I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 306 - Chapter 306 Situation in the World

Chapter 306 - Chapter 306 Situation in the World


Zhou Xuanji brought the children back into the village.

Among those children, two of them came from this village, and their parents burst out in joyful tears when they saw them.

Zhou Xuanji gathered the rest of the villagers together and told them about his arrangement.

Initially, when they heard that Zhou Xuanji was going to protect them, they were agitated, hoping that Zhou Xuanji could kill Zhuang Huisheng.

However, when they heard about Tiger Monarch Fudi, they fell into silence.

“We will listen to Immortal Sword Emperor’s arrangement. Even if that demon is dead, there would be other demons. It’s better for them to protect us. Moreover, he’s not the one who ate our children. Tiger Monarch Fudi is the one who deserved to die,” the old village chief stood with his walking stick and said with a trembling voice.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “I’m going to teach you a sword technique, try to learn as much as you can. After that, it will depend on yourselves. If in the future you can fend for yourselves and you want to learn the sword, you can come to Skyfall. Remember, you must at least reach Astral Infant to come to Skyfall, else you will die on the way.”

The villagers heard him and were exhilarated.

The blacksmiths forged many iron swords. Although they were ordinary weapons, they were sufficient for them to train the sword.

In the next five days, Zhou Xuanji taught Vibrant Raindrops Sword to the villagers as he healed himself.

The White Crane Sword Technique was too low-leveled. It was hardly effective in this area.

He only needed one person to be able to learn it.

The children who he saved continued to stay in the village because they did not have the energy to find their ways home.

He was getting ready to leave today.

But he was stopped by a tanned teenager.

The teenager knelt before him again and said with gritted teeth, “I want to cultivate. Senior immortal, please take me as your disciple. If not, please take me as your slave, as long as you will bring me along.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him. He had an impression of the teenager.

This brat was the most hardworking villager in practicing the sword. However, it was a pity that his talent in the Sword’s Way could not make it.

He smiled and threw out a book in a blue cover.

“Brat, do you know my standard for taking in people?”

He said with a smile, “Tens of thousands of people failed to meet the requirements. I see your determination in cultivation. I give you this technique for internalizing Qi. Hopefully, we are fated to meet again.”

After that, he transformed into a stream of sword light, flying toward the horizon.

The tanned teenager picked up the energy technique. His eyes were filled with determination.

“Immortal Sword Emperor, I, Su Han, will stand before you one day so that you will acknowledge me! I will become a sword cultivator as powerful as you!”

Skyfall was in the south of the Northern Wilderness Region. Zhou Xuanji took about half a month to return to Skyfall.

He activated the Qi Obscuring Incantation and transformed into a silver sword, hiding his body as he shuttled through the forest.

The second-generation disciples were training hard on the mountain shoulder. This pleased him.

The Four Mountain-Guarding Kings were napping as usual.

Coming to the peak, Daoya Old Man was teaching Jiang Xue the way of divination, but the girl could not pay attention to him.

“Sigh. You can’t go on like this. You need to concentrate,” Daoya Old Man sighed helplessly.

He wanted to reprimand her, but he could not do so.

She did not do it without reason after all.

Jiang Xue frowned but remained silent.

“Our master is back!”

Zhou Xiaoqi cried out excitedly out of a sudden, which gathered everyone.

Zhou Xuanji was shocked in his heart. How did this guy know he was here.

Zhaocong Sword appeared before Zhou Xiaoqi out of nowhere and asked with a deep voice, “Where is our master?”

Jiang Xue scanned her surroundings, pleasantly surprised. However, she found no traces of him.

At this moment, he was hiding behind the rocks and did not jump out straight away.


Meng Tianlang opened his eyes wide and scanned around with his mind, but he still could not sense Zhou Xuanji’s presence.

“I really sensed it,” Zhou Xiaoqi said.

Jiang Xue’s smile froze as tears welled up in her eyes.

Seeing that she was about to cry, Zhou Xuanji sighed in his heart before flying out.


A silver sword soared into the sky and drew a perfect parabola before transforming into human form and landing in front of Jiang Xue.

“I’m back!” He opened his arms and said with a smile.

Jiang Xue was stunned, and the others were too.

Next, she jumped into his arms and began sobbing.

Meanwhile, the others cheered.

Ever since Zhou Xuanji left, Skyfall had felt lifeless.

Everyone was worried about his safety.

If he were to die, this party would surely disband.

After comforting Jiang Xue, Zhou Xuanji told them about what he went through.

After knowing that Great Emperor Heartless had reappeared, Daoya Old Man was greatly shocked.

Only he had heard about the legends of Great Emperor Heartless.

“Legends have it that ninety thousand years ago, Great Emperor Heartless ruled the world. There were three other Great Emperors subordinated to him, yet he had no desires for authority. He often traveled across the world without a care.”

“Among all the powerhouses since a hundred thousand years ago, Great Emperor Heartless can be considered to be in the top ten,” Daoya Old Man sighed. He did not expect someone this powerful to appear in the human world again.

Three Great Emperors under his authority?

Zhou Xuanji blinked. He seemed to have offended the wrong person.

After that, he continued to speak.

When Daoya Old Man heard that the daughter of Emperor Xia was still alive, he was shocked again.

“Old Mother Wan’E? That was an ancient devil. She was the daughter of Emperor Xia indeed. But because of her identity, humans could not kill her so they sealed her, and now she has escaped the seal.”

He was struck with fear. The legend about Old Mother Wan’E made him shudder.

The others looked at each other in dismay. Although they had not heard about Great Emperor Heartless and Old Mother Wan’E, they could sense Daoya Old Man’s fear for them. They could imagine that they were really horrifying.

“Don’t worry,” Zhou Xuanji said with a smile, “I have already suppressed Old Mother Wan’E.”

After that, he flipped his right hand, and a blood bead appeared in his palm.

“Brat, release me or else I…”

Before Old Mother Wan’E could finish speaking, Zhou Xuanji put her back into the Tianxia map again.

The group was stunned.

Daoya Old Man was stupefied.

He did not expect such a powerful being to be subdued by Zhou Xuanji.

“After this, let’s focus on cultivation. The first batch of disciples will be dispatched back into society in a few days.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled as he got up. The appearance of Great Emperor Heartless, Tian, and Old Mother Wan’E made him realize that the world was about to change.

Everyone agreed and were dismissed, disseminating the news about Zhou Xuanji’s return.

Zhou Xuanji and Jiang Xue returned to their hut alone.

He only left the hut after four hours.

He came to the cliffside, took out the bronze dagger, and channeled his spirit energy into the dagger.

Soon, an image appeared with an unclear face. But from the look of it, one could know that it was Daoseeker.

“What’s the matter? I have something to tell you as well,” Daoseeker asked. Zhou Xuanji revealed what happened to himself before asking Daoseeker to analyze the situation of the world in the future.

After hearing him, Daoseeker was silent.

After a long while.

He sighed, “Such a massive set up! It was intended to restore the world to its prosperous state twenty thousand years ago. Whoever is scheming this must be a great deal to have such influence and power. Even for people in the Upper Realm, it would be a greatly difficult plan to execute.”

The reincarnation of Great Emperor Heartless was too timely.

So was Old Mother Wan’E. She should have been revived a long time ago, so why now?