I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 319 - Chapter 319 Violet Demon Emperor’s Heart

Chapter 319 - Chapter 319 Violet Demon Emperor’s Heart


Clang! Clang! Clang…

Hundreds of white-haired demons were attacking the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and overwhelmed the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

With swords in both hands, Zhou Xuanji still could not deflect the white-haired demon’s attacks that rained down upon him.

If this continued, he would be torn into pieces by the demon even with Golden Invincibility.

The heavenly lightning on his body had no effect on the demon at all. It was his first time encountering a demon that has such a horrifying physique.

‘This guy doesn’t look like he lost his rationality…..’ Zhou Xuanji thought to himself. He immediately activated the power of Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment and God Ghost Howl.


Countless howls that were filled with hatred, shrill, and sorrow could be heard.

Zhou Xuanji’s body was wrapped with two types of Qi. Half of it was blood Qi while the other half was black Qi. Together with the heavenly lightning, he looked like an ancient evil god, and his aura grew tremendously.

The power of Martial Punishment and the power of God Ghost!

In his eyes, the white-haired demon became slower.

He immediately activated the dual sword will mode, with the Sky Dominating Divine Sword in his left hand and Icy Sound Wave in his right.

The white-haired demon fell into a disadvantage instantly.

He began evading but was sucked right in front of Zhou Xuanji with Universal Attraction. Zhou Xuanji slashed at the demon furiously, and the blades cut into the demon’s shoulders.

No matter how strong the demon’s body was, he could not resist the sharpness of a Intimidating Spirit legendary sword. The edge of the sword sunk into his bones.

“Roooarrr—” The demon shrieked. Four arms grew from his back suddenly and slammed Zhou Xuanji away.

Next, two more heads grew from the sides of his neck.

His skin turned blue, and he immediately reminded Zhou Xuanji of the stone statues outside the gate.

It was him!

Outside the palace, Xian Xianghua and Diablo were observing the battle with their minds.

Both of them looked shocked.

They knew that Zhou Xuanji was much more powerful than before, but they did not expect him to be this powerful.

“A First Tribulation Scattered Immortal can never stand up to that demon’s power. An ordinary Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal would not dare to fight him head-on either,” the Diablo swallowed his saliva and sighed in amazement.

This brat is merely at Great Realization, and his body was so strong?

Xian Xianghua knew the reason. The Tianxia Map was nurturing his body every day. Moreover, he tempered his body every month with high-quality resources. His body had already reached a horrifying level.

Although it was not as strong as the white-haired demon’s body, Zhou Xuanji still had his sword techniques.

She suddenly felt that Zhou Xuanji was not far from becoming the world’s top cultivator.

Within a thousand years, or even within a hundred years.

She sighed faintly. Why did she feel that Zhou Xuanji’s talent was growing as well?

“The two weapons he has are definitely not ordinary swords. Could he have received an inheritance from the Upper Realm?” Diablo said with a deep voice, and Xian Xianghua nodded.

She thought that the two legendary swords Zhou Xuanji had were from Sky Piercing Sword Emperor and Hegemon Sword Emperor.

Hegemon Jiu was an example. It was the weapon that Hegemon Sword Emperor used to become unrivaled in the world.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji fell into an intense battle.

The three heads of the demon could use different divine abilities. On top of his strong body, he could use two divine abilities.

The left head could shoot out two streams of horrifying flames that could break his Golden Invincibility’s defense.

The right head shot out arrows of green light continuously that even World Reincarnation could not reflect. It was very odd.

“That demon is called Demon Sovereign Sanhai. He has been guarding Violet Demon Palace for over ten thousand years and is one of the few beings that can resist the Tianxia Map.”

An old voice came into Zhou Xuanji’s ears. It was Emperor Hanlan’s.


Zhou Xuanji asked as he continued to dodge, “What’s his weakness?”

Demon Sovereign Sanhai was very powerful and had an overpowered body that could move at extreme speed. There seemed to be no weak point at all.

Also, Violet Demon Palace was so sturdy that it did not even shake a little with the intense battle going on inside.

“No weakness. Unless a Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortal appears to suppress him purely by overwhelming him in terms of cultivation.”

Emperor Hanlan’s words made Zhou Xuanji shudder.

A Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortal?

Even Yang Di might not have reached Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Was retreat the only option?

Zhou Xuanji bit his teeth and took out all his Glorious Gold and Heavenly Soul legendary swords to guard against Demon Sovereign Sanhai’s attack.

“FindViolet Demon Monarch’s Heart and absorb it into your body, and Violet Demon Palace will acknowledge you as its owner. Then Demon Sovereign Sanhai will stop attacking you,” Emperor Hanlan’s voice continued. Next, memories began to enter his mind.

It was the map of Violet Demon Palace.

This guy had come to this place before?

Without a word, Zhou Xuanji dashed toward the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart.

“Why is this brat running toward there? We need to reinforce him!”

Diablo bit his teeth anxiously. If Zhou Xuanji were to die, they would not obtain the Colorful Celestial Tree either.

Xian Xianghua stopped him and said, “Don’t worry. If he cannot defeat the enemy, he will run away. Be patient, he may have a plan.”

The deep regions of Violet Demon Palace had powerful restrictive mechanisms, such that they could not probe with their mind, so they could not trace Zhou Xuanji’s movements.

Diablo tried to calm his emotions and looked forward to seeing if Zhou Xuanji could defeat that demon.

He heard Zhou Xuanji asking about the weakness of Demon Sovereign Sanhai just now. Who was he speaking to?

Could it be a soul inside the Tianxia Map?

He fell into deep thought.

Zhou Xuanji weaved through the corridors.

Looking from the outside, Violet Demon Palace was not that massive. However, once he entered it, the palace felt like a city.

There must be some restrictive mechanisms that manipulated the space.

The legendary swords tried to block Demon Sovereign Sanhai but to no avail. They only managed to slow him down.

Zhou Xuanji came to an annex hall quickly based on Emperor Hanlan’s memory. He charged into the main gate and was welcomed by a sea of flames, which he ignored.

After passing through the sea of flames, he finally saw the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart.

The heart was the size of a watermelon. It levitated in a silver beam of light, and the vessels could be seen on its surface.

‘How do I absorb it?’

Zhou Xuanji came up to the heart and asked in his mind, ‘What are the costs?’

He scanned the heart with his mind and sensed that there were no remnant souls inside, neither were there restrictive mechanisms or poison.

He did not trust Emperor Hanlan totally, but he trusted his own senses.

World Buddha Art enhanced his sensory abilities to exceed the cultivators in the same stage as him. He could even sense spirit energy, which he relied on greatly.

“Put it close to your chest, and the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart will be absorbed into your heart automatically. Don’t worry, this is not the heart of some powerhouse but an ultimate fate treasure, formed with the Fate of the world. Your physique is barely enough to absorb it without having any side effects.”

Emperor Hanlan’s voice came to his ears, which made him hesitate.

He remembered the Sword Spirit’s words that all sword souls in the Supreme Legendary Sword System would not harm him.

Even those that had their own consciousness were faithful toward the Sword Owner.

If so, then I shall risk it!

He put the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart to his chest. Instantly, a ray of violet beam shined from the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart and illuminated the entire hall.


Demon Sovereign Sanhai appeared at the gate, leaped toward Zhou Xuanji, and clawed at him.

The Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart sunk into Zhou Xuanji’s chest swiftly. Immediately, Demon Sovereign Sanhai stopped at less than two meters away from Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji felt as though his chest was about to burst. It was fiery hot, and a surging power burst from the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart and rushed through all the vital channels in his body.