I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 304 - Chapter 304 Someone More Powerful Than Tian

Chapter 304 - Chapter 304 Someone More Powerful Than Tian


Chapter 304: Chapter 304 Someone More Powerful Than Tian

“Tiger Monarch Fudi, right? Get over here now!”

Zhou Xuanji ignored Zhou Xuanji’s sight and cried out.

His voice reverberated across the skies, shaking the forest and shocking the demons who were rushing down.

Looking at the dozens of legendary swords dominating in the mid-air, they were so afraid that their souls almost dissipated.

“So many swords, could he be Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji?”

“What? Impossible! Why would Zhou Xuanji come here?”

“Oh, no… The Sword Emperor is here… Run!”

“Even the Sovereign died in his hands. We won’t stand a chance!”

“So many swords, who else can do it other than the Sword Emperor?”

The demons cried out in fear, and each lost their motivation to fight. They backed off and did not dare to draw closer to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was someone who struck the most fear to the demon race, and even Yang Di could not compare to him.

The demons in the top ten rankings of the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred were all killed by him.

In other words, Zhou Xuanji destroyed the most powerful cultivators in the demon race by himself.

Cold sweat covered Zhuang Huisheng’s face. Is this how domineering the Sword Emperor was?

His words were enough to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies.

Roooaarrrr —

A tiger’s roar shook the sky.

Next, a wave of demonic wind flew out from the peak. As the demonic wind dissipated, a muscular demon with a tiger head and a human body appeared. His fur was black, making his tiger head give off a baleful aura.

It was Tiger Monarch Fudi!

He looked at Zhou Xuanji furiously but did not dare to speak a word.

“Zhou Xuanji,” he said with gritted teeth, “What do you want? I have never offended you!”

Zhou Xuanji looked at the tiger demon indifferently and said, “That village saved my life, but you snatched so many boys and girls from there. It’s time that you pay with your life.”

After that, all the legendary swords shot toward Tiger Monarch Fudi.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Each sword was enveloped by a dragon-shaped sword Qi and looked magnificent. The tiger demon drew out his two axes and dodged immediately.

Zhou Xuanji’s hands were relaxed but still holding the Holy Light Redemption Sword in a reverse grip. He watched the battle indifferently.

Now, he did not need to take a Ninth Rank great demon seriously.

Even if he had yet to recover from his injuries, he had the confidence to kill the demon.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji suppress the tiger demon without attacking personally, all the demons cried out in awe.

“Too powerful…”

Zhuang Huisheng swallowed his saliva and began to plan in his heart.

He was searching for a way for Zhou Xuanji to forgive him.

He thought about that village and had an idea immediately.

Far away, a blue-robed man stood in the forest, followed by dozens of great demons.

That person was Zhuang Huisheng’s father, Demon Monarch Gulan.

In human form, he looked rather elegant. It was very difficult for ordinary people to recognize that he was a demon.

He stared at Zhou Xuanji as his forehead was covered in a cold sweat.

“Such power…”

He was greatly confused. How could Zhou Xuanji become so powerful when he had only cultivated less than forty years.

The Tianxia Map?


Even so, it was too great a shock to the demons.

His thoughts were the same as Zhuang Huisheng’s. He also began to think about how to remove the grudge Zhou Xuanji had with him.

At this moment, the Ancient God Sword conjured the souls of two powerhouses.

Saber Monarch Donghai!

Demon Lord Ruyuan!

The two powerhouses slammed their palms on Tiger Monarch Fudi’s chest.


Blood sprayed from the tiger demon’s mouth as he fell crashed straight into the forest.

The Frost Abyss Spirit Gatherer spun with extreme speed. It descended from the sky and penetrated beneath the earth. In an instant, a wave of cold Qi pervaded the area and froze the forest in a radius of a thousand meters.

The powerful Tiger Monarch Fudi was already turned into an ice statue and could no longer move.

He struggled with his best to break out of the ice.

At this moment, the Flowing Color Sword penetrated his chest.


Tiger Monarch Fudi cried out miserably, which made all the demons shudder.

Zhou Xuanji flew up to him and pressed his right hand on the surface of the ice before he began to absorb the tiger demon’s demonic energy.

Soon, Tiger Monarch Fudi shrieked no more.

Frozen in ice, the tiger demon looked at Zhou Xuanji with rage and hatred. He wanted to tear Zhou Xuanji into pieces.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji looked at him dying with a blank expression.

When his demonic energy was sucked dry, the ice around him disappeared. It was as though a downpour had just suddenly occurred as the ice melted away.

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword and walked up to the peak that Tiger Monarch Fudi was residing at.

He wanted to see what treasure he had.

Zhuang Huisheng gritted his teeth but did not follow Zhou Xuanji. He chose to wait on the spot.

Soon, his father, Demon Monarch Gulan, flew over.

“What’s happening?” Demon Monarch Gulan said.

How did Zhuang Huisheng bring such a killer over?

Zhuang Huisheng smiled bitterly and told his father everything.

He was also confused about why Zhou Xuanji would appear in this region.

At the same time.

Zhou Xuanji flew into the mountain creeks and entered a cave.

He scanned the entire peak with his mind and found silhouettes of many children. There were countless corpses as though it was hell in the human world.

His arrival drove out all the demons on the mountain, so he was not in a hurry to save those children.

Soon, he came to a cave that was lit up by a faint purple light. A human-sized flower was seen near the cave wall in front of him. The flower was about to blossom and was wavering along with the wind.

This flower was so charmingly beautiful.

A wave of faint fragrance pervaded the cave.

Zhou Xuanji immediately held his breath and stopped himself from smelling the fragrance.

Looking down along the red flower, some bones could be seen underneath the flower that seemed to belong to children.

He walked up to the red flower and was prepared to cut it down with the Windcutter Sword.

At this moment.

The red flower blossomed. Its petal transformed into a bloodied mouth that tried to bite him.

Zhou Xuanji used Sword Qi Soar straightaway. Sword Qi shot out from his body and shredded the flower into pieces.

He frowned slightly. Could this flower be a unique treasure?

He looked closely and noticed a nail-sized crimson bead at where the flower was. Its color resembled that of blood.

“Mortal, I suggest you leave this place. Don’t disturb me, or else I shall suck out your soul. I don’t care which Tribulation Scatter Immortal you are, you shall be trapped forever,” an icy female voice that was a little hoarse could be heard. It was as though an old lady was speaking.

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes and asked, “Reveal your name. You are so arrogant, don’t tell me you are more powerful than Tian?”

She didn’t even take a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal seriously.

Could it be some ancient powerhouse hiding here?

“Tian? Humph, you really know a lot. If I were at my peak condition, even Tian would have to avoid me.”

“If I were to reveal my title, I’m afraid your liver will explode from fear!”

“My name is Old Mother Wan’E.”

The icy voice came from the blood bead, which shocked Zhou Xuanji.

Old Mother…

Zhou Xuanji was at a loss. He had never heard of her before.

He was too lazy to argue and activated World Reincarnation. A purple Taichi Diagram appeared before he stretched out his left hand and took hold of the blood bead.

Just as he expected, shockwaves of spirit energy came from the blood bead but were reflected by World Reincarnation.

“World Reincarnation! How can it be!” Old Mother Wan’E cried out in horror as though she had encountered her arch-nemesis.

At this moment, a silhouette appeared in the shadows near them, and his face was unrecognizable. He looked at Zhou Xuanji furiously and cried out, “Let my Old Mother go!”

Hearing him, Zhou Xuanji threw the blood bead over straightaway and cursed, “Go to hell with your Old Mother!”