I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 316 - Chapter 316 Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow

Chapter 316 - Chapter 316 Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow


“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Intimidating Spirit] God Ghost Howl, Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow.”

Intimidating Spirit legendary sword!

Zhou Xuanji was pleasantly surprised. However, when he remembered that he was already 53 years old, he was a little upset.

Although he took the Age-halting Pill and retained his youthful looks, he had memories of his past life. Each time he heard the Sword Spirit’s reminder of his age, he felt an indescribable sorrow.

Three lines of words appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: God Ghost Howl

Grade: Intimidating Spirit

Description: This sword absorbed the ghosts of countless celestial beings and gods. It is a ghost sword that releases the howling of thousands of ghosts once it’s activated, which can terrify the enemy.

A long and thin black sword appeared in his hand.

The sword was 1.5 meters long and only three finger widths broad. The blade became broader near the tip and ended with two hooks, resembling an anchor. Its crossguard looked like two tusks, and overall, it looked fearsome and domineering.

Zhou Xuanji fell in love with God Ghost Howl at first sight.

This sword is filled with such a murderous aura!

“What is that sword?”It looks pretty powerful,” Jiang Xue came up to him from his back and asked curiously.

At 57 years old, she still had the beauty of a youthful girl. It was not merely because of the Age-halting Pill but also because of her youthful mindset. She had spent all these years in Skyfall and had not experienced the vicissitudes of everything that was happening.

Zhou Xuanji touched the sword, smiled, and said, “This is God Ghost Howl. A very powerful sword.”

Jiang Xue smiled and did not ask about where he obtained the sword.

“Chen Bantian and Meng Tianlang are fighting again. Do you want to go and watch it?” She asked with a smile.

It had been ten years, and Chen Bantian could already activate the Ancestral Dragon Sword. Although his power was far from Great Accomplishment, he could already stand up to Meng Tianlang.

He was not only a Ten Thousand Year Prince; he also had the royal bloodline of the Yellow Dragon. As such, he was far more talented than Meng Tianlang. Those two regularly sparred, just like Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng.

However, they made it a point to just keep it at sparring.

“Let them be. You seem to be in a good mood. A successful breakthrough?” Zhou Xuanji asked as he stored the God Ghost Howl into the Supreme Storage, took her hands, and pulled her into his arms.

Jiang Xue held his face with her hands and kissed him.


She giggled, “Our grand-teacher said that I already have a tenth of his ability. I divined sister Lianxin for her future. Do you wanna know what I saw?”

“What did you see?” Zhou Xuanji asked curiously.

Seeing that Jiang Xue was in such a good mood, he felt very pleasant as well.

This girl was always his mini sun.

“I divined that she opened a pair of ghost eyes, which should be her Ghost Emperor Divine Eye. She was greatly imposing and looked down on the mountains and rivers. She had the same demeanor as Xian Xianghua, a kind of domineering aura as someone extremely powerful. It seems that sister Lianxin will become very powerful in the future, and she might be ranked on the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred,” Jiang Xue opened her beautiful eyes wide in awe and said.

The Huang Lianxin she saw in the divination was totally a different person than the Huang Lianxin now.

Ghost Emperor Divine Eye?

Zhou Xuanji fell into deep thought. Daoya Old Man had praised her eyes highly.

But until now, the Ghost Emperor Divine Eye had not shown a superior ability other than penetrative sight.

“What else did you divine?” Zhou Xuanji pinched Jiang Xue’s cheeks and asked, smiling.

“I divined for little black also,” Jiang Xue replied with a smile, “This guy will become a dragon king and reign over countless dragon races. That scene was very impressive. As for the others, I could not divine them. It was too exhausting, and I needed to rest.”

The little black snake will reign over the dragon race?

Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed slightly.

Now that it was a World Epoch, could the dragon race be the once that was going to replace the humans?

And how could Little Black become a dragon king?

He was just a snaky rascal.

No matter what, he kept this matter in his heart.

He chatted a little longer with Jiang Xue before she left to oversee the training of the female disciples.

As early as three years ago, they had over a thousand third generation disciples. A while ago, Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian took another batch of second-generation disciples for adventure and could only return in a year or two.

Zhou Xuanji began receiving the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow.

He was very interested in the word “primordial chaos.” It seemed that there was nothing simple about the sword technique.

A while later.

The transmission of memories was completed.

He opened his eyes and was awed.

Such an ingenious sword technique!

It was comparable to the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and Ancestral Dragon Sword, or even more powerful than them.

Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow could produce countless sword shadows that converge together like the primordial river. It was extremely domineering.

This sword technique could already be considered a divine ability, so it consumes a lot of energy.

The number of sword shadows depended on the amount of spirit energy available.

There were 3000 moves altogether. It looked as though it was complicated, but actually, the moves only had minor differences. It was mainly to connect the 3000 moves together.

He immediately took out the Dragon Seal Sword and began practicing.

The Dragon Seal Sword was an elegant sword, embedded with rubies and emerald. It could gather spirit Qi and generate wind when it was swung.

Only Zhou Xiaoqi and he were at the peak. The rest were training at different places on Skyfall.

Daoya Old Man left to attend to some matters and had yet to return for seven days.

Zhou Xuanji had only managed to reach Small Accomplishment of the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow at midnight.

After the night, he practiced the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow 300 times and reached the Great Accomplishment.

Only until noon did he realize the Sword Will for Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow.

He immediately activated his newly-learned sword technique.

He swung the sword with his right hand with extreme speed and generated dazzling residual images. His spirit energy burst out, and countless sword shadows appeared above his head.

Within one breath, tens of thousands of sword shadows appeared under the starry sky. The sword shadows had the same appearance as the Dragon Seal Sword and were densely spread out and ever-increasing.

Soon, the numbers grew to the millions. The swarm of sword shadows was undulating like the mountain ranges. They were extremely domineering, just like the primordial rivers in the legends.

Zhou Xiaoqi, who was taking a nap, looked over, and all his scales stood up.

“What the! What is this?”

He cried out in shock and looked toward Zhou Xuanji instinctively.

Zhou Xuanji’s back was facing the Qilin, and his silhouette looked domineering. Millions of sword shadows floated above his head as he looked up majestically at the starry sky. Zhou Xiaoqi was mesmerized by what he saw.

“Not bad!”

Zhou Xuanji commented about the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow and smiled satisfactorily. He could produce even more sword shadows, but there was no need for that. This was his trump card, after all.

The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow was not only massive but could be controlled at will to attack wherever he pleased.

He had a bold idea suddenly.

If he were to combine World Internalization and Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, then wouldn’t he become more powerful as he fights on the battlefield?

The idea of a genius indeed!

Even he admired himself. However, it would not be easy to combine both.

He stored his sword and was prepared to continue to internalize Qi.

“Awesome. You mastered another powerful ability.”

Xian Xianghua’s giggle came. Zhou Xuanji turned around and saw the old demonic woman appear behind him. She hooked her hands around his neck and pulled him into her arms.

Facing her, Zhou Xuanji did not resist. He was caught off guard and was pulled into her arms.

He only felt a soft sensation on his face, and he immediately dodged.

He moved to Xian Xianghua’s back with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

“Such speed!”

Xian Xianghua’s eyes turned into crescents as she smiled and her eyes sparkled.

Just as expected, this brat had become more powerful after a decade or so.

She turned and looked at Zhou Xuanji.

“I had a great stroke of serendipity. Little husband, accompany me,” she spoke first.