I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 296 - Qualifications to Become Tian

Chapter 296 - Qualifications to Become Tian


They once again entered a period of peace, and Zhou Xuanji taught the Soul-eater Slash to Meng Tianlang before leaving him to his own devices.

Meng Tianlang followed Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng and cultivated.

Even though the two of them were somewhat jealous of him, they quickly returned to their normal selves and gradually bullied him less.

The relationship between the three became better and better.

Time flew, and in the blink of an eye, four years passed.

Zhou Xuanji was now 36 years old, and his cultivation was still at Great Realization Level One.

He had finished learning the first level of the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique, and now he had one chance at rebirth.

Over the past four years, he had obtained seven legendary swords, and the highest grade was only Amethyst grade.

It was evident that Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment had used up all of his luck.

The seven legendary swords were the Evil Violet Sword, Torrential Sword, Burning Sun Sword, Unbounded Western Heaven, South Flying Sword, Big Chief Sword, and All Loathing Sword.

What was worth mentioning was that Meng Tianlang had already broken through to the Astral Projection stage and had attained Great Accomplishment in the Soul-eater Slash. He was now learning the Sky Dominating Divine Sword.

This fellow did not like fancy sword techniques and only liked incredibly mighty and domineering sword techniques. After all, he was used to the battlefield and liked to sweep across his enemies.

In just four years, he had reached Small Accomplishment in the Sky Dominating Divine Sword.

His talent was simply terrifying; it was much stronger than Lin Changge’s and Ning Zifeng’s.

Fortunately, he did not get proud, and when facing others, he remained humble and courteous.

He had fought Chongming Demon Monarch and the Four Mountain-Guarding Kings because they were all physical cultivators, so they could often use their bodies to clash.

On that day, Zhou Xuanji gathered together with Zhao Congjian, Xiao Jinghong, and the others.

Zhou Xuanji was preparing to choose a group of second generation disciples to go down the mountain and experience some trials.

At that moment, some footsteps sounded out behind them.

Everyone turned, looked over, and saw a white-haired man standing by the cliff. He was wearing a tattered azure and purple Taoist robe, and he was expressionless with a cold gaze.

“Who are you?” Lin Changge asked in a low voice. That person had ascended the mountain without making any sounds, and he had not noticed him at all.

The others also acted as if they were facing a great enemy.

Over the years, there would occasionally be cultivators or great demons sneaking up Skyfall, wanting to steal the Tianxia Map, but they were all sent packing.

Zhou Xuanji deeply frowned; he actually couldn’t see through this person’s spirit energy.

This whole time, he had been able to use the World Buddha Art to see through all creatures in the world.

Could it be that this person’s cultivation far exceeded his, or that he had a special identity?

“Come with me, Zhou Xuanji, or else I’ll kill them,” the white-haired man said as he stared at Zhou Xuanji.

Ning Zifeng looked at him, thinking to himself.

He suddenly thought of something and cried out, “You are Tian! This is impossible! Aren’t you overseas? Why have you appeared in the Northern Wilderness?”


Everyone felt incredibly shocked. This was an existence even more terrifying than the Ten Thousand Year Prince, a legendary figure even the Hegemon Sword Emperor and the Ancient Diablo could not deal with.

“Tian is just my status; I have my own name. I am called Xuanyuan Zhou,” the white-haired man said softly as he glanced at Ning Zifeng.

After speaking, his eyes pulsed, and everyone apart from Zhou Xuanji was blown back by a formless wind.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Sky Extinguishing Sword and Ancient God Sword and said in a low voice, “Let’s fight somewhere far away!”

He did not think that Tian would come and find him so quickly.

However, he had expected this battle to come sooner or later.

After all, Tian specifically killed those with Monarchial Violet Qi.

Xuanyuan Zhou lightly nodded and turned and shot over the horizon; he trusted that Zhou Xuanji would follow behind him.

“Xuanji…” Jiang Xue crawled up from the ground and looked at Zhou Xuanji worriedly.

Zhou Xuanji turned towards her and smiled as he said, “You all stay here. Trust me, I’ll be back. Don’t come looking for me.”

After speaking, he turned into a ray of sword light and chased after Xuanyuan Zhou.

The sky was clear for 10,000 miles, and Zhou Xuanji and Xuanyuan Zhou floated in the air, facing down each other 100 meters apart.

Their eyes locked on to each other, and both of their gazes were very cold, neither showing any fear.

“I’m very curious about the history of Tian,” Zhou Xuanji said. After four years, even though his cultivation had not risen, his strength had been increasing.

Facing the mysterious and unfathomable Xuanyuan Zhou, he did not feel any nervousness, and he instead felt quite eager to fight him.

Xuanyuan Zhou was not in a hurry to act and replied, “Tian is naturally an enforcer of Heaven’s Will. Whenever there are too many people with Monarchial Violet Qi, Tian will appear and kill those with Monarchial Violet Qi, returning the world to peace.”

People with Monarchial Violet Qi were all destined to become Emperors and had great ambitions; they would often bring war to the world.

When many people with Monarchial Violet Qi appeared, there would often be great calamities.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed as he asked, “Could it be that you were produced by the heavens?”

Xuanyuan Zhou did not reply.

He raised his chin and looked at Zhou Xuanji as he said, “Zhou Xuanji, you are different than the others with Monarchial Violet Qi. Your Fate is mysterious and hard to fathom. I temporarily don’t want to kill you, and if you follow me, I can spare your life.”

Zhou Xuanji laughed; this person wanted to take him in?

It seemed that Tian was not absolutely merciless.

“It’s not what you think; I just want to observe you for a period of time and borrow your strength to kill those with Monarchial Violet Qi as well as those other existences who should not exist in this world,” Xuanyuan Zhou said. His gaze was just as cold as before, and there was not a single trace of emotion within his eyes.

He waved his right hand downwards, and in that moment, the ground beneath them was split open. A massive canyon formed, stretching as far as the eye could see.


Dust billowed into the air, making it seem like it was the end of the world.

From the air, it looked like the hemispherical ground had been split in half. The end of the canyon could not be seen, and it was at least 10,000 miles long.

Zhou Xuanji frowned, feeling immensely shocked inside.

This kind of power…

He had not even seen the circulation of Xuanyuan Zhou’s spirit energy.

Zhou Xuanji sank into his thoughts; should he fight?

“Your cultivation is at Great Realization Level One, and you have learned the second level of the World Buddha Art. With your strength, you can sweep across First Tribulation Scattered Immortals, and perhaps you might have a chance against Second Tribulation Scattered Immortals. However, I have the strength of a Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal—you have no chance at victory. If you follow me, perhaps I will help you become stronger,” Xuanyuan Zhou said calmly, explaining the situation to him.

Zhou Xuanji thought of something and asked in curiosity, “If you just want to observe me, why would you help me become stronger?”

For some reason, he felt that this Tian was different from the Tian of the legends.

The Tian of the legends that he had heard about would directly start to fight whenever he found someone with Monarchial Violet Qi, and he would not even bother speaking.

Why was this Tian acting so courteously?

“I want to see if you have the qualification to become Tian.” Xuanyuan Zhou seemed determined to shock Zhou Xuanji to death, and hearing this, Zhou Xuanji’s pupils constricted.

Become Tian?

Under a blue sky and white clouds, on a boundless grassy plains.

A group of gorgeously dressed women were currently heading forwards. Among them was a man who had a woman in each arm, and his face was covered with red kisses.

That person was Baihao Yixin, who had appeared in Great Zhou’s Royal City that day.

“After This Emperor finds his Natal Treasure, that will be the day that This Emperor takes control of this world again. When that time comes, all of you girls will be my concubines; how does that sound?” Baihao Yixin loudly laughed, feeling confident and pleased.

A tender and beautiful woman next to him waved her fan and harrumphed as she said, “Who will be the Empress then?”