I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 300 - Chapter 300 The Second Sun

Chapter 300 - Chapter 300 The Second Sun


Chapter 300: Chapter 300 The Second Sun

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon charged straight ahead but was blocked by a formless wall, so Zhou Xuanji decided to deactivate the dragon form.

With Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment, he penetrated Xuanyuan Zhou’s chest and pinned him onto the formless wall.

Their eyes met and were filled with murderous intent.

“Such power… Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment? This sword is a guardian treasure, even in the Upper Realm. Where did you get it from? Don’t tell me it’s from the Tianxia Map?”

Xuanyuan Zhou asked with a frown, as though he could feel any pain.

Zhou Xuanji’s heart sank. I can’t kill him even like this?

He jerked his hand and used the Six-path Sword Shadow before slashing with the Six-path Sword Shadow.

Five waves of sword Qi clashed into Xuanyuan Zhou unstoppably.

But it did not cause any damage.

Xuanyuan Zhou was protected by a divine radiance. Other than the Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment in his chest, other legendary swords and moves could hardly hurt him.

Just when Zhou Xuanji wanted to continue, a formless power exploded, and the impact sent him flying off.

Absolute power!

Transcendental power!

Even with Martial Punishment’s power enhancing his body, Zhou Xuanji still felt that his body was about to explode.

Such power!

If not for Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment, he might have been killed instantly.

“I shall let you taste the power of Heaven!” Xuanyuan Zhou looked down and said as he stood high and loftily.

Next, countless beams of light shot out from his body and rained upon Zhou Xuanji.

The speed of these beams exceeded the wind and lighting!

Zhou Xuanji swung his swords quickly to deflect the beams.

At the same time.

The Hades God-slaying Formation completed!

A gigantic black hole appeared. Deafening and horrifying roars could be heard.

Xuanyuan Zhou turned around and recognized this formation.

“Hades God-slaying Formation. I didn’t expect you to even master this formation,” he frowned deeply and said.

This was his first time seeing someone completing the Hades God-slaying Formation alone.

A giant bone hand stretched out from the black hole. Zhou Xuanji looked over with his peripheral sight and was looking forward.

He hoped that it would be a powerful helper.

Soon, a flaming skeleton that was a few hundred meters tall climbed out.

It had a humanlike body covered in flames like an armor.

Two balls of blue flames burned brightly in his eye sockets that resembled his pupils, which made him look hideous and terrifying. It locked its eyes onto Xuanyuan Zhou.


The flaming skeleton charged toward Xuanyuan Zhou with extreme speed, generating blasts of hot air.

Xuanyuan Zhou turned his eyes on the flaming skeleton, and a beam of light shot out like an arrow, bursting the flaming skeleton into pieces.

Fragments of bones scattered across the sky like falling petals.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. It got killed in an instant?


Its entry was so impressive, but it was so useless!

He was infuriated and activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha again. The gigantic sword Buddha hacked and slashed at Xuanyuan Zhou with its thousand hands.

Facing the rapid and frenzied attacks of the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, Xuanyuan Zhou was quickly suppressed because his attack would be reflected by World Reincarnation. It would be like Zhou Xuanji and himself working together to defeat himself. As such, he had to dodge.

“Such power… This brat wasn’t using his full power just now?”

Xuanyuan Zhou was shocked in his heart, and his eyes were fuming with murderous intent.

This brat must die!

He raised both hands and streaks of lightning weaved in his palm with a great pressurizing aura.

Heavenly lightning!

He charged toward Zhou Xuanji with the heavenly lightning.

At this moment.

The Thunderclap Sword was engulfed by the Thunderclap Sword suddenly, and instantly, all of the thousand swords wielded by the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha changed into the shape of the Thunderclap Sword. Heavenly lightning coiled around the blade and hacked toward Xuanyuan Zhou in unison.

“How could it be!”

Xuanyuan Zhou opened his eyes wide. Although he had witnessed Zhou Xuanji using heavenly lightning, he did not know that he could use it to such an extent.

Looking at it again, Zhou Xuanji’s domineering aura when using heavenly lightning was not weaker than him at all.

Zhou Xuanji ignored his astonishment and hacked toward him again.

The Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha domineering aura seemed unstoppable, which could shake the mountains and break the skies!

No matter how agile Xuanyuan Zhou was, he was forced into a pathetic position.

“Xuanyuan Zhou, you are still far from Heaven!”

Zhou Xuanji mocked coldly but felt a little confused in his heart.

Why didn’t the World Fool Sword work against Xuanyuan Zhou?

Could this guy really forsake his emotions totally?

Xuanyuan Zhou did not answer and continued to search for weak points calmly.

The Tianxia Map provided spirit energy for Zhou Xuanji unceasingly, which allowed Zhou Xuanji to use his full power. The golden radiance around his body was becoming even more blinding.

The humans and demons in many areas of the Northern Wilderness Region realized that there were two suns in the sky.

The golden radiance seemed to be moving a little.

What is that?”

“How can there be a second sun?”

“It’s an omen!”

“Would any senior like to go up and take a look?”

“I tried to fly up just now but felt an extremely powerful pressure. If I were to get any closer, I would die.”

“What’s happening? It was there just now.”

Voices of confusion spread across the earth.

Zhou Xuanji had no idea what’s happening below. His eyes were filled with Xuanyuan Zhou.

I must slay this guy today!

Or else, he would die!

The Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha raised all of its giant swords and combined them into one horrifying legendary sword. The Buddha slashed furiously with the gigantic sword that was ten-thousand meters long.

Xuanyuan Zhou could not dodge in time and was hit.


A world-shaking sound of an explosion came along with blinding radiance, which made Zhou Xuanji feel that the heavens and the earth had lost their color.

This slash was with his full power. It was extremely domineering!

Even facing Jihuang Demon Lord, he had the confidence to kill him with this single slash.

On the earth below, countless humans and demons cried out in awe.

From their perspective, it looked as though the second sun had exploded.

At Skyfall.

Jiang Xue, Daoya Old Man, Xiao Jinghong, and the others were worrying about Zhou Xuanji.

“Guys, look!”

Meng Tianlang pointed to a direction and cried in surprise, which caught everyone’s attention.

They saw a golden ball of radiance far away in the sky. At one glance, it looked like a sun.

Daoya Old Man divined instinctively, but he vomited blood before fainting straight away.

On the other side.

While Xian Xianghua was strolling in a forest, she leaped up suddenly into mid-air and looked up.

With squinted eyes, she muttered, “Who is battling… This aura…”

She was shocked in her heart. Could it be Yang Di?

Who is the other person?

When did so many powerhouses appear in the Northern Wilderness Region?

Could it be that some ancient powerhouse had revived?

The Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha stopped as Zhou Xuanji gasped for air.

That slash had fatigued him. If not for the Tianxia Map’s supply of spirit energy, he would have fallen and died.

He looked ahead fixated.

As the smoke dissipated, Xuanyuan Zhou’s appeared slowly. Lightning could be seen faintly around his body.

He was covered in blood, and bones could be seen in his chest. He looked horrified and miserable like a ghost who had climbed out from hell.

His aura became faint and weak as he gasped for air as well.

“Zhou Xuanji… you are powerful indeed… You already have the power to fight a Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal…”

He continued to speak as though he was nearing the end of his life.


“Heaven bestows faith to me, to be fearless against the devil…”