I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 308 - 42 Years Old, Desert Frenzy

Chapter 308 - 42 Years Old, Desert Frenzy


Recovering his cultivation? Zhou Xuanji gave a strange smile.

He was suddenly very interested in seeing Shi Shenzong fight Xuanyuan Zhou; he wondered if the Sword Saint from the legends was stronger or if Tian was stronger.

Of course, he hoped that all of these people would fall at his hands.

“You should focus on cultivating; Tianlang has nearly finished learning the Sky Dominating Divine Sword. If you’re not careful, he’ll overtake you,” Zhou Xuanji said as he patted Lin Changge’s shoulder and smiled. Hearing this, Meng Tianlang chuckled.

Lin Changge frowned, and competitive flames burned in his eyes.

Ning Zifeng’s expression was the same.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Huang Lianxin, Han Shenbo, and the others had already been surpassed by Meng Tianlang. Whenever they saw Meng Tianlang cultivating, they always felt quite complicated.

As for Beixiao Wangjian, he was the most hardworking one, but he did not have the talent to match it.

Chongming Demon Monarch muttered, “It’s so tiring to cultivate all day every day. Having Meng Tianlang is enough; let’s just slack around!”

Apart from the little black snake and Zhou Xiaoqi, no one else paid any attention to them.

It was not just them; even Ah Big and Small Er did not like to cultivate, and they napped with the Four Mountain-Guarding Kings every day.

The Three-eyed Drought Rodent liked to spend time with Fenyu Dragon King, and it was liked by the Dragon King as well. Under the nurturing of the Dragon King’s demon energy, it started to obtain cultivation and gradually became stronger.

Zhou Xuanji called Daoya Old Man to the side and told him about the demons’ cultivation plan, and he put him in charge of supervising them.

Daoya Old Man’s cultivation had already reached its limit, and if he progressed any more, he would be killed by a divine tribulation.

As such, he was the idlest out of all of them.

Zhou Xuanji had thought about using the Thunderclap Sword to help Daoya Old Man survive the tribulation, but Daoya Old Man said that the divine tribulation would not only have tribulation lightning, so Zhou Xuanji could only give up on that idea.

With the third generation disciples joining Skyfall, Skyfall became even more lively.

When they were not cultivating, Zhou Xuanji sent them to build gates and roads to Skyfall.

It was difficult to calculate how tall Skyfall was, and wanting to build a road from the bottom to the summit was incredibly difficult.

Zhou Xuanji glorified these tasks by calling them part of the third generation disciples’ cultivation, making them all too eager to take part.

These were all contributions to the sect!

When the Emperor Sword Court was officially established, they could boast to tens of thousands, if not more, disciples that they had built the roads to Skyfall!

Just like that, Skyfall became livelier than ever before.

The Four Mountain-Guarding Kings also gathered demons to help, and humans and demons worked side by side; it was quite a rare sight.

Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain.

Countless cultivators stood at the precipice at the boundary of the Divine Mountain, and they looked at the majestic Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain in front of them. All of them had fanatical expressions on their faces.

“Did you all sense that? It’s the Sword Saint’s aura!”

“So powerful; his revival will most likely be a blow to the number one in the world.”

“Do you think the Sword Saint is more powerful or the Sword Emperor?”

“Of course it’s the Sword Saint. Even the Hegemon Sword Emperor was his disciple.”

“That’s right, the Sword Saint can be called the teacher of the Great Emperor. Zhou Xuanji is still young and cannot be compared to him yet.”

The cultivators all discussed among themselves and waited on the precipice, not daring to rashly enter Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain.

The Sword Saint’s name was too famous and they did not dare to offend him, so they could only wait here.

The reason they came was naturally to ask to become his disciples.

Who would not want to learn from an existence who had taught a Great Emperor?

At that moment, a black-robed elder flew out from within Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain. He had snow-white hair like the feathers of a crane and a ruddy complexion. He had a diagram of three swords intersecting on his back, and as soon as he appeared, he caught the attention of the man in the woven rush raincoat.

“I am Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain’s Mountain Lord, Shi Haiming. My ancestor said that anyone who wants to take him as their teacher must first pass an examination. You will enter Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain in groups, and anyone who can stay inside for the time of one incense stick will be deemed to have passed,” the black-robed elder said expressionlessly as his gaze swept over everyone.

Hearing this, everyone became quite excited.

The time of one incense stick?

With how big Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain was, hiding within it for the time of one incense stick was not very difficult.

However, thinking of the fact that they had to face the Sword Saint, they could not help but feel nervous.

Immediately, 300 of the cultivators with the most powerful cultivations flew into Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain.

The others held their breath in anticipation, waiting for the results.

After a while, an explosion suddenly rang out.


A terrifying aura blasted out from within Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain, following which all of the swords on the mountain violently trembled and hummed. The sound of all of them together was simply deafening.

Swish! Swish! Swish…

The swords rushed high into the sky, covering the clouds with their tips pointing downwards. At a glance, it was impossible to tell how many swords there were.

One million?

Five million?

Ten million?

No one could tell with their eyes, and everyone was shaken by this sight.

In the blink of an eye, another three years had passed.

Zhou Xuanji had Ning Zifeng take the second group of second generation disciples down the mountain. This time, he sent out 18 second generation disciples.

Now, Zhou Xuanji was 42 years old and had obtained another six swords in the meantime.

One of them was Glorious Gold grade and was called Desert Frenzy.

Sword Name: Desert Frenzy

Grade: Glorious Gold

Description: Forged from a Desert Heart. It can gather Desert Power, and the greater the size of a desert, the greater its might will be.

Of the five other swords, the lowest grade was Gold grade, and there were two Amethyst grade swords.

They were the Diseased Earth Sword, Evil Blue Sword, Windrider Sword, Three Thousand Chaos Flow Sword, and Green Hill Entering River Sword.

He had also awakened the soul of another ancient powerful being. His name was Ghost Emperor Zhangtian, and he was more powerful than the previous souls.

What made Zhou Xuanji feel quite disappointed was that Emperor Hanlan still had not woken up.

Back when he had been facing Huangquan Drake King, if it had not been for Emperor Hanlan, it would have been difficult to tell who would win. It was quite likely that the odds would have been against him.

As such, he had a good impression of Emperor Hanlan.

During these three years, he had also obtained two more sword techniques. They were not very powerful, and they were not of much use to him in battle.

However, he still learned them so that he could write them down and put them into a Sword Pavilion. Since he was going to start a sect, he could not lack sword techniques and energy techniques. The more he had, the better; that way, he would be able to build the Emperor Sword Court’s foundation.

Today, Zhou Xuanji was teaching Meng Tianlang, Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Lin Changge, Beixiao Wangjian, and Huang Lianxin.

Nowadays, he very rarely personally taught, so all of them greatly treasured this opportunity.

Meng Tianlang had fully learned the Sky Dominating Divine Sword and his cultivation rapidly progressed too, vividly displaying the splendor of the Ten Thousand Year Prince.

The others were not discouraged and continued to work hard at cultivating, and they tried to reduce the gap between them.

Meng Tianlang was currently learning the Ancestor Dragon Sword.

It was not just them—the second generation and third generation disciples also drooled whenever they thought of the Ancestor Dragon Sword.

Zhou Xuanji only taught the Ancestor Dragon Sword to his confidantes, and anyone else who wanted to learn it had to have his permission.

This was one of the Emperor Sword Court’s core sword techniques, and it could not be casually passed down.

Zhou Xuanji was quite curious to see how long it would take Meng Tianlang to learn the Ancestor Dragon Sword. Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng could already manifest the Ancestor Dragon Sword, but they were still far away from Great Accomplishment.

From how he saw it, it would take at least ten years for Meng Tianlang to reach Great Accomplishment in the Ancestor Dragon Sword. If he wanted to reach Zhou Xuanji’s level with the Ancestor Dragon Sword, it would take him 50 years.

As for Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, he did not want to pass it down for now.

This was his most powerful sword technique, and he would only consider passing it down after obtaining an even more powerful sword technique.

After all, he was the founder of the Emperor Sword Court and had to maintain a profound and unfathomable image.

At that moment, the Jingtian Eagle appeared behind Zhou Xuanji and half-knelt as he cupped his fists and reported, “Master, Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain has taken in 1,000 disciples, and the Sword Saint’s reputation within the human race has skyrocketed. I’m afraid even Yang Di cannot compete with him.”