I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 305 - The Daughter of Emperor Xia

Chapter 305 - The Daughter of Emperor Xia


Chapter 305: Chapter 305 The Daughter of Emperor Xia

Zhou Xuanji threw the bead with his full strength, and the bead turned into a sharp projectile, penetrating the silhouette before crashing into the cave wall. The impact shook the entire cave.

Next, he used Universal Attraction to pull the blood bead back into his hand.

The whole process was within one breath’s time, so both Old Mother Wan’E and the person in the shadows could not react in time.

Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand and pulled the person in the shadows over again.

He clasped his hand over the shadowy person’s neck so tightly that the latter could only struggle to no avail.

With World Reincarnation around, Zhou Xuanji did’t fear sneak attacks.

“Tell me, what’s your background?” Zhou Xuanji asked indifferently. This person looked like a shadow, but his body was not ethereal. It was very odd.

“I’m Old Mother’s… subordinate, Ghost General Zhanyang… I advise you not to act recklessly… The Old Mother holds the Fate of the human race. If she were to be destroyed, Great Xia would be overturned, and the entire human race might be wiped out,” the shadowy person said with gritted teeth. His voice was filled with fear.

Zhou Xuanji laughed coldly, “You are trying to bluff? Such an evil being that eats only children holds the Fate of humankind? Your Old Mother only taught you to speak nonsense?”

Ghost General Zhanyang heard him and became anxious immediately.

He could sense Zhou Xuanji’s murderous intent.

“Old Mother was the princess of the first Great Fate Empire of the human race. She’s the daughter of Emperor Xia, but she became a ghost for the sake of humankind’s Fate. If it were not for her, the human race would have already been wiped out. So what if she eats some children? Come to think about it, she is your ancestor!” Ghost General Zhanyang said anxiously. Hearing his words, Zhou Xuanji looked at him coldly.

Why does this sound like he’s cursing me?

Is he really speaking the truth about the identity of Old Mother Wan’E?

The first Great Fate Empire of the human race, as he remembered, was Great Xia.

This was similar to the Huaxia history in his own world.

However, the historical background was totally different.

Great Xia was born into a period where the demons reigned supreme. Emperor Xia was considered the most powerful human emperor, and it was he who led the fellow humans to conquer the world, establishing humans as the ruling race.

Emperor Xia had already ascended a long time ago.

If he were to be still alive now, how terrifying would his cultivation be?

The Hegemon Sword Emperor could observe the Northern Wilderness Region with his. Emperor Xia should be able to do even more.

If he were to kill Old Mother Wan’E, it would be great trouble for him after he ascended.

If what Ghost General Zhanyang said was the truth, killing the Old Mother would be severing humanity’s Fate and could even cause the human race to be wiped out totally.

Hold on!

Why should I think so far ahead?

Determination returned to Zhou Xuanji’s eyes as he asked coldly, “Since she’s so important, why is she residing within the demon race? Isn’t she worried that the demons will destroy her to wipe out the humans?”

Don’t tell me that you think that the most dangerous place is the safest place.

“The most dangerous place is the safest. The demons would never imagine that the Old Mother would be hiding within demon territory,” Ghost General Zhanyang snorted. His tone sounded as though he was smarter.

Zhou Xuanji fell into silence.

He suddenly realized something. It was no wonder that Old Mother Wan’E had hidden herself here for so long and had yet to revive.

How many years had it been since Great Xia?

Ten thousand years?

More than that!

History could not tell how long it had been accurately. He only knew that the first Great Fate Empire, Great Xia, existed a long time ago.

“Brat, I see that you are young and possess the Tianxia Map. You are qualified to become the next Human Emperor. If you help me revive, I will give you the position of Emperor Xia. At that time, you shall surpass ten thousand years of predecessors and accomplish the heavenly position of Human Emperor. As long as the human race is not destroyed, you will not die!”

Old Mother Wan’E snorted coldly. Her tone reminded Zhou Xuanji of someone.

Dragon Pride Hua.

These two old demonic women both talked with such arrogance.

“You want to bewitch me?” Zhou Xuanji said with disdain, “I already tried this method when I was recruiting my sword slave. ”

After that, he sucked the soul inside the blood bead into the Tianxia Map straightaway.

He suddenly remembered that Huangquan Drake King’s soul was also inside the Tianxia Map. He almost forgot about him.

With his willpower, he killed Huangquan Drake King instantly.

Although they were of a different race, it worried Zhou Xuanji that the remnants of a man and a woman residing in the same place might do some wild things.

“You… You killed Old Mother…”

Ghost General Zhanyang said with a trembling voice. He was so angry that he almost broke down.

“Yes, I killed her,” Zhou Xuanji said mockingly, “What can you do?”

This guy was rather interesting. He had a sense of humorous seriousness in him.


Ghost General Zhanyang was raging.

“I will kill myself!”

He shrieked and instantly exploded.


Zhou Xuanji activated World Reincarnation and was not harmed at all. But the entire cave shook violently.

He was very speechless but wasted no time. He disappeared on the spot and went to save those children.

Ghost General Zhanyang was at the Great Realization stage. The explosion of his soul caused the entire peak to crumble.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji flew out of the mountain with dozens of children.

Just when they left the mountain, the thousands of meters high mountain collapsed. The dust that was swept up covered the sky.

Demon Monarch Gulan and Zhou Xuanji were aghast. How long had it been since Zhou Xuanji had gone in, and now the entire mountain was blown off?

Zhou Xuanji flew over on his sword. The children behind him were crying so loudly that they sounded like an army.

The crying gave him a headache. He stared at Demon Monarch Gulan and his son and said, “The villages nearby are under Sword Court’s protection, and one of them is the home of one of Sword Court’s disciples. If you want to rule the forest nearby, do you understand what to do?”

Demon Monarch Gulan and Zhuang Huisheng heard him and were excited.

“Sword Emperor, please be rest assured. With us around, I will not let them suffer!”

Demon Monarch Gulan patted his own chest and promised while Zhuang Huisheng nodded along.

With a smile, Zhou Xuanji left with the children.

Looking at his back, the father and son fell into deep silence.

After a long while.

Zhuang Huisheng sighed in amazement, “Father, I feel that the future belongs to him and Yang Di. The two will fight for sure. Once Yang Di ascends, the world will belong to the Sword Emperor.”

Demon Monarch Gulan nodded and said, “The world may already belong to him even before Yang Di ascends.”

He believed that Zhou Xuanji’s talent was unprecedented.

Heaven’s might reigned over the sky. Under the billowing thunder clouds stood numerous high peaks.

These peaks were erected straight up into the sky like spikes on the ground. The mountain ranges covered thousands of miles like a soil-colored forest.

Countless swords of all fashions stood on each peak.

Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain

This used to be the Sanctum of the Sword’s Way in the Northern Wilderness Region.

On the edge of the Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain, the man in a woven rush raincoat stood at the cliff, looking toward the Divine Mountain ahead of him.

He was still wearing a bamboo hat and veiled his face.

“The Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain, Shishen Sect, you were so awesomely powerful. You should not have fallen here. I shall allow you to be reborn so that the name of the Sword Saint will shake the world and all history again!” The man in woven rush raincoat mumbled to himself as he raised his right hand slowly.

A snake-like golden beam came from within his sleeve and transformed into a golden dragon. The dragon flew to the airspace above the Ten-thousand Swords Divine Mountain and swiftly grew into an enormous divine dragon before exploding instantly into many sparkles that rained down.