I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 312 - Chapter 312 – Unrivalled Number One

Chapter 312 - Chapter 312 – Unrivalled Number One


Zhou Xuanji looked at Xuanyuan Zhou and showed no fear as he smiled and replied, “I feel the same; so you’re not dead either.”

Chen Bantian did not know Xuanyuan Zhou, but there were not many people in the world who dared to speak to Zhou Xuanji like this.

He quickly hid behind Zhou Xuanji, feeling incredibly anxious.

Xuanyuan Zhou took a step forward and said, “I don’t want to fight you right now. Give me the Ten Thousand Year Prince and I’ll let you live for longer.”

He knew Zhou Xuanji’s strength, and after five years, this boy had definitely become stronger.

Once they started to fight, the disturbance would attract over many powerful experts. When that time came, things would become troublesome.

Zhou Xuanji disdainfully laughed and said, “Xuanyuan Zhou, even though you’re Tian, your strength is not as expected. You really think I’m your only opponent? This boy is connected to me by fate; without me, he would have died long ago, so he can only follow me.”

He was purposefully provoking Tian.

Tian’s reputation in the Northern Wilderness was extremely bad. Even though Tian said that he only dealt with those with Monarchial Violet Qi, every Tian would endanger the peace of the Northern Wilderness. As such, in legends, Tian was also an evil demon.

Once Xuanyuan Zhou exposed his identity, it was likely that both the righteous and evil sects would come to attack him.

This was why Xuanyuan Zhou kept a low-profile and had snuck into Great Chen.

Xuanyuan Zhou narrowed his eyes and a massive wave of killing intent spread out, causing Chen Bantian to feel cold all over.

“Who can stop me?” He looked at Zhou Xuanji as he asked coldly.

Chief Monk Xuanhe?

What a joke!

He did not take that monk seriously at all.

“This Emperor can,” a cold voice sounded out, and Zhou Xuanji, Chen Bantian, and Xuanyuan Zhou all looked over.

A man dressed in noble-looking golden clothes was standing on the palace wall. As he stood there, he looked like a massive mountain that seemed to give off a domineeringness that looked down at the world, resembling nature itself.

Yang Di!

The current number one in the world!

His cold and aloof face looked like that of a god’s, angular and with a trace of divinity between his browns. He had a slight smirk, making him seem proud and condescending.

His golden clothes fluttered in the wind, and the wisps of hair below his crown also danced. The heavens and earth fell silent, and the atmosphere became oppressive.

Xuanyuan Zhou and Zhou Xuanji narrowed their eyes, as if they had encountered a powerful enemy.

Without even thinking about it, they could guess who this person was.

In this world, only that person could have an aura like this.

Just by standing there, he gave off an aura that proclaimed himself as sovereign and invincible.

It was as if no one had the qualifications to stand before him!

“Yang Di, didn’t you flaunt yourself as invincible under the heavens? Why would you still want the Ten Thousand Year Prince?” Xuanyuan Zhou said as he coldly harrumphed, and Zhou Xuanji looked at him in surprise.

Why did this fellow’s words seem to have a trace of mockery in them?

Wasn’t he supposed to have no emotions?

Yang Di ignored him and looked at Chen Bantian as he said, “This Emperor is first in the world, beyond any doubt. Ever since This Emperor rose to this position, I have never fallen from it. Follow This Emperor and I will take you as a disciple and bring you on the path of invincibility.

“Once This Emperor ascends, you will be first in the world!”


No matter how rational Chen Bantian was, his heart rate still sped up.

However, he did not agree and continued to hide behind Zhou Xuanji, not daring to step out.

He inwardly wondered, “Can Senior Zhou match up to him?”

The difference between first and second in the world was only a single place, but it could often be as big as the heavens and earth.

Just like on the Northern Wilderness Genius Rankings, the distance between Zhou Xuanji and the second ranked person was simply enormous.

“Don’t even think about it, he’s mine,” Zhou Xuanji said. He felt quite eager to try out Yang Di’s strength.

Number one in the world!

He had long since wanted to challenge him!

Yang Di looked at him and said, “Zhou Xuanji, This Emperor knows you. You have great potential, but the Ten Thousand Year Prince’s identity is very special; you’d best not be infected with karma.

“From ancient times to now, there have been many geniuses, but few are remembered by people because most of them have died.”

Yang Di’s voice was calm and there were no obvious threats or hostility within it.

Zhou Xuanji was unfazed because he had heard words similar to that many times.

Many people pretended to have good intentions but were actually trying to suppress him.

However, he did not feel any antagonism towards Yang Di for saying these words because after Yang Di had completed his cultivation, he had amazed the world and directly risen to first in the world.

It was a pity that Zhou Xuanji was not Yang Di—with how the world was, how could one put down everything to completely focus on cultivating?

“Today, I’m going to take away the Ten Thousand Year Prince; none of you will be able to stop me!” Xuanyuan Zhou could not help but speak. Yang Di ignoring him was the greatest humiliation he had suffered.

Yang Di still did not look at him, and he instead looked at Chen Bantian as he asked, “Are you willing to come with me? As long as you are willing, This Emperor will take you away. No matter how many people come, they will not be able to stop me.”

Chen Bantian’s eyes darted about as he asked, “If I don’t want to, will you let me go?”

Yang Di gave a trace of a smile but did not say anything.

Xuanyuan Zhou could not hold it in anymore and stepped out, his aura exploding out.

“Heaven please bestow on me heavenly might…”

“Heaven please bestow on me glory…”

“Heaven please bestow on me faith…”

He roared, his voice sounding out throughout the Great Chen’s Royal City and shaking many people’s hearts.

Three pillars of light broke through the sea of clouds and landed on his body, and the terrifying might caused the palace to tremble.

Chen Bantian stared at Xuanyuan Zhou in shock; what kind of power was this?

Yang Di smirked but did not do anything. He looked at Xuanyuan Zhou and waited for him to attack.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; back when he had fought Xuanyuan Zhou, Xuanyuan Zhou had not used heavenly power from the very beginning. This showed how seriously Xuanyuan Zhou took Yang Di.

Xuanyuan Zhou did not waste any words and shot at Yang Di.


The two of them collided and gave off a brilliant light that covered their figures.

Zhou Xuanji felt a wave of danger and held onto Chen Bantian as he quickly flew away.

The palace walls were shattered and a terrifying shockwave rampaged throughout the palace, destroying everything in its way.

The Great Chen Emperor, Chief Monk Xuanhe, and Great Chen’s experts all appeared in the sky, shocked expressions on their faces.

What terrifying auras!

Two figures leapt up from the intense light and shot into the sky. They turned into two rays of rainbow lights that madly collided in the air incredibly quickly; even Great Realization stage experts were unable to see them clearly with their eyes.

The powerful auras caused the Royal City to shake, and the surrounding mountains also swayed, causing rocks to fall down.

Chief Monk Xuanhe suddenly glanced over at Zhou Xuanji and saw Chen Bantian beside him, and he instantly became infuriated.

“Amitabha. Zhou Xuanji, what are you doing?” Chief Monk Xuanhe shouted as he walked on the air towards Zhou Xuanji.

A golden buddha appeared behind him, looking benevolent and holy. It quickly grew until it was 3,000 meters tall, standing proudly above Great Chen’s Royal City.

This scene attracted the entire city’s gazes.

“What’s going on?”

“Is there a powerful enemy attacking Great Chen?”

“Zhou Xuanji? The Sword Emperor is here? That’s not right, doesn’t the Sword Emperor have a good relationship with the Great Chen?”

“It’s not just the Sword Emperor who’s here; the experts fighting up there are not nameless nobodies either.”

“Crap, should we run?”

The cultivators and commoners in the city began to discuss.

Half of the palace had been reduced to rubble, and it was difficult to tell how many dead and injured there were. If the battle affected the entire Royal City, it would be a catastrophe for Great Chen.