I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 307 - Chapter 307 Emperor Sword Court!

Chapter 307 - Chapter 307 Emperor Sword Court!


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Zhou Xuanji also felt that it was too timely.

Great Emperor Heartless, Tian, Old Mother Wan’E, Ten Thousand Year Prince, Tianxia Map, and so on. All these things occurred within the same period, which was too odd.

Also, more and more powerful cultivators from overseas infiltrated the Northern Wilderness Region. There might be a cause behind this as well.

He suddenly remembered Feng Gule and that man in a woven rush raincoat.

Their roles in all of this was unknown.

”Oh yes, the Sword Saint revived. He will sweep across the world soon. As the current Sword Emperor, you may encounter great troubles,” Daoseeker said suddenly, which stunned Zhou Xuanji.

Sword Saint?

With a weird expression, he asked, “Is that the Revered Teacher of the Hegemon Sword Emperor, Sword Saint Shi Shenzong?”

Twenty thousand years ago, the Sword Saint was very impressive, and he was the best in the world. He created The Way of the Sword and forged a world where the Sword’s Way prospered. The Hegemon Sword Emperor was the disciple that he was the most proud of.

But for some reason, the Sword Saint committed suicide at Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain before he was attested as an Emperor. Although he failed to be attested as an Emperor, he left countless impressive legends.

”Great Emperor Heartless came back through reincarnation, while Old Mother Wan’E cannot be killed. What is it about the Sword Saint? He can revive?”

”Is it that all the powerful cultivators in the past can be revived?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a raised brow. Although he felt a little absurd, he was somewhat excited too.

If he could defeat all the ancient powerhouses, wouldn’t he be ranked at the top in all history and become an unprecedented Sword Emperor?

He was excited just by the thought of it.

Daoseeker shook his head and said, “It’s not so. The Sword Saint’s death was unique. His body turned into Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain. The Divine Mountain stood for so many years because of his soul and body. Anyone who dares to destroy Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain will be killed by the countless swords on the mountain.”

”Which means to say, the Sword Saint did not die but merely transformed into Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain.”

Their conversation caught Daoya Old Man’s attention.

”Shi Shenzong?” The old man came over and asked, “Did he revive to be attested as an Emperor and to ascend?”

Daoseeker said intently, “He was revived by someone. But he will surely fight to become the top cultivator of the world. In his time, he was unrivaled, and he was the person who had the greatest hope to break through the legend of the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way.”

Speaking about Shi Shenzong, he had too many words of praise to use.

However, now that he took Zhou Xuanji’s side, he could only help the Sword Emperor to defeat Shi Shenzong.

”With your power now, Shi Shenzong will defeat you for sure. Focus on cultivation, and try your best not to head toward the humans,” Daoseeker reminded. After that, his image disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Daoya Old Man with squinted eyes and asked, “Why do I feel like he’s goading me to go?”

Daoseeker nodded with a smile.

Shi Shenzong’s revival made Zhou Xuanji look forward to the future because there weren’t any impressive sword cultivators in this generation. Even though Zhou Xuanji was the Sword Emperor, his position in history was not really that impressive.

If he could defeat the Sword Saint, he would surely leave behind an awesome legend that would be told for countless years.

Having thought about this, he turned around and continued to cultivate.

His cultivation was merely at Great Realization Level one.

He was still very far from becoming a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Daoya Old Man stood at the cliffside and was in deep thought.

Half a month later, Lin Changge took Xu Yang and nine other second-generation disciples to descend the mountain to adventure.

They only came back after two years.

After they returned, they brought back a few hundred third generation disciples, both men and women. Every one of them had an aura of killing because they killed their way back.

Zhou Xuanji did not leave Skyfall during these two years but focused on cultivation.

He reached Great Realization Level Two.

Moreover, he obtained three legendary swords, and he was disappointed that all three were merely Gold Grade ones.

They were Zhuxuan Sword, Python Sword, and Cursed Flame Sword

Other than that, he did not even receive a single sword technique. It was very unlucky of him.

Fortunately, another soul of the Ancient God Sword awakened. Its name was Emperor Canghai.

His power had also increased tremendously.

This day.

Zhou Xuanji gathered all his disciples and gave a motivational speech.

All the disciples were looking at him fervently.

The person who stood before them was the world’s second powerful cultivator, the most powerful sword cultivator today, as well as an unprecedented genius!

”Right now, we have 80 second-generation disciples and 334 third generation disciples. We are close to creating our sect, and you guys will be pioneers and the pillars of Emperor Sword Court’s future!” Zhou Xuanji said with a smile. His first sentence caught everyone’s attention.

Emperor Sword Court!

Such a domineering name!

The reason for this name was because Zhou Xuanji was named Sword Emperor. Also, he wanted to follow the legends of Huaxia.

Legends had it that the ancient Heavenly Emperor held a heavenly court on Buzhou Divine Mountain. And now, wouldn’t it be great for him to create Emperor Sword Court on Skyfall?

He wanted Emperor Sword Court to reign supreme in the world. He wanted it to become the most powerful Sanctum and for their Fate to last forever!

”Emperor Sword Court. Good name!”

”From today onwards, we are from Emperor Sword Court!”

”Haha, I really look forward to the official opening of our sect.”

”I love it!”

”When can the sect officially open?”

The disciples discussed excitedly. Even Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, Chongming Demon Monarch, Lin Changge, and the others joined the discussion.

Zhou Xuanji continued to speak, “There’s still some time before the grand opening. In the future, Emperor Sword Court will establish Xuanji Sword Library, Ten-thousand Swords House, Skyfall Inner Court, and other subordinate forces. They are to guard our energy techniques, swords, and resources. A principled bureaucracy is needed for proper management, so people holding different positions will enjoy different levels of welfare. Cultivate well, and Jinghong will take note of your performances and allocate your positions.”

”A thousand years later, Emperor Sword Court will reign over empires like Canghai Ziggurat and Dongyuan Monastery.”

”At that time, I shall become the top cultivator in the world, and you shall become the disciples of the most powerful Sanctum!”

His tone roused the emotions of his audience, and their blood-boiled with excitement.

Even Xiao Jinghong and the others were looking forward to it.

Meng Tianlang, with a sword in hand, thought to himself, ‘I must become the sharpest sword in Emperor Sword Court!’

Zhou Xuanji treated him well by teaching him profound sword techniques, even comparable to his personal disciples. Meng Tianlang was filled with gratitude toward Zhou Xuanji and had already integrated into Skyfall.

After that, Zhou Xuanji asked the second-generation disciples to teach the third generation disciples the sword formation so that they could build relationships.

Only after they began to practice the sword did Zhou Xuanji leave with his trusted companions.

When they reached the peak, Lin Changge reported to him the situation.

”The Sword Saint appeared and shook the world. Countless people swarmed Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain and wanted to cultivate under him,” Lin Changge said with a deep voice. If he had not submitted himself to Zhou Xuanji, he might be heading toward Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain as well.

Now, he could only sense trouble and looked at Shi Shenzong with hostility.

”It’s okay. Let him continue to develop,” Zhou Xuanji said as he smiled calmly.

”The more powerful Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain, the more rewards we will have when we defeat them,” he said.

The little black snake asked curiously as he spat his forked-tongue, “Shi Shenzong did not offend Yang Di?”

He was looking forward to Shi Shenzong thrashing Yang Di.

Lin Changge shook his head and said, “Ever since his revival, he did not leave Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain. He might need some time to recover since he was only revived a short time ago.”