I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 301 - Perish Together. Immortal Descends.

Chapter 301 - Perish Together. Immortal Descends.


Chapter 301: Chapter 301 Perish Together. Immortal Descends.

Hearing Xuanyuan Zhou’s words, Zhou Xuanji’s expression changed slightly.

Oh no!

Just when he was about to attack, a beam of light shined on Xuanyuan Zhou. Next, Xuanyuan Zhou’s body began visibly healing.

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart. He was cheating!

How could he fight him like that?

He kept asking for help from Heaven. Did that mean he was unkillable?

Without hesitation, Zhou Xuanji slashed toward him again.

Although this slash was not as domineering, it was still extremely powerful.


The sound of metals clashing came, and Zhou Xuanji’s face froze.

Xuanyuan Zhou raised his right hand and blocked the sword with a bare hand.

“How can it be…”

Zhou Xuanji was aghast. Damn, can you be more overpowered?

Xuanyuan Zhou’s expression became extremely cold. His sight penetrated the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and stared fixedly at Zhou Xuanji.

“Zhou Xuanji,” he said coldly, “You are very powerful, and you are even more talented than the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way. You are really qualified to become the Sword Emperor of this generation. However, your enemy is Heaven. The one who created all things. You will not defeat me.”

“Just pray that you will not be born with Monarchial Qi in your next life, or else you will end up dying by my hands again.”

After that, he struck the golden legendary swords into pieces with his palm. The shockwave from his palm strike clashed into the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and dispersed it. Zhou Xuanji flew away as he vomited blood. His body rotated uncontrollably as he fell toward the ground.

Xuanyuan Zhou grasped the air with his hand and stopped Zhou Xuanji from falling.

This sudden stop caused Zhou Xuanji great pain, and it was as though his internal organs were clashing together. It was a horrible feeling.

Xuanyuan Zhou’s eyes turned even more fierce. A blade of light appeared in front of him, and he was preparing to end Zhou Xuanji’s life.

At this moment!

Someone appeared behind his back.

It was Great Emperor Heartless, Baihao Yixin. His face was extremely, and an intertwining dragon and a phoenix was on his forehead.

His right hand thrust out with lightning speed and penetrated Xuanyuan Zhou’s chest. In an instant, Xuanyuan Zhou’s body froze.

“Heartless…” Xuanyuan Zhou’s expression changed as he spoke with a trembling voice.

He lost his grasp on Zhou Xuanji, and the latter fell straight down.

Blood could be seen at the corner of Baihao Yixin’s lips. He grinned and said, “Compared with Tian from before, you are so weak. Yet you dared to kill This Emperor?”

“Go and die!”

The two people suddenly radiated a blue light. Strips of light pattern appeared in the sky and coiled around Xuanyuan Zhou.

Zhou Xuanji, who was falling down, opened his eyes wide. This guy didn’t die from the fall?

He continued to fall.

It was best for the both of them to perish together!

“Great Emperor Heartless, your talent is really incomparable. But it’s a pity that you are only in a reincarnated body…” Xuanyuan Zhou did not lose his composure as he spoke coldly.

“Even so, let us perish together. Heaven will revive me, but you won’t even have a chance to be reincarnated.”

Baihao Yixin heard him and was shocked.

Before he could speak, Xuanyuan Zhou exploded himself.


Beneath them, Zhou Xuanji could only feel a shockwave coming at him from the heavens above. The shock wave tore his clothing, and blood splattered from his mouth again. His falling speed increased tremendously.

“What the…”

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart, looking horrified. He felt that all his ligaments had broken, and he could not stabilize his body.

If he continued to fall, he would die for sure.

At the same time, the Northern Wilderness Region was awed.

Looking up from the ground, the second sun disappeared, and then there was an explosion. The view was very awesome.


“What is happening?”

“Be careful. It might be a great calamity!”

“This is an omen for an imminent catastrophe!”

“I have a bad feeling,” the people discussed as rumors were born.

In a small village on a mountain along the sea on the east side of the Northern Wilderness Region.

Villagers knelt before a stone platform. They looked pious, and their eyes were fervent.

On the stone platform stood an old priest who had colorful paints on his face. He chanted as he danced oddly.

Three pigs and a cow were laid by the side, along with many fruits.

All the villagers looked at the explosion in the sky.

“Deities protect us, help us get rid of demons, and return peace to our village…”

The old priest waved his hands and chanted with closed eyes.

“Look! Something is falling down!” A young man got up and cried out, pointing toward the sky excitedly.

Everyone looked up and really saw something falling down.

It was Zhou Xuanji.

Seeing that he was about to crash into the ground, Zhou Xuanji was extremely anxious. He was falling at an extremely high speed, and if he continued to do so, he would surely die.

Even if he had Golden Invincibility, he could not handle the pressure of crashing from such a high place.

Numerous legendary swords flew and piled up under his body, trying to help him decelerate.

With gritted teeth, Zhou Xuanji activated the two souls of the Ancient God Sword.

Saber Monarch Donghai and Demon Lord Ruyuan!

The two souls appeared and pressed their hands against his chest to reduce his speed.

His speed dropped greatly.


Zhou Xuanji and his legendary swords crashed into a straw hut, sweeping up waves of dust and shaking the ground.

The instant he fell, Zhou Xuanji quickly stored his swords into the Supreme Storage.

And then, he fainted straightaway.

In the sky.

A silhouette appeared. It was Yang Di.

Looking at the levitating fragments of rock, he frowned slightly.

Because of Xuanyuan Zhou’s suicidal explosion, the Heaven Palace was blasted into pieces, and no traces of Baihao Yixin and Xuanyuan Zhou were left.

“Such a powerful battle aura. Such a powerful person hides within the Northern Wilderness Region?”

“No, could it be Tian?”

Yang Di mumbled to himself, and curiosity could be seen on his face.

He had no fear for mysterious and powerful cultivators: all he held was excitement.

He had been unrivaled for three thousand years and had, therefore, been lonely for three thousand years.

He turned to leave with a smile.

After an hour after his departure, a beam of white light came. Next, a pale-faced Xuanyuan Zhou walked out.

“Great Emperor Heartless…”

Xuanyuan Zhou mumbled to himself as a tinge of fierceness flashed past in his eyes.

Today’s battle had almost killed him, but it also helped him realize that he must never look down on the Great Emperors who used to reign over a generation unrivaled.

He took a deep breath and sat down in the high sky.

He began to condition his Qi flow.

Although he was reborn, he needed a lot of time to recover to his peak condition.

Sometime later.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, and a tender-looking face entered his sight. The face was red, and a string of clear fluid flowed out of his nose, quickly dripping into his mouth.

This is…

Still in a dazzle, Zhou Xuanji thought to himself, ‘Mucus?’

What the!


Zhou Xuanji was so shocked that he turned his head. Just when he tried to get up, a searing pain spread across his body as though it was being torn. He could only move his neck barely.

The little boy sucked the mucus back into his nose and got up, crying out surprisingly, “The Immortal has awoken!”

He leaped out of the wooden hut, leaving Zhou Xuanji on the bed, questioning his life.

Memories gushed into his mind like tidal waves.

A while later.

He recovered his consciousness fully and smiled bitterly.

He had almost died!

Fortunately, Baihao Yixin kept a trump card.

“Sword Spirit, how long have I been here?” Zhou Xuanji asked in his heart. He could feel that the majority of the broken bones and ligaments had already recovered. However, he still needed more time to rest.

“More than a month. The Sword Owner is already thirty-seven years old.”

“Oh? What did I get from the gacha?”