I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 311 - Chapter 311 – Clouds Over The Great Chen

Chapter 311 - Chapter 311 – Clouds Over The Great Chen


“Wow, Your Highness is so amazing,” the petite palace maid sitting on Chen Bantian’s left leg said as she covered her mouth, looking at him with reverence.

The other palace maids also cried out in awe, making Chen Bantian feel quite pleased.

He continued to pretend to be deep and said, “That boy Zhou Xuanji is quite amazing; I’m sure he’ll become number one in the world. However, that’s only temporary because in the future I will become number one in the world. If it wasn’t for my pointers, how could he have his current glory?”

The palace maids all praised him, making him feel as if his heart was going to fly into the sky.

At that moment, an unamused voice sounded out, “Oh? Is that so?”

Chen Bantian was surprised and instinctively looked around, but he did not see anyone else.

The palace maids also looked about; who dared to rashly speak out of line within the imperial garden?

Zhou Xuanji suddenly appeared on a tree. He was sitting on the tree trunk with his right leg over his left, a teasing smile on his face.

Chen Bantian quivered and shot to his feet. The two palace maids on his legs tumbled to the ground and cried out in pain.

Even though they had not seen each other in 20 years, Zhou Xuanji had become more mature, and Zhou Xuanji was wearing black clothes with gold threading, Chen Bantian could still recognise him at a glance.

He gulped and hurriedly asked, “Senior Zhou… Why have you come…”

His legs were trembling and even his voice was shaking.

The palace maids were stunned—Senior Zhou?

Could it be…

They closely examined Zhou Xuanji with wide eyes.


So handsome!

it was the first time they had met such a handsome and spirited-looking man. This was especially so for his confidence, which seeped through with every movement; he was like an Emperor who looked down on the world.

Not only was he domineering, but he was also incredibly at ease, giving off the airs of someone who had drifted to the end of the world before.

“I can hear you boast,” Zhou Xuanji said with a smile that did not seem like a smile.

Hearing this, Chen Bantian immediately kneeled and said awkwardly, “I was wrong…”

He had been caught in the act, so no matter how he made excuses, it would be useless and could only admit it.

He was not ashamed of kneeling for Zhou Xuanji.

After all, Zhou Xuanji was already second in the world, and no one would feel that it was strange that the Crown Prince of the Great Chen would kneel for him.

“Have them withdraw; I have things to say to you,” Zhou Xuanji jumped down from the tree and said as he walked towards Chen Bantian.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji’s demeanor as he walked, the palace maids almost swooned.

“Hurry up and leave! No one is permitted to reveal that Senior Sword Emperor has come, or all nine generations of one’s families will be implicated!” Chen Bantian said as he glared at the palace maids.

He felt quite bitter; these girls had never looked so infatuated towards him before.

This was a big blow to his self-esteem.

After the palace maids left, Zhou Xuanji sat in front of the stone table, while Chen Bantian stood beside him and poured him wine. He gave a flattering smile as he said, “Senior Zhou, what did you want to say to me?”

Without Zhou Xuanji, he would have already died.

Even though it was him who had given Zhou Xuanji the map to the Tianxia Map, Zhou Xuanji had obtained it through his own abilities.

In his heart, he still remembered Zhou Xuanji’s kindness of saving his life.

Zhou Xuanji swirled his wine cup and said, “You’ve got big trouble coming for you. Yang Di, Tian, Chief Monk Xuanhe, and many other top-level experts are on their way to capture you.”

Chen Bantian was stunned, and in the next second, his expression became one of horror.

Yang Di!

Just those two words were enough to make his hair stand on end.

“Why, Senior Zhou? It’s not me who has the Tianxia Map!” He said in panic. After awakening the royal bloodline of the Yellow Dragon, his cultivation had been quickly increasing, and he was now close to breaking through to the Astral Projection stage.

However, in front of top-level experts, this kind of cultivation was far from enough.

Zhou Xuanji did not hide anything and told him about the Ten Thousand Year Prince.

After listening to Zhou Xuanji, Chen Bantian felt both delighted and apprehensive.

He was quite smart and directly said, “Senior Zhou, please take me away. When my strength increases, I’ll come back to become the Emperor. I don’t trust Yang Di or Chief Monk Xuanhe; I only trust you!”

He trusted that Zhou Xuanji would not lie to him.

If he was taken away by someone else, he did not dare to think of the outcome.

He was not afraid of following Zhou Xuanji because he had followed Zhou Xuanji before and knew what he was like.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “I came just to save you. Tell your father first; I’ll wait for you here. It’s best that you act quickly because Yang Di might arrive today.”

Hearing this, Chen Bantian hurriedly bowed before quickly leaving.

After he left, Zhou Xuanji drank some wine by himself, feeling quite at ease.

Things were going quite smoothly, and he was in a good mood.

It was a pity that things did not remain this way.

After a while, a familiar voice sounded throughout the entire Great Chen Royal City.

“Amitabha. Old monk Xuanhe is here to visit Great Chen’s Emperor. I hope His Majesty will allow this old monk to enter the palace to see him.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji frowned, while the Great Chen Royal City was sent into an uproar.

“Chief Monk Xuanhe?”

“The leader of a Sanctum came. It’s said that he’s the number one divine monk in the Northern Wilderness, and he made the greatest contribution in getting rid of the Tanhua Sect. It’s said that he once suppressed the number one person of the demonic path!”

“Why did he come to Great Chen?”

“Could he be here to take in a disciple? Many sects have been recruiting lately, and the Sanctums have been no exception.”

“It’s indeed possible, but I don’t want to be a monk. This is tough.”

Chief Monk Xuanhe’s arrival caused the Great Chen’s cultivators and commoners to feel quite excited.

After all, Dongyuan Monastery was an existence that was above some Empires.

Zhou Xuanji saw a group of figures fly out from within the palace to go and receive Chief Monk Xuanhe.

At that moment, Chen Bantian returned, saying worriedly, “What do we do? Chief Monk Xuanhe has already arrived; if I leave now, he might make things difficult on my father.”

Chief Monk Xuanhe’s reputation was very good, but after narrowly escaping death, Chen Bantian did not trust anyone except Zhou Xuanji and his group.

Zhou Xuanji said in a low voice, “We can pretend to leave and see how he reacts. If your father is in danger, I will immediately act to help him.”

Chen Bantian nodded. Even though Chief Monk Xuanhe was the number one divine monk, he was not the second in the world.

He did not even enter the top ten.

Zhou Xuanji led Chen Bantian to a tree and took out a scroll, and he cast a concealing magic formation.

This was something created by Daoya Old Man, and it could hide one’s body and aura. Each scroll could only be used once, and they cost a lot to make.

Soon, they saw Chief Monk Xuanhe’s figure. He was talking and laughing with Great Chen’s Emperor, and they flew into the main hall of the palace.

Zhou Xuanji did not immediately send out his senses; he had a feeling that Chief Monk Xuanhe would use his senses to scan the entire palace.

Within the time of half an incense stick, a powerful sense swept through the palace.

Because of Daoya Old Man’s magic formation, Chief Monk Xuanhe did not discover Zhou Xuanji and Chen Bantian.

“Senior Zhou, what’s the situation like?” Chen Bantian asked nervously. His father treated him well, and he did not want anything bad to happen to his father because of him.

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly, “Don’t worry, Chief Monk Xuanhe is not much; a true powerful being has arrived.”

Chen Bantian’s eyes widened, and just as he wanted to say something, Zhou Xuanji’s eyes glinted.

He looked back and saw Xuanyuan Zhou standing ten meters away staring at him.

“So you didn’t die after all,” Xuanyuan Zhou said to Zhou Xuanji, ignoring Chen Bantian.

His voice was icy cold and filled with killing intent.