I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 298 - Chapter 298 – Cold and Ruthless Tian

Chapter 298 - Chapter 298 – Cold and Ruthless Tian


Boom! Boom! Boom…

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha continuously swung its swords without any pattern or rhythm, and Baihao Yixin could not see through its attacks.

Every time he tried to counterattack, his attack would be reflected by World Reincarnation. As he became more and more injured, his speed gradually decreased.

A massive golden sword landed on his body, but it was blocked by his silver armor and helmet, preventing him from being smashed into meat paste.

If this went on, he would definitely lose without a doubt.

“Wait! Zhou Xuanji, there’s no enmity between us! Can’t we talk things out? Can’t you give your senior some face?” Baihao Yixin said as he gnashed his teeth, his heart filled with reluctance.

Before, when he had heard Zhou Xuanji’s name, he had not paid much mind to it.

However, only today did he understand why Zhou Xuanji was able to sit on the seat of second in the world.

He was too powerful!

He had met an owner of the Tianxia Map before, but that person had been too reliant on the World Buddha Art, unlike Zhou Xuanji, who had incredible accomplishments in the Way of the Sword.

He could only endure it for now!

When he obtained his Natal Treasure and obtained his legacy from his previous life, he would settle the score with Zhou Xuanji!

However, Zhou Xuanji did not stop, and the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha continued to wildly slash. Even after smashing him into the ground, it did not stop attacking him.

‘This is Great Emperor Heartless? How weak; no wonder history did not remember his name,’ Zhou Xuanji inwardly thought. His evaluation of Baihao Yixin had greatly fallen.

He started to wonder if he should actually kill Baihao Yixin.

No! He could keep this person to pin down Xuanyuan Zhou.

Thinking about that, he said, “Great Emperor Heartless, you’re not all that you shaped up to be. In front of me, the Sword Emperor, you’re like a pig or a dog and can barely fight back!”

His words were full of condescension and mockery.

Within the destroyed ground, Baihao Yixin was instantly enraged by these words.

He was Great Emperor Heartless, an invincible existence who had once swept across the world!

How could he allow a junior to humiliate him like this?


An incredibly terrifying aura burst out, directly sending Zhou Xuanji’s Thousand Hand Sword Buddha flying back.

Zhou Xuanji canceled the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha mode, his face somewhat pale.

“You little boy, you still smell of your mother’s milk. Today, I’ll show you why This Emperor was able to become a Great Emperor!” Baihao Yixin’s voice sounded throughout the sky, cold and domineering.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed. Was Baihao Yixin going all-out?

He immediately shouted, “This person’s strength is no inferior to mine; please lend me your assistance!”

Baihao Yixin turned into a ray of rainbow light and shot out from the billowing dust, charging towards Zhou Xuanji with immense killing intent.

His speed was far greater than what it was before!

Zhou Xuanji cast Heavenly Lights, but the sword qi was directly torn apart by Baihao Yixin.


Zhou Xuanji forced out a mouthful of blood and shot backwards, disappearing over the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Baihao Yixin stopped, looking confused.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t use World Reincarnation?

At that moment, an incredibly boundless and powerful might descended, and Baihao Yixin looked up in surprise.

Xuanyuan Zhou was like a bright sun hanging in the sky, looking holy and imposing.

His eyes coldly looked at Baihao Yixin, causing Baihao Yixin’s heart to rapidly beat.

Baihao Yixin said with a trembling voice, “Tian…”

A look of terror appeared in his eyes.

Xuanyuan Zhou was expressionless and he flipped his hand. In that moment, a silver light flashed throughout the heavens and earth, and a massive silver palm appeared in the air, descending like an enormous mountain. Seeing this, the spectating women were completely flabbergasted.


Baihao Yixin was smashed down by the enormous silver palm, causing the entire grassy plains to violently tremble.

Tian’s might was incredible!

In the distance, Zhou Xuanji stabilized his body and gulped. Seeing that scene, the image of Tathagata Buddha slamming down the Monkey King with a palm appeared in his head.

Was a Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal so powerful?

Xuanyuan Zhou waved his right hand, and the bloodied and wretched Baihao Yixin rose from the billowing dust and flew towards him.

“Heaven’s might cannot be defied. Great Emperor Heartless, you understand this, right?” Xuanyuan Zhou said coldly, his tone not containing a trace of emotion.

Baihao Yixin opened one eye with great difficulty and looked at him. His aura was incredibly weak as he said, “Tian… This Emperor doesn’t accept it…”

Xuanyuan Zhou raised his left hand and Zhou Xuanji felt a massive power wrap around him. He did not resist it and allowed this power to drag him over.

When he reached Xuanyuan Zhou’s side, the three of them disappeared into the sky.

Only after a while did the 73 beautiful women come back to their senses.

“The Great Emperor was so weak?”

“This… were we tricked?”

“Despicable! Before, we put in so much effort into serving him, listening to all of his demands. If he dies, won’t we have done all that for nothing?”

“Wuuu… my chastity…”

“It’s not a big deal. Worst comes to worst, just find an innocent man to marry.”

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Xuanyuan Zhou, Zhou Xuanji, and Baihao Yixin landed. Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and looked around, and he found that he was within a dazzling palace. There were dozens of stone statues on the two sides that were each 50 feet tall, and their appearances were the same as Xuanyuan Zhou’s. However, their expressions and actions were different.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Xuanyuan Zhou and asked, “Where is this?”

“The Heavenly Palace,” Xuanyuan Zhou replied. After speaking, he turned and walked towards the throne.

Baihao Yixin fell to the ground, looked at Zhou Xuanji, and gnashed his teeth as he said, “You’re the owner of the Tianxia Map and yet you’re being used by Tian. You’re a disgrace to cultivators!”

Seeing his sorrowful and angry expression, Zhou Xuanji did not feel any sympathy and instead wanted to laugh.

“With your strength, killing him should have been incredibly easy, and yet you pretended to not be a match for him—what are your intentions? Don’t you want to become Tian?” Xuanyuan Zhou asked Zhou Xuanji as he sat on his throne.

Before Zhou Xuanji could speak, Baihao Yixin started to rant, “What’s so good about being Tian? Only an idiot would want to be Tian. Discarding one’s seven emotions and six desires and becoming a puppet of the heavenly law, unable to have freedom. Don’t you try and trick my little friend Xuanji!”

In order to live, he could only try to get Zhou Xuanji on his side.

“Discard one’s seven emotions and six desireS?” Zhou Xuanji frowned. He looked at Xuanyuan Zhou closely; this fellow indeed looked incredibly cold and unfeeling.

“If you want to become an enforcer of the heavenly laws, you will naturally have to discard mortal emotions. Otherwise, how can you be fair and just? If you are not willing to become Tian, you can only die,” Xuanyuan Zhou did not bother trying to convince Zhou Xuanji and directly threatened him.

Baihao Yixin could not watch on and cursed out, “Shameless! Don’t bully my little friend just because you’re Tian! If you give him 100 years, he’ll definitely be able to kill you!”

A formless energy slammed into Baihao Yixin, sending him crashing against a wall, and he almost directly fainted.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed as he asked, “Is it possible to become a Tian with emotions and feelings?”


“Someone without emotions and feelings—is that even still a human?”

“You’re going to become Tian, not a human.”

“Can’t you just be a human?”

Facing Xuanyuan Zhou’s domineeringness, Zhou Xuanji took out all of his swords and prepared to fight.

If the price for becoming Tian was to discard his humanity, he would rather not become Tian.

“You want to defy Tian—the heavens? Do you know what your outcome will be?” Xuanyuan Zhou coldly said, his eyes giving off killing intent.

In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji was just an ant. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had immense talent, he would have already been dead.

Zhou Xuanji let go of the Ancient God Sword with his right hand, allowing it to float in front of him.

Following this, a crystal sword appeared in his hand.

Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment!

He looked at Xuanyuan Zhou and disdainfully laughed, “So what if you’re Tian and represent the heavens? In my eyes, you’re just a bug without any freedom. You’re less than even ordinary humans!”

You fake god, your elder’s been enduring you for a long time!