablo and began flirting with Zhou Xuanji as though no one was near them.

The three of them chatted a little longer before they headed toward the inner parts of Violet Demon Palace.

And Demon Sovereign Sanhai had not appeared since then.

“After we depart, see if you can drive that demon out. He will become a great force in battle,” Xian Xianghua reminded. She sighed in amazement in her heart about how he was so extraordinarily lucky.

It felt like he encountered massive serendipity everywhere he went.

Zhou Xuanji nodded, but he was not sure about it.

If Demon Sovereign Sanhai went berserk again and attacked the people around them, it would be big trouble.

The three continued ahead swiftly, in search of the Colorful Celestial Tree.

Violet Demon Palace was bigger than they expected. They could not find the tree even after traveling for a long time.

However, they were not discouraged and continued to search patiently.

All the restrictive spell arrays along the way were resolved by them.

Above the sea of clouds, the sun shined brightly. Peaks emerged from the clouds like reefs in the sea.

The man in the woven rush raincoat sat on one of the peaks in cultivation, and he looked up suddenly.

“How did the world’s situation have such big changes?”

He mumbled to himself in a fearful tone.

Usually, the situation in the world would not change.

Once a change happened, it meant that a being that transcends the whole world had appeared.

He began divining but to no avail.

At this moment, someone appeared behind him. It was Daoseeker.

“The world’s situation has changed. Have you sensed it?” Daoseeker spoke. Having heard him, the man in the raincoat got up slowly and looked at him.

They looked at each other without speaking a word.

A while later.

The man in the raincoat said faintly, “Daoseeker, our scheme may not have changed anything. We need more power.”

Although his tone was cold, there was a sense of misery in it as well.

“No. What I seek has nothing to do with the human race. Why? You don’t believe in Yang Di anymore?” Daoseeker asked expressionlessly, but there was a tinge of mockery in his eyes.

The man in raincoat did not reply but turned around.

“After Shi Shenzong reappeared, I suddenly felt that he had more hope. Although Yang Di was powerful, his heart was too pure to become a hegemon.”

Sword Saint?

Back then, Shi Shenzong was even more awesome than Yang Di. That generation produced many heroes, and Yang Di might not have attained Shi Shenzong’s position in that generation.

“No matter what, I believe in Zhou Xuanji. You take care,” Daoseeker left him with these words and departed. If the man in the raincoat could not see through the world’s situation, he did not want to talk further.

After he left, the man in the raincoat did not sit down but continued to contemplate.

“In the long history of mankind, who can compare to Shi Shenzong…

“Other than Great Emperors, Yang Chou whose Violet Qi came from the east, and the ancestral legends about Liu Wuji…”

After two hours, the three finally found the Colorful Celestial Tree.

This tree was located under Violet Demon Palace. If not for Xian Xianghua, who found a secret door, they would still be searching for it.

Since the origin of the Violet Demon Palace was mysterious and Demon Sovereign Sanhai was its guardian, they could only search and dared not to destroy it.

It was a spacious underground space in which spiritual Qi had condensed into a mist. A small, bubbling lake was in front of them, and a huge colorful tree stood at the center of the lake.

Colorful Celestial Tree!

This tree was fifteen meters tall and bore many fruits. Each fruit was red, violet, yellow, green, and blue. Most of them were the size of a human fist.

Diablo’s face turned greedy and walked up briskly.

Although Xian Xianghua’s eyes turned fervent, she maintained her pace.

Zhou Xuanji was considering whether he could transplant the tree to Skyfall.

Diablo took a Colorful Celestial Fruit and began chewing on it.

Shortly after, he took another five and sat down to cultivate.

“What are you waiting for,” Xian Xianghua turned back and shouted, “The old guy might finish up the whole tree if you wait longer.”

Having heard that, Diablo’s mouth twitched, and veins stood out on his forehead.

But somehow, he did not burst out in rage at Xian Xianghua.

He seemed a totally different person than the ruthless and domineering man described in the legends.

Zhou Xuanji walked up to the small lake and waved his right hand. He picked a hundred fruits at one go and stored them in his Supreme Storage.

Diablo could not hold it but opened his eyes and cried out, “Young man, what you have done is really disrespectful.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and said, “If not for me, can you come in?”

There were at least four to five hundred fruits on the tree. It was already respectful for him to keep only a hundred.