I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 314 - Great Emperor Heartless vs Yang Di

Chapter 314 - Great Emperor Heartless vs Yang Di


Chapter 314: Chapter 314 – Great Emperor Heartless vs Yang Di

After suspecting that something was up with the bronze dagger, Zhou Xuanji’s gaze became menacing.

Daoseeker could sense his wariness so he explained, “I use the bronze dagger to contact you, so I can naturally use it to sense your existence. However, don’t think too much—even without it, I can divine your whereabouts.

“In terms of divination, even your Grand-Teacher cannot compare to me,” Daoseeker said calmly. Who knew what Daoya Old Man would think if he was here?

Chen Bantian looked at Daoseeker curiously—who was this person? He looked quite extraordinary.

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything and put Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment back into the Supreme Storage.

Daoseeker looked at Chen Bantian and nodded as he said, “He’s indeed a Ten Thousand Year Prince and also has the royal bloodline of the Yellow Dragon. Even among the Ten Thousand Year Princes of the past, he has one of the greatest talents. If he is nurtured well, he will have hope of becoming a Great Emperor.”

Becoming a Great Emperor!

Chen Bantian’s eyes widened as his blood roiled.

He knew what becoming a Great Emperor meant—it meant reaching the peak of the world and ascending to become an Immortal.

“Do you know about World Epochs?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a slight smile. Hearing this, Daoseeker looked at him in shock.

“How do you know about World Epochs?” Daoseeker asked as he frowned. His words caused Zhou Xuanji’s smile to become even more dangerous.

This old fellow had indeed been hiding many things from him.

He started to wonder if he should cease his correspondence with Daoseeker.

However after thinking about it, there was a mutual benefit in this relationship. Both sides had things they wanted, and there was no need to treat each other sincerely.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Aren’t you good at divination? Divine it yourself.”

Daoseeker shook his head and said, “I can divine anything in the world, except for you. This is the reason I’m helping you.”

Chen Bantian could not understand what was going on and did not dare to speak either, and he could only behave himself and listen.

“Someone said that there’s a mastermind behind all of this, pulling the strings. What do you think?” Zhou Xuanji asked. With Daoseeker here, he was not worried about Yang Di or Xuanyuan Zhou catching up to them.

If they caught up, he would take this opportunity to test out this fellow’s strength.

Daoseeker’s expression did not change as he calmly replied, “In front of the flow of the heavens and earth, all meddling is useless, even if it’s by an Immortal.”

Such great acting.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and smiled as he changed the topic and asked, “Why did you come to find me? Could it be that you want this Ten Thousand Year Prince?”

Hearing this, Chen Bantian’s body trembled and he hurriedly got up and hid behind Zhou Xuanji, afraid that Daoseeker would suddenly act.

“I just came to confirm your safety. After all, there’s a gap between your strength and Yang Di and Xuanyuan Zhou’s strength.”

Daoseeker’s answer made Zhou Xuanji feel quite displeased.

He underestimated him too much!

“Let’s go, I’ll escort you both back to Skyfall. On the way I’ll use some concealment techniques to make it so that they can’t follow us,” Daoseeker said. Zhou Xuanji and Chen Bantian did not continue to rest and traveled at a reduced speed.

News of what had happened in Great Chen started to spread.

News that Zhou Xuanji had easily defeated Chief Monk Xuanhe spread the fastest.

Following this, news about Yang Di, Tian and the Ten Thousand Year Prince also spread. As for who it was who had started spreading this news, no one knew.

In just a short period of time, the world once again went into a period of chaos.0

At the boundary of the human race’s territory, Zhou Xuanji, Daoseeker and Chen Bantian suddenly stopped. They were standing on a white cloud, and below them was an uneven mountain range.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Bantian anxiously asked, wondering if a powerful enemy had come.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply and looked downwards.

Below, there was a group of people going on a scenic tour. There were 32 women and one man.

That man was Great Emperor Heartless, Baihao Yixin.

The women by his side were all exceptionally beautiful, and they crowded around him as they spoke cheerfully and laughed. Just listening to their voices could make any man feel moved.

Surrounded by them, Baihao Yixin had completely lost himself, kissing one after another and looking incredibly jubilant.

Seeing this, Chen Bantian immediately felt quite jealous and cursed out, “This fellow’s so free and at ease; in the future, I want to do the same and take out my harem of 3,000 women to travel and play.”

Daoseeker pinched his fingers and divined before saying, “So it’s Great Emperor Heartless; only he would be so licentious.”

There was a lot of danger because of the tension between the two races; who dared to bring so many women out to travel in the wilderness?

Zhou Xuanji immediately flew down and landed in front of Baihao Yixin.

Seeing him suddenly descend, the women cried out in fear.

Baihao Yixin looked over and was given a big fright. He cursed out and said, “Why is it you? Are you a ghost? Stop haunting me and leave me alone!”

After five years, it had taken him great effort to recover some of his cultivation, and now he had run into Zhou Xuanji again.

He instinctively looked around; surely Xuanyuan Zhou was not here as well?

Zhou Xuanji harrumphed and said, “Why won’t you die?”

Baihao Yixin felt quite depressed and said grumpily, “If it wasn’t for me heroically sacrificing my life, you would have already died. Aren’t you going to thank This Emperor?”

The 32 women hid behind him and looked at Zhou Xuanji curiously.

From his outward appearance, he did not seem any weaker than Baihao Yixin. They did not know who he was, but they felt that he was incredibly handsome.

Daoseeker and Chen Bantian also landed behind Zhou Xuanji.

Baihao Yixin glanced at Daoseeker, harrumphed, and said, “What? You brought helpers? You think This Emperor would be afraid of you? Come at me!”

After speaking, he raised his right hand, posing as if he was about to fight.

“I’m very curious as to who helped you reincarnate, and why they chose to do it during a World Epoch. Surely this isn’t a coincidence?” Zhou Xuanji said. He did not feel any hostility towards Baihao Yixin; after all, it was just that their interests had clashed, and there was no actual enmity between them.

Baihao Yixin’s eyes widened and he cried out, “World Epoch? Now?”

He deeply frowned and his expression flickered.

“Holy crap… no wonder that old thing was so eager… he screwed me over!

“Despicable, now I can’t go back. If I die during a World Epoch, This Emperor will be so miserable… no, This Emperor has to hurry…” He muttered to himself, revealing a lot of information.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Who is this old monster?”

Baihao Yixin harrumphed, “Not telling you. Even if I told you, you’d be scared to death, so it’s best that you don’t know.”

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and he continuously gnashed his teeth.

Zhou Xuanji harrumphed and left, and the three of them quickly disappeared over the horizon.

The women crowded around Baihao Yixin and asked who Zhou Xuanji was.

Baihao Yixin felt quite annoyed but he did not vent his anger at the women. He continued to smile gently and said, “Ah him, he’s just a little kid with some decent cultivation.”

He did not want to talk about Zhou Xuanji too much in case these women changed their minds.

Now, he already knew how famous Zhou Xuanji was in this age.

He was a man countless young female cultivators dreamed of.

After a while, Yang Di suddenly descended. He looked at Baihao Yixin and asked, “Have you seen these people?”

He waved his right hand, and two figures appeared beside him; it was Zhou Xuanji and Chen Bantian.

The women looked at Yang Di as stars appeared in their eyes.

What a domineering man!

Seeing Zhou Xuanji, Baihao Yixin immediately felt annoyed and said grumpily, “Nope!”

As expected, meeting that boy was no good thing.

“Looks like you have seen him. Don’t blame This Emperor for being impolite if you don’t answer truthfully,” Yang Di said calmly.

Hearing this, Baihao Yixin laughed.

You dare to call yourself This Emperor in front of This Emperor? Have you grown tired of living?