I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 303 - The Power of the Sword Emperor

Chapter 303 - The Power of the Sword Emperor


Chapter 303: Chapter 303 The Power of the Sword Emperor

On the mountain top.

Zhuang Huisheng sat on his jeweled chair, surrounded by four demons in human form. His face was fierce and stern, giving off a bale aura.

He was Demon Monarch Gulan’s son. Back then, when Zhou Xuanji was subduing Beixiao Wangjian, he encountered Zhuang Huisheng, who invaded the empire to catch Princess Xuanya.

Zhou Xuanji became greatly reputed in Great Zhou after defeating him.

At the foot of the mountain, some villages faced the blue ocean.

At this moment, villagers gathered and knelt before the hill, looking at Zhuang Huisheng.

“Oh King, we have only a few boys and girls left in the village. Can we exchange something else?” The old villager chief asked carefully. Fear was all over his face.

He prayed in his heart for the immortal to help them.

However, Zhou Xuanji was still recovering from his injury, so the village chief did not dare to reveal it. If Zhou Xuanji could not defeat the demon, their village would be destroyed.

Zhuang Huisheng looked down on him and said coldly, “Am I not merciful enough to ask for a boy and girl every half a year? If I were another demon king, they would have already been eaten up.”


A bolt of lightning struck down from the dark clouds. Streaks of lightning shined brightly behind Zhuang Huisheng, covering his face with a shadow before lighting it up again. This made Zhuang Huisheng even more horrifying.

“I will count to ten. If you don’t hand over a boy and girl less than six years old, I will kill all of you today,” Zhuang Huisheng said coldly with impatience.

If not for the sparse population in the region along the sea, he would have already slaughtered the village.

“Yo, the son of the Demon Monarch has such a bad temper.”

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji’s laughter came, attracting everyone’s attention.

Zhuang Huisheng was stunned.

Zhou Xuanji walked out from a wooden hut with a tanned teenager. He put on a brand new white shirt and held the Holy Light Redemption Sword with a reverse grip. The blade rested against his arm tightly as the edge cut through his skin slightly.

“It’s you!”

Zhuang Huisheng was so frightened that he immediately prepared to flee.

“Stop!” Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly.

Zhuang Huisheng froze in fear as though he was struck by lightning.

He shuddered and trembled in fear.

The other four demons were also frightened. Although they did not know Zhou Xuanji, a person that could frighten Zhuang Huisheng so much must be very powerful.

The villagers were all dumbfounded.

The presence of the immortal could strike so much fear into these demons?

“Come down,” Zhou Xuanji said coldly.

Zhuang Huisheng turned around stiffly and flew down the mountain in trembles. He walked up to Zhou Xuanji and did not dare to look at Zhou Xuanji.

He used to hate Zhou Xuanji’s guts.

But ever since Zhou Xuanji killed Huangquan Drake King, Jihuang Demon Lord, and Nether Ghost, he no longer hated him.

He only feared that such a powerful cultivator would remember him again.

If Zhou Xuanji were to come at him, even his father wouldn’t be able to save him.

“Why are you so pathetic that you have to eat boys and girls?”

Zhou Xuanji patted Zhuang Huisheng and asked, laughing. But his laughter was filled with murderous intent, which gave Zhuang Huisheng shivers down his spine.

The Demon Monarch’s son knelt down with a loud thump. Cold sweat covered his face as he said with gritted teeth, “Sword Emperor… It’s not that I want to eat them… I had no other choice.

Sword Emperor!

The villagers were greatly shocked. They had no idea about the happenings in the Northern Wilderness Region since they were isolated, so they only felt a sense of awe.

In their eyes, Zhuang Huisheng was someone undefeatable. But before Zhou Xuanji, this undefeatable enemy acted like a dog.

The tanned teenager clasped his fists and shivered in excitement.

So domineering!

He must ask to become his disciple!

“Oh? Tell me about it,” Zhou Xuanji asked. He was not in a hurry to kill Zhuang Huisheng.

This guy’s cultivation had already reached the pinnacle of Fifth Rank. It was a great improvement compared to the past, but he was still an ant in Zhou Xuanji’s eyes.

Even if he had yet to heal from his injuries, he could kill the demon easily.

For the sake of survival, Zhuang Huisheng had to tell the truth.

What happened was that, after the demons were defeated, Demon Monarch Gulan had to retreat with his subordinates. They were too close to Great Zhou, and now that the world’s second hailed from Great Zhou, how could they not feel fear?

To focus on cultivation, they took a long journey.

All the good places in the demons’ territory were occupied by powerful demons. They only settled down along the eastern region near the sea after a long and difficult journey. But a Ninth Rank great demon resided here as well. That demon was extremely powerful and forced them to gather boys and girls or else he would either kill or banish them.

“That demon seemed to have obtained some kind of treasure, so he needed the blood of extreme Yin and Yang to nurture,” Zhuang Huisheng muttered. His voice waned as he reached the end, as though he was extremely afraid.

Zhou Xuanji understood his intention. He wanted Zhou Xuanji’s help to kill the Ninth Rank demon.

“You want my help to kill him?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with squinted eyes, but Zhuang Huisheng dared not answer.

After that, he straightaway asked Zhuang Huisheng to lead the way.

If he were to kill Zhuang Huisheng and the other Ninth Rank great demon, there would be another demon that bullied the village in the future.

He already had a plan in his heart.

Zhuang Huisheng was greatly surprised and led the way excitedly.

Looking at them leaving, the villagers burst out in a huge commotion.

“The Immortal is so powerful!”

“What Immortal, he’s the Sword Emperor!”

“Sword Emperor? Such a mighty title. Is he the most powerful person in the world?”

“That’s for sure. He fell from such a high place and did not die.”

“We are finally saved.”

The villagers discussed excitedly. Some even hugged together as they cried.

Those who cried were those who had lost their children.

The tanned teenager looked up and was in a daze for a long time.

In the air.

Zhuang Huisheng stood on his demonic cloud while Zhou Xuanji listened to his introduction silently.

That Ninth Rank great demon was Tiger Monarch Fudi. He hid within the demon race for a long time and had to retreat to the seaside after the demons were defeated. He only felt safe staying at the place furthest from the human race.

Demon Monarch Gulan had already given his allegiance to Tiger Monarch Fudi.

After passing by some forests, they arrived at a high mountain.

This mountain looked like two mountains combined together as there was a depression in the middle. There were many caves and valleys.

Many flying demons circled around in the air, and many great demons in human form were cultivating in the mountainous forest. Demonic Qi concentrated at this place, veiling the sunlight.

“Later, I will pretend…”

Zhuang Huisheng spoke to Zhou Xuanji softly and was going to tell him the plan.

Zhou Xuanji concentrated his sight, and the Thunderclap Sword appeared on his head before shooting towards the mountain straight away. Zhuang Huisheng’s sentence was only halfway done.

The Thunderclap Sword bombarded the mountain like a lightning strike. Soil flew into the air, and countless rock fragments were propelled into all directions.

All the demons on the mountain were shocked, and all kinds of cries could be heard.

“Enemy attack!”

“What’s happening?”

“Everyone, be careful! Prepare for battle!”

“Who is that?”

“That side!”

Countless demons charged out from the forest toward Zhou Xuanji.

Numerous legendary swords appeared and shot out with extreme speed. The throats of demons were slashed one after another. Blood splattered across the sky as dead bodies fell.

Zhuang Huisheng stood beside Zhou Xuanji, shuddering.

He knew what it meant for Zhou Xuanji to be the world’s second. But he only felt the awesomeness after witnessing it personally.

He glanced at Zhou Xuanji with his peripheral sight and saw Zhou Xuanji’s calm and indifferent look. He was aghast.

“He might be able to turn the demon race upside down just by himself.”