I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 317 - Chapter 317 Colorful Celestial Tree

Chapter 317 - Chapter 317 Colorful Celestial Tree


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“What serendipity?” Zhou Xuanji asked casually as he was still reminiscing the beautiful experience he just had.

Xian Xianghua came up to him and leaned her body forward. Her eyes turned crescents as she smiled, saying, “A serendipity that can help you improve your cultivation quickly. I’m already fully recovered with its help and became even more powerful than my previous peak condition.”

Zhou Xuanji heard her and asked curiously, “What’s that serendipity? Can I bring others along?”

Having heard him, Xian Xianghua stretched out her hands and pinched his face. Brat, you want to share every good thing with Jiang Xue, aren’t you afraid that I will be angry?” She snorted.

As she spoke, she used a little more force and made Zhou Xuanji feel some pain.

It seemed that this old demonic woman’s cultivation really did improve.

He shrugged his shoulder and said, “If she grows more powerful, she can help you and me. Moreover, this good stuff is found by you, Sect Lord Xian, and you have already enjoyed its benefit. If it were found by Jiang Xue, I would also think of sharing it with you,” he said it casually, but it was persuasive.

Xian Xianghua withdrew her hands and rolled her eyes at him.

”Such a sweet talker,” she said coquettishly.

”Only the both of us can go because it’s too dangerous. A great demon that surpasses Ninth Rank guards that place. However, you can bring back some treasures for them to use.”

Zhou Xuanji heard and was even more interested. He began probing further what that serendipity was.

Xian Xianghua kept it a secret and did not reveal it to him.

He did not force her because he believed that Xian Xianghua would not harm him.

He immediately gathered everyone and told them about his departure.

Jiang Xue did not stop him but reminded him, “Be careful in everything. Don’t force yourself.”

Although she was jealous over Xian Xianghua occasionally, she knew that Xian Xianghua would not harm Zhou Xuanji. If he encountered danger, Xian Xianghua would surely save him with her life.

Previously, Xian Xianghua had always guided her in her cultivation before she left Skyfall. Xian Xianghua even taught her the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique, but she did not cultivate it.

Because the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique required too much spirit energy. If she cultivated it, it would delay her cultivation.

She wanted herself to have higher cultivation before cultivating it.

She didn’t have the Tianxia Map after all, so she could not cultivate it as fast as Zhou Xuanji.

After Zhou Xuanji briefed them, he left with Xian Xianghua.

Chen Bantian looked at Meng Tianlang and cried out, “Brat, let’s fight another round today!”

Meng Tianlang was speechless. Meanwhile, the little black snake and Chongming Demon Monarch began to cheer them on.

The others could only shake their heads with a smile before continuing their own cultivation.

Inside the demonic cloud, Xian Xianghua was looking at Zhou Xuanji curiously.

Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating, could no longer endure it. He opened his eyes and asked, “What are you looking at me for?”

Xian Xianghua tilted her head and said with a smile, “It’s been more than a decade since we met. I miss you.”

She spoke with a coquettishly and charming tone intentionally, which gave Zhou Xuanji goosebumps all over his body.

This was not the demeanor of Dragon Proud Hua.

”Since there’s no one around, shall we have a good time and do dual cultivation?”

Xian Xianghua already pulled open her collar slightly, revealing her snow-white skin. The sight of this made Zhou Xuanji’s eyes twitch wildly.

The next second, she closed up her collar and laughed, “Hahaha, look at you, like a debauchee.”

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. Are you nuts?

Somehow, he felt that the old demonic woman had changed. She loved to ridicule him even more.

”Okay, let’s come back to the proper topic. I feel that you have grown much more powerful. You should be as powerful as a Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal, right?”

Xian Xianghua sat beside Zhou Xuanji closely and asked with a smile.

Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Zhou Xuanji looked with disdain. Fifteen years ago, he could already fight head-on with Xuanyuan Zhou, who was as powerful as a Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal. What now?

Of course, he was also not sure how powerful Xuanyuan Zhou was amidst all the Third Tribulation Scattered immortals

Although his cultivation had grown more powerful and he had obtained more fighting techniques, he was not a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal after all. His spirit energy reserve could not be compared to a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, which was a great shortcoming for him.

He was growing more powerful, and so were Yang Di and Xuanyuan Zhou.

”Tell me, where are we going?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. Something that could be considered to be a great serendipity by Xian Xianghua must not be simple.

Xian Xianghua didn’t hide it anymore and said, “I found a palace in the sea region east of the Northern Wilderness Region. It’s located ten thousand meters underwater. There is an underground spirit fountain, and Colorful Celestial Fruits are growing there. After growing for ten-thousand years, they contain abundant spiritual Qi. It was a pity that a Great Tribulation Demon was guarding that place. He was extremely powerful and even I could not deal with him alone. Previously, I merely picked up a few Colorful Celestial Fruits, and my cultivation improved. What do you think will happen if we obtain the Colorful Celestial Tree?”

Natural resources that had been growing for tens of thousands of years!

Zhou Xuanji was greatly moved. He patted Xian Xianghua’s shoulder and smiled, “My subservient maidservant, just wait. With me around, that demon shall be obliterated!”

Xian Xianghua’s eyes turned dangerous and asked coldly, “Brat, I dare you to say it again.”

She grasped his chin and pulled him straight into her arms. Her hands turned into demonic claws, and she rubbed his face wildly and touched him everywhere.

Zhou Xuanji was greatly aroused and immediately cried out, “Stop! Stop! Don’t be so reckless, be careful of the enemy’s assault!”

Xian Xianghua only stopped after she heard him and snorted coldly.

Both of them had many enemies. It would not be surprising if they encountered one now.

To divert the topic, Zhou Xuanji spoke to her about Great Emperor Heartless, Daoseeker, Old Mother Wan’E, and others. He also mentioned the World Epoch.

Xian Xianghua’s eyes turned solemn. She did not reply but fell into deep thoughts.

Zhou Xuanji waited silently. This old demonic woman had lived for more than ten thousand years after all, she should know much more than him

”It seems like we must ascend before the great catastrophe comes,” Xian Xianghua laid her hands flat and said casually. With her cultivation, she could already ascend, but she was reluctant to leave the Tanhua Sect when it was waning.

And Zhou Xuanji had already matured and was not far away from ascension.

Zhou Xuanji almost fainted. “This is your conclusion?”

He said unpleasantly, “I thought that you would provide some solutions!”

Xian Xianghua rolled her eyes at him, as though she was complaining that he took her to be omniscient.

At Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain

Shi Shenzong stood before a high peak and looked down.

Many sword cultivators were sparring in the mountains. It was a scene of bustle and excitement.

The Mountain Lord Shi Haiming appeared behind Shi Shenzong’s back suddenly and knelt down respectfully, cupping his fist. “Ancestor, I have already found the location of Sun Hill and Skyfall. When are you going to go?”

It had been more than ten years, and Shi Shenzong had already recovered his peak cultivation and was fearless against all the heroes in the world.

Within the Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain, everyone was looking forward to the Sword Saint to reign supreme over the world.

He said calmly, “There’s no hurry. I want to know where Great Emperor Heartless and Tian are.”

Compared to his juniors, he wanted to challenge his seniors more.

As for Tian, he had already defeated him before. It was a pity that Tian rose to power again and became an arch-enemy of the Hegemon Sword Emperor after his fall.

”Tian is in his heavenly palace. He built a heavenly palace a hundred thousand meters above the sky. Meanwhile, Great Emperor Heartless is touring around the world and is hard to find,” Shi Haiming replied. The Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain was isolated from the world. Still, it had already established its own intel gathering forces in secret to prevent it from losing pace regarding the changes in the world.