I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 32

Chapter 32


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“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Silver] Heaven Sound Sword, Ebony Core Green Lotus!”

When Zhou Xuanji became eight years old, he received another legendary sword.

And it was a silver grade legendary sword!

Three lines appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Heaven Sound Sword

Grade: Silver

Description: Forged from Heaven Sound Ore. The vibration of its blade produces Heaven Sound, which deludes the opponent’s mind.

The Heaven Sound Sword appeared in his hand. The sword was silver in color and looked gorgeous. Two silver snakes wrapped around its hilt with their mouths facing downward.

He swung the sword and caused a wave of humming. It was amazing.

Afterward, he examined his attributes.

Sword Owner: Zhou Xuanji

Race: Royal Bloodline of the Great Zhou

Age: Eight

Cultivation: Foundation Building Level Four

Energy Technique: Golden Body Incantation

Sword Technique: White Crane Sword Technique, Fiery Sword Technique, Eight-Step Sword Lunge, Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword

Special Ability: None

Talent: Simultaneous Execution

Swords: Swords: [Silver] Crimson Dragon Sword, [Bronze] Frost Wave Sword, [Silver] Bloodbath Sword, [Bronze] Tiger Roar Sword, [Bronze] Windcutter Sword, [Iron] Swineculling Blade, [Silver] Golden Rock Sword, [Silver] Heaven Sound Sword.

In half a year, he broke through to Foundation Building Level Four, while Little Jiang Xue reached Qi Nurturing Level Eight. They worked hard day and night, together with the support of spirits stones, and their progress was quite quick.

Now he was eight years old, there was one more option in his list of attributes, which was Age.

It seemed that, as he becomes stronger, his attributes will become more and more enriched.

“A pity, when can I get a Gold or Amethyst legendary sword?”

Zhou Xuanji curled his lip, annoyed.

Silver legendary swords all had unique attributes, that were powerful enough for him to use.

However, the human heart was always greedy.

“Sword Spirit, what is the use of the Ebony Core Green Lotus?”

He asked in curiosity. A legendary sword each year, this was the bare minimum. If there weren’t any surprises from the other stuff, then it would be a really dull birthday.

“It’s a treasure that can be used for body tempering and mind purifying. It works best when taken by mouth.”

The Sword Spirit answered and immediately, the Ebony Core Green Lotus appeared in his hand.

It was a leafless green plant that had six thumb-sized green seeds.

Zhou Xuanji called promptly, “Sister! Come here, quick!”

He sat beside the lake, while Little Jiang Xue was busy repairing the swing.

Yesterday night, Small Er destroyed the swing when it attempted to sit on it. It was Little Jiang Xue’s favorite activity to sit with Zhou Xuanji on the swing, and some nights she’d treat him like a toy and push him on the swing for hours. She felt sad that the swing was ruined.

Zhou Xuanji did not fancy ‘testing’ whether it still worked, so he did not help out.


Little Jiang Xue yelled and walked over to him, angry. She put her hands on her hip and her cheeks were puffed up. Her displeasure was evident all over her face.

Zhou Xuanji ignored her expression and said, “This is the Ebony Core Green Lotus, eat it, it’s good for our bodies. We should take three each.”

Little Jiang Xue squatted and asked curiously, “Where did you get this from?”

Zhou Xuanji took one of them and put it into his mouth straight away, and began chewing.

In the next moment, his face changed drastically.

What the!

Was there shit inside?


Zhou Xuanji almost spat it out. Little Jiang Xue saw his expression and turned around to leave at once.

“Hold on!”

Zhou Xuanji got up quickly and chased after Little Jiang Xue with the Eight-Step Sword Lunge. He carried Little Jiang Xue in his arms and swiftly put a seed of the Ebony Core Green Lotus into her mouth.

Little Jiang Xue instinctively chewed, and her expression was immediately like that of Zhou Xuanji.

She wanted to spit it out, but Zhou Xuanji covered her mouth.

“This is a divine elixir. Don’t waste it. Look at me,” he said, and swallowed the Ebony Core Green Lotus.

He then took another two Ebony Core Green Lotus seeds into his mouth and chewed.

Little Jiang Xue was half-convinced, but just when she was going to ask, she felt that the Ebony Core Green Lotus transformed into a cooling sensation and entered into all vital channels of her body.

Zhou Xuanji felt it too.

He immediately crossed his legs to sit down and use his energy technique.

With this, Little Jiang Xue sat down as well.

Even though the seed was small, it had within it a tremendous amount of energy.

He was very much excited and felt that he could achieve the second level of Golden Body Incantation, Metal Chassis!

The spiritual Qi gathered and poured into their bodies.

An hour later.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to Foundation Building Level Five and, at the same time, attained Metal Chassis. A faint golden gloss could be seen on his skin.

Little Jiang Xue also took the three lotus seeds, and her cultivation reached Qi Nurturing Level Ten straight away.

After the breakthrough, the eight-year-old child felt like he was covered in mud, so he got up to take a bath in the lake.

The girl got up as well and ran toward him. She hugged him at his neck and giggled, “Xuanji, you are so good to me.”

“You are so sticky, and you stink. Stay away from me!” he said in dislike.

“No way, I’m gonna rub the mud all over you!”

“Oh my…you are a girl, you shouldn’t be like this!”

“Now you are afraid, little brother? Come, I will rub more mud on you!”

“Get lost!”

The two of them played with each other as they entered the lake, giving him a headache.

Has she entered puberty?

She liked to play around and tease him more and more!

The Zhang Residence, in the royal city of the Southern Snow Kingdom.

In the courtyard, Zhang Ruyu was training his sword techniques while his father sat in a pavilion. He drank wine as he observed his son.

He nodded at times and shook his head at others.

At this moment, a soldier clad in metal armor came and entered the pavilion. He half knelt and said, “General, more information on Sword God Zhou.”

“Tell me,” Zhang Tianjian said as he put down his wine cup.

His son paused his training and listened closely.

“Three days ago, on the Crimson Brow Peak, Cheng Fenglong, who was at Foundation Building Level Ten, was beheaded by Sword God Zhou. More than half of the thousand and two hundred brigands either died or were injured.”

The soldier muttered, there was astonishment in his voice.

Although Cheng Fenglong was at Foundation Building Level Ten, he became famous for slaying a powerful cultivator who was at the Enlightening Stage.

Zhang Tianjian squinted his eyes and asked, “How many moves did Sword God Zhou use?”

“According to those who were rescued, Sword God Zhou used two moves. One for the kill, the other for beheading.”

The soldier replied, and Zhang Tianjin’s face changed slightly.

He asked, “Sword God Zhou plundered all the treasures on Crimson Brow Peak as usual?”

“Yes, not even one spirit stone was left,” the soldier nodded.

Zhang Tianjian got up in cold laughter and said indignantly, “Oh, the benevolent and righteous Sword God Zhou, he does not fit this title. He’s just there for the treasure.”

Benevolent and righteous Sword God Zhou!

This was how the rescued described Zhou Xuanji.

After Zhou Xuanji defeated the enemy, he rescued the victims first before plundering. This made the rescued victims feel that he was good in his heart.

“Father, Sword God Zhou is really benevolent and righteous!”

Zhang Ruyu said displeased. Sword God Zhou was his idol and he could not bear his father’s suspicion.

His father stared at him and said, “Don’t be deceived by his appearance. A true grandmaster in the Way of the Sword would not be so improper.”

“Father, Sword God Zhou deserves Sword God as his title. Even you might not defeat him if you encounter him!” He said angrily.

With this, Zhang Tianjian’s face turned cold immediately.

He was the greatest sword cultivator in the Southern Snow Kingdom!

How could he lose to Sword God Zhou, who only knew how to fight against cultivators in the Foundation Building Stage?