I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 320 - Chapter 320 Metamorphosis. Great Realization Level Seven

Chapter 320 - Chapter 320 Metamorphosis. Great Realization Level Seven


Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

Zhou Xuanji felt that the spirit energy in his body had gone through continuous explosions. The excruciating pain forced him to kneel down, and even his legendary sword fell onto the ground.

He supported himself with his right hand, and his sweat dropped down like rain.

His eyes were wide open and filled with blood vessels.

His heart thumped like battle drums. He forgot everything that was around him and fell into a daze.

The purple Taichi diagram on his forehead shined even brighter as though it was drawn with strings of flame.

A violent wave of spirit energy burst out from the deep regions of Violet Demon Palace and shook all the palaces.

The eyes of Demon Sovereign Sanhai were radiating a crimson light. He turned around and left quickly.

From the outside, the Violet Demon Palace seemed to be at total peace.

Diablo could no longer wait.

“If we wait further, he might die!” He said with a deep voice.

After that, he charged into Violet Demon Palace.

Xian Xianghua snorted coldly and followed behind him.

She saw through Diablo’s thoughts immediately.

He was just worried that Zhou Xuanji would occupy the Colorful Celestial Tree for himself.

The father and daughter were welcomed by Demon Sovereign Sanhai the moment they entered Violet Demon Palace, and a huge battle exploded into action.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji was already enveloped by a vortex of spiritual Qi. He was still half-knelt on the ground.

Meanwhile, his cultivation grew quickly.

At somewhere near, the souls of eight powerhouses levitated above the Ancient God Sword.

At this moment, they were actually conversing.

“Interesting. The owner of the Tianxia Map obtained the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart. This is unprecedented.”

“I’ve heard that the possessor of the Tianxia Map possesses the world and becomes the Human Emperor. Now that he has obtained the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart, won’t the Fates clash?”

“You guys really did not die. Why didn’t you make a sound?”

“Tsk tk. Liu Wuji, I didn’t expect you to fall also. I grew up listening to legends about you.”

“Emperor Hanlan! Revered by younger generations. You have even adventured in Violet Demon Palace. A pity that you ended up like us with only a remnant soul remaining, living so shamefully.”

These powerhouses knew each other. Of course, their knowledge was one sided, since they were from different eras.

Zhou Xuanji did not notice their conversation. He was going through excruciating suffering.


His cultivation broke through to the fifth level of Great Realization.

The violent energy was gushing his body like a tidal wave. Not only was his body going through horrible suffering, but it was also going through great mental suffering.

As time continued to pass, he began getting used to such pain.

People grow numb when experiencing extreme pain for an extended period.

He regained consciousness slowly. He could sense that the vital channels in his body were torn, and even the Golden Core and Astral Infant were torn but did not crumble entirely.

Serendipity! Such massive serendipity!”

Zhou Xuanji was pleasantly surprised, as though he saw a ray of light after being trapped in darkness for a long time. That exhilaration was indescribable.

He immediately began channeling the World Buddha Art.

The rate of his internalizing of Qi grew tremendously. The damage in his body was also healing.

“The speed of internalizing Qi and trajectory… Could it be the legendary World Buddha Art?” Demon Lord Ruyuan said shockingly, which caught the others’ attention.

World Buddha Art!

They all fell into silence.

Dao Lord Xuantian asked in astonishment, “Is the World Buddha Art very powerful?”

No one answered him. They were too lazy to talk to someone who had never even heard of the World Buddha Art.

Of course, that did not necessarily mean that he was weak. There could be other reasons.

Time continued to pass.

Xian Xianghua and Diablo could hardly overcome Demon Sovereign Sanhai and were finally driven out of Violet Demon Palace.

Demon Sovereign Sanhai stood at the gate like a guardian and stared at the two furiously.

Diablo frowned and was extremely anxious.

He asked in astonishment, “Why isn’t this guy going after Zhou Xuanji? Could he already…”

Although he said this, he had a different thought in his mind.

“Xuanji might have already found the Colorful Celestial Tree,” Xian Xianghua snorted.

Diablo heard her and frowned even deeper.

He felt a little worried.

Violet Demon Palace was a place that he found, how could it be snatched away by another person?

Even if that person was his son-in-law.

He grew angrier as he thought and asked, “Aren’t you worried that he will keep it for himself?”

That was the Colorful Celestial Tree!

Even Ancient Great Emperors would be moved at the sight of it!

“So what if he keeps it for himself? He’s my future husband. Everything belongs to him,” Xian Xianghua said with a smile, and Diablo almost vomited blood out of frustration.

However, he did not explode in rage but gnashed his teeth.

Disdain could be seen in Xian Xianghua’s eyes, and she did not speak further.

An hour later.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to Great Realization Level Six.

His pain had already been reduced by half.

He was greatly exhilarated.

It felt so good!

He broke through two levels continuously, which was equal to ten years of cultivation!

And it was still going on!

Two hours later.

He broke through to Great Realization Level Seven.

However, this did not continue for too long. The surrounding spiritual Qi began to dissipate.

The surging spirit energy in his body calmed down as well. He could still hear the thumping of his heart, and it grew louder.

It sounded heavy and powerful, like the heartbeat of the earth.

Zhou Xuanji could move once again. He sat down and continued to channel his energy.

He broke through three levels when he had just entered Violet Demon Palace. This made him very excited.

The pains he went through previously were nothing to him now.

He was already looking forward to breaking through to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal. By then, he would become unrivaled in the world!

His serendipity had not finished. There was the Colorful Celestial Tree in Violet Demon Palace still.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and continued to cultivate.

He could see strings of purple lines appearing in his body like nerves, which made him look like a devil.

He did not notice his appearance but could sense that the strength of his body had reached was unprecedented, far beyond what he used to be.

He even felt that his physical strength exceeded that of Demon Sovereign Sanhai.

Just with this, his power had increased tremendously.

Another hour passed.

The Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart was integrated entirely with him, and the violent surges of spiritual Qi calmed down. Although he did not break through to Great Realization Level Eight, he was not disappointed.

He clenched his fist and felt an invincible strength.

He could inspect his heart and saw that it had turned purple and grown bigger.

“The Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart is a supreme treasure that the devils and demons fought for. Now that you have obtained it, this is great serendipity. Congratulations,” Emperor Hanlan’s voice came from his back. The eight souls levitated shoulder to shoulder and looked at him.

He got up and looked back.

“May I ask what other uses the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart has, other than strengthing one’s physique?” Zhou Xuanji asked curiously.

He could sense that the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart was extraordinary. Because of it, his Sword Master Haki had been strengthened multiple times.

Emperor Hanlan said ambiguously, “This must be learned by yourself.”

After that, the eight souls dispersed and returned to the Ancient God Sword.

Zhou Xuanji began thinking to himself. He had a feeling that the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart must be more than this.

He decided to hide this. Of course, he will still tell Xian Xianghua, but he must hide it from Diablo.

He scanned around the palace and found no other treasures before walking toward the main gate of Violet Demon Palace.

At the same time.

Diablo was anxious like an ant in a hot pot.

Zhou Xuanji had yet to come out after such a long time.

Could that brat have eaten all the Colorful Celestial Fruits?