I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 299 - Heavenly Might Versus Martial Punishment Power

Chapter 299 - Heavenly Might Versus Martial Punishment Power


Chapter 299: Chapter 299 – Heavenly Might Versus Martial Punishment Power


Xuanyuan Zhou slowly got up, the killing intent from his eyes becoming denser and denser.

Since he could not use Zhou Xuanji, he would kill him!

“Just like that! Little friend Xuanji, kill him!” Baihao Yixin shouted furiously as he held a hand over his chest.

He did not like Zhou Xuanji, but compared to Tian, Zhou Xuanji’s threat was not as great.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

“I’m very curious. Just what basis do you have to say words like this?” Xuanyuan Zhou softly asked as he looked at Zhou Xuanji, and his gaze fell on Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment.

Could it be this sword?

Zhou Xuanji gripped Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment and a violet eight trigrams diagram appeared on his forehead, causing his aura to become devilish.

Traces of blue flames appeared on his right arm and gradually wrapped around his entire body.

A terrifying aura burst forth from within his body, causing the entire Heavenly Palace to violently tremble.

Baihao Yixin stared with wide eyes, shock written all over his face.

Xuanyuan Zhou tightly frowned and muttered, “This power…”

With an Intimidating Spirit grade sword in his hand, Zhou Xuanji’s confidence greatly increased.

Who could stop him? There was no one in his eyes!

So what if his opponent was Tian?

He’d kill him just the same!

“On what basis? Because I don’t believe in heaven’s will!” Zhou Xuanji proudly laughed. He almost shouted out ‘my destiny belongs to me, not the heavens.’

He stepped forwards with his right foot and slashed out with his sword.

All of his muscles became taut, and his body was like a strung bow, giving off a domineering aura.

Sword qi swept out, and Xuanyuan Zhou instinctively raised his arms to block. An explosion sounded out as the sword qi passed him and shattered the wall of the palace behind him.

All of the pillars within the Heavenly Palace swayed.

Xuanyuan Zhou’s sleeves were in tatters, and his eyes became serious as he said in a low voice, “This sword definitely does not belong in the mortal realm. Where did you get it from?”

Baihao Yixin was completely stupefied.

When that sword strike had slashed out, he had been greatly afraid and alarmed, as if he was facing heavenly might.

What a terrifying sword strike!

“This is my most powerful sword, Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment; it’s especially good for bringing retribution and punishing people like you who play god and are emotionless and ruthless!” Zhou Xuanji said as he coldly harrumphed.

Hearing this, Baihao Yixin felt overwhelmed by emotions; to dare to speak to Tian like this, he felt great admiration towards Zhou Xuanji’s words.

Traces of divine lightning wrapped around Zhou Xuanji’s body, causing him to look like a lightning god who had descended to the world, incredibly overbearing and mighty.

He directly used Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, coming behind Xuanyuan Zhou.


Blood spurted out of Xuanyuan Zhou’s chest, and his expression greatly changed as he inwardly thought, ‘Such speed!’

He knew that he could not hold back.

He spun and struck out with his palm, and Zhou Xuanji blocked with his sword.


The two massive powers clashed together, shaking the Heavenly Palace.

Berserk wind forced Baihao Yixin against a wall, and he was unable to move at all.

He looked at these two people in terror, feeling as if his body was going to explode at any moment.


If he was at his peak, how could he allow them to act so arrogantly?

Xuanyuan Zhou’s body gave off intense light as a pillar of light broke through the ceiling of the palace and fell on his body, causing his aura to increase.

“Heaven’s might is vast and powerful; do you really think you can resist heavenly might with your sword? What qualifications does a mortal have to fight with heaven?” Xuanyuan Zhou roared. He raised his right hand and brilliant light flowed out of his palm, forming a sword of light. The blade of the sword stretched out, piercing through the wind and moving towards Zhou Xuanji’s throat.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha burst out of Zhou Xuanji’s body and instantly integrated with him. 1,000 golden arms appeared from its back, all of them holding different swords as they furiously hacked out.


The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s arms were all knocked aside.

Zhou Xuanji threw out the Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment with his right hand.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

Xuanyuan Zhou’s chest was pierced by the sword, and his body froze.

Baihao Yixin stared, unable to believe his eyes.

Could this boy really defeat Tian?

“Heaven please bestow on me heavenly might to sweep away demons and clear out devils!” Xuanyuan Zhou roared. Another pillar of light descended, shining on his body and causing his aura to once again explode out.

Clones giving off intense light appeared around Zhou Xuanji, surrounding him.

In that moment, Zhou Xuanji could finally sense Xuanyuan Zhou’s spirit energy.

It was incredibly brilliant!

It was more powerful than that of the injured Jihuang Demon Lord, Lu Tiange, and Han Daozi.

In fact, it even made him feel an incredibly strong sense of crisis.

He was wielding an Intimidating Spirit grade sword, and yet he felt great danger; what did this mean?

He did not dare to let down his guard and directly used the Sealing Dream Sword Formation.

Zhou Xuanji’s legendary swords got into formation in front of him, their tips pointing towards Xuanyuan Zhou.

Within two breaths of time, the sword formation was complete.

Zhou Xuanji gripped Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment and stabbed out.

All of the swords gave off sword qi and turned into a hexagram of light, slamming into Xuanyuan Zhou’s body and causing him to stop moving.

“Heaven please bestow upon me glory so I will not be restricted by evil powers!” Xuanyuan Zhou once again yelled. Yet another pillar of light descended, causing the ground beneath his feet to collapse, and the powerful aura caused Baihao Yixin to desperately crawl towards the Heavenly Palace’s doors.

His spirit energy had been sealed by Xuanyuan Zhou, and because he was heavily injured, he could only crawl.


Xuanyuan Zhou suddenly broke free of the Sealing Dream Sword Formation and reached the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha in a single step. His palm slapped out, slamming into Zhou Xuanji’s chest.

So fast!

Only those two words went through Zhou Xuanji’s mind before he felt his organs burn. The heavens and earth seemed to spin as he was blasted through the Heavenly Palace’s wall and fell.

Xuanyuan Zhou slid back from the counter-force, almost flying through the Heavenly Palace’s doors.

He muttered, “World Reincarnation is indeed powerful. It was created by the Divine Lord; no wonder it has been able to sweep across the world for countless ages.”

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji stabilized his body. He was high in the air—above him was a dark, starry sky, looking mysterious and beautiful, while below him was a sea of clouds; he could not see any land.

“This place is…” He felt quite startled; if he fell down from here, would his body shatter?

He looked up, and about 10,000 meters away was a stone palace floating in the air. From the outside, it looked plain and simple, and it was not as glorious as it seemed inside.

Zhou Xuanji watched as Xuanyuan Zhou walked out from the doors, stood on the steps, and looked down at him.

“Zhou Xuanji, I’ll give you one more chance. If you kneel, submit, and become the next Tian, I will allow you to live,” Xuanyuan Zhou said coldly as he looked at Zhou Xuanji.

In this age, there were not many good seeds who could become Tian, and even fewer people who had talent like Zhou Xuanji’s.

“Your elder already said it once, I don’t believe in heaven’s will!” Zhou Xuanji was incredibly annoyed at Xuanyuan Zhou’s tone by now; he seemed certain that Zhou Xuanji was going to die.

Zhou Xuanji directly used his swords to cast the Hades God-slaying Formation.

At the same time, he turned into a golden five-clawed dragon and roared as he rushed at Xuanyuan Zhou.

Xuanyuan Zhou waived his right hand, and a silver saber of light appeared in his hand.

“Since you’re going to stubbornly persist in your errors, you can die!” By the time Xuanyuan Zhou spoke, the five-clawed golden dragon had already reached the bottom of the Heavenly Palace.

The five-clawed golden dragon was 10,000 feet long and gave off an incredibly aggressive aura as if it was a true ancestor dragon.

“Martial Punishment Power!” Zhou Xuanji furiously roared, following which a layer of blue flames appeared around the five-clawed golden dragon, and his speed greatly increased.

In response, Xuanyuan Zhou slashed out with his saber, but in the next second, he was devoured by the five-clawed golden dragon and half of the Heavenly Palace was bitten off as well.

However, Baihao Yixin started to fall as a result.

“Little friend Xuanji! Save me!” He shouted in despair as he quickly disappeared within the sea of clouds.