I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 297 - Chapter 297 – Great Emperor Heartless

Chapter 297 - Chapter 297 – Great Emperor Heartless


“Become the Empress? That depends on talent. You naughty little girls don’t have much talent in cultivation and can only serve This Emperor,” Baihao Yixin said as he shook his head and laughed without holding back at all, causing the women to react with displeasure.

There were 73 women in total, and all of them had beautiful looks and proud figures.

All of them had been subdued by his strength and followed him to roam far and wide.

“To become This Emperor’s concubines will still allow you to stand at the peak of the world. You women need to learn to be satisfied, understand?” Baihao Yixin said as he lifted up the chin of the woman beside him and said flirtatiously.

He inwardly sighed; the mortal realm was simply beautiful and splendid.

In the distance, above a white cloud, Zhou Xuanji and Xuanyuan Zhou looked at Baihao Yixin.

“This person is the reincarnation of an ancient Great Emperor? Are you serious?” Zhou Xuanji looked quite suspicious. Seeing Baihao Yixin traveling with so many beautiful women, he found it difficult to connect him with those domineering and mighty Great Emperors.

Xuanyuan Zhou said expressionlessly, “Since ancient times, those who have become Great Emperors have been roped in by various Immortal Sects in the Upper Realm and continue to shake the world. However, in the Upper Realm, it is very difficult to be unrivaled, even for Great Emperors. As such, Great Emperor Heartless could not resist reincarnating to the mortal realm, wanting to continue enjoying himself in the mortal realm.”

Great Emperor Heartless?

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji’s mouth twitched. Did this fellow look heartless at all?

“Fellows like this who don’t keep the heaven’s laws must be killed. Go and kill him, and if you succeed, every now and then I’ll let you go back and see your subordinates,” Xuanyuan Zhou said. In response, Zhou Xuanji frowned but did not do anything.

He had no enmity with Baihao Yixin, so how could he just kill him for no reason?

“If you’re not willing to kill him, you can just wait for him to recover to the peak of his cultivation and take over the world. When that time comes, he will use all of the women in the world for his desires, and when that time comes, it will be difficult to protect the women you care about,” Xuanyuan Zhou continued to speak, causing Zhou Xuanji’s eyes to glint with a cold light.

Was this fellow some kind of stallion? Wasn’t this the dream of many otakus?

Zhou Xuanji directly took out the Sky Extinguishing Sword and Ancient God Sword, and he stepped on the Thunderclap Sword as he flew towards Baihao Yixin.

After absorbing the divine lightning from the Qilin Holy Tribulation, the Thunderclap Sword had reached the peak of the Glorious Gold grade, but it did not break through to the Heavenly Soul grade, which was a bit of a pity.

However, it was still enough!

The sound of the air being torn sounded throughout the heavens and earth, and Baihao Yixin looked over in shock.

His gaze met Zhou Xuanji’s cold glare.

“Who are you?” Baihao Yixin asked in a low voice. He raised his right hand and a white barrier appeared, protecting all of his beloved women.

Two black figures appeared behind Zhou Xuanji; they were the souls of powerful beings: Saber Monarch Donghai and Demon Lord Ruyuan.

The Ancient God Sword awakened a soul every three years, and Demon Lord Ruyuan was the third soul.

Adding on the two powerful beings’ strength as well as the Sky Extinguishing Sword’s power, Zhou Xuanji’s aura became incredibly domineering, and he slashed downwards.

The white barrier shattered like glass, turning into countless motes of light as it dissipated.

“Ahhhh!!” The 73 women simultaneously shrieked, and their piercing cries seemed to be able to penetrate the heavens and drill down to the Netherworld.

“How dare you!” Baihao Yixin leapt up and smashed his palm towards Zhou Xuanji. A green shield appeared from his palm, blocking the Ancient God Sword.

The two people’s spirit energy exploded out, blasting them both back.

Zhou Xuanji’s swords appeared behind him and formed a net, stabilizing his body.

Baihao Yixin flipped a few times in the air before steadily landing on the ground.

Their gazes passed through the dozens of women and stared at each other.

“With so many swords, is sir the Sword Emperor of the current age, Zhou Xuanji?” Baihao Yixin asked in a low voice, his expression somewhat unsightly.

If it was anyone else, they would have been enraged. He had been enjoying life with his beauties, and yet someone had leapt out to attack him. Who could endure this?

However, when his women heard this person was Zhou Xuanji, they instantly started to clamor.

“Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji?”

“Is it really in?” He’s so handsome!”

“The rumors are true; he really does have so many swords.”

“He’s so young; people say he’s only 35 or 36 years old.”

“That’s right, that sword strike was so powerful!”

Hearing this, Baihao Yixin’s face darkened, and veins bulged on his forehead.

These women!

Hadn’t he won over their hearts by using extreme pleasure?

Zhou Xuanji stood straight and looked at Baihao Yixin as he said, “Great Emperor Heartless, the mortal realm does not accept you. Your time has already passed; do you still want to enslave all women in the world for your desires?”

Hearing this, Baihao Yixin frowned.

“How do you know my identity? However, I don’t enslave them; I use my charm to conquer them. I want to conquer all beautiful women in the world!” He said in a low voice. As he spoke, he looked incredibly lewd and licentious, making Zhou Xuanji feel quite disgusted.

“The heavens cannot tolerate you; don’t blame me!” Zhou Xuanji directly charged at him.

He wanted to try out the strength of an ancient Great Emperor.

As for whether he would kill him or not, he had not decided yet.

He did not completely trust Xuanyuan Zhou, and if it was not for the fact that he wanted to use him to become stronger, he would have long since attacked him.

“Alright, I want to see if the current Sword Emperor is worthy of this title!” Baihao Yixin leapt up, rushing into the sky.

The two of them flew high into the sky to fight in order to avoid injuring the innocent women.

Zhou Xuanji cast the Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation, and all of the swords gave off dragon-shaped sword qi and encircled Baihao Yixin, attacking him.

The legendary swords were like the wind, unleashing sharp attacks without any blind spots.

A layer of silver armor appeared on Baihao Yixin’s body, and he held a spear. At the place where the spearhead and the body connected was an incredibly ferocious-looking dragon head, giving off a boundless and ancient aura.

Facing the encirclement of the legendary swords, Baihao Yixin held the spear in one hand and swept out in a circle, sending all the swords flying.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji directly used Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

A 600 foot tall Thousand Hand Sword Buddha appeared in the air, looking like an unparalleled god. Seeing this, the women below were completely stupefied.

Baihao Yixin was also dumbfounded; it was the first time he had seen anything like this.

Zhou Xuanji fused into the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and the Sword buddha opened its eyes, looking down at the world below.

1,000 golden arms holding massive swords madly slashed at Baihao Yixin.

Each sword was followed by the next, looking like terrifying waves that became stronger and stronger.

Baihao Yixin swung his spear incredibly quickly and defended, and he actually blocked every strike.

Zhou Xuanji did not use Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment—it was not that he could not use it but that he wanted to leave it as a final trump card that he could use against Xuanyuan Zhou if the situation came to it.

Everyone needed an ace in one’s sleeves!


Baihao Yixin was suddenly blasted back and a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth.

He pressed his left hand against his chest and cried out in surprise, “World Reincarnation!”

Zhou Xuanji’s heart sank; how did this fellow know about World Reincarnation?

It seemed that there had also been an owner of the Tianxia Map during his time.

Since it was like this, he would not hold back!

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha rushed at Baihao Yixin, its thousand swords wildly slashing out, creating a berserk wind that swept throughout the heavens and earth.

Baihao Yixin hurriedly dodged, and when he was unable to evade, he would use his spear to defend, but he would end up being injured by his own spirit energy.

“Damnit… How the hell do I fight against this?” He inwardly cursed. If he had his Natal Treasure, how could he be in such a wretched state?