I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 292 - Great Realization Stage, Sealing Dream Sword Formation

Chapter 292 - Great Realization Stage, Sealing Dream Sword Formation


An hour later, Lu Tiange gulped and did his best to try to remain calm, but his body still uncontrollably trembled.

What had he just witnessed?

Zhou Xuanji had encountered a tribulation for Scattered Immortals when breaking through to the Great Realization stage, and he had used a sword to complete the tribulation without being harmed at all…

How was this possible…

That was a Qilin Holy Tribulation!

Just how did that sword stop it?

Moreover, if he did not see incorrectly, that sword seemed to have absorbed the tribulation lightning.

Smoke billowed above the ground, and there were craters everywhere from the blasts of lightning.

Zhou Xuanji floated in the air and his spirit energy exploded out, forming a powerful tornado around his body.

He had already brought back the Thunderclap Sword, and after absorbing the Qilin Holy Tribulation, the Thunderclap Sword had once again been upgraded.

Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation was now at Great Realization Level One.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached Great Realization stage. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner has obtained [Amethyst] Ghost Weep Sword and Sealing Dream Sword Formation!”

The Sword Spirit’s voice sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, and following this, three lines of words appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Ghost Weep Sword

Grade: Amethyst

Description: A sword that can cause countless ghosts to howl and weep. It contains an extremely strong baleful aura and can easily make people lose their reasoning.

Zhou Xuanji did not take out the Ghost Weep Sword and instead looked at Lu Tiange.

Facing his gaze, Lu Tiange was given a fright and quickly lowered his head.

After seeing how domineeringly Zhou Xuanji had completed the tribulation, he only felt reverence and fear in his heart.

“You can go,” Zhou Xuanji said slowly. After breaking through to the Great Realization stage, he no longer needed Lu Tiange.

Lu Tiange felt stunned and could not believe what he was hearing.

He asked nervously, “Go where?”

Could it be…

His heart rate sped up.

“You can go wherever you want,” Zhou Xuanji calmly replied. It was not very suitable to keep Lu Tiange at Skyfall.

His existence was a threat to everyone else, and he would never submit happily.

“You’re really letting me go just like that?” Lu Tiange asked in surprise, feeling that this was not real.

He had thought that it would take him tens, if not hundreds, of years to escape.

Zhou Xuanji gave a mysterious smile and said, “No matter where you go, we’ll meet again someday.”

Lu Tiange shivered and immediately flew into the distance.

After he left, Zhou Xuanji took out Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment.

An Intimidating Spirit grade legendary sword!

It was the first time he had taken this sword out.

Ever since he had obtained this sword, he had felt great anticipation towards it, as it was the most powerful sword he had to date.

A crystal sword appeared in his hand. It was a blue crystal color and the point was extremely sharp. There were many complicated patterns on it, looking like the scales of dragons and qilins. It looked quite mysterious and one could tell at a glance that it was no ordinary sword.

Holding Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment, Zhou Xuanji felt a coolness enter his palm, and he instinctively sent spirit energy into Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment.


The ground beneath him caved in as a terrifying aura burst forth. Massive gusts of wind visible to the naked eye swept out from where Zhou Xuanji was in all directions.

Zhou Xuanji hurriedly withdrew his spirit energy, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

“So powerful!” he muttered to himself, a look of delight and surprise in his eyes.

After breaking through to the Great Realization stage, his spirit energy’s quality and amount had greatly increased, and it was ten times more powerful than before.

When he had started to use Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment’s power, he felt as if the entire world would be destroyed by him.

He had never felt such a feeling before, making him feel incredibly shocked.

As expected from an Intimidating Spirit grade legendary sword!

It was simply too powerful!

He suddenly had a daring thought.

Fi he fought with Yang Di right now, who would win?

He shook his head and did not think too much.

Before Yang Di came to make trouble for him, he naturally would not go and seek out Yang Di either. Continuing to cultivate was the most important thing right now.

At the next World Millennium Duel, he wanted to take first place!

From then onwards, he would continue to be the first in the world, surpassing everyone before him and reaching the peak of history!

After returning to the summit of Skyfall, everyone else gathered around him. After hearing that Zhou Xuanji had successfully broken through, they all felt incredibly happy.

The stronger Zhou Xuanji became, the safer they would be.

No one had any objections about Lu Tiange leaving.

“Master, do you have the confidence to defeat Yang Di now?” Zhao Congjian excitedly asked. Before, Zhou Xuanji had always been talking about how important it was for him to break through to the Great Realization stage, causing them to all feel much anticipation for it.

Zhou Xuanji gave a mysterious smile as he said, “I’ve never met Yang Di before, so I naturally don’t know his strength. However, I feel that no one in this world has the power to kill me.”

Before breaking through, he could already take on Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, and now that he had broken through and obtained an even higher grade legendary sword, wouldn’t he be much more powerful?

“Yang Di’s cultivation might be at the Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal stage. In this world, only he is a Third Tribulation Scattered Immortal,” Xian Xianghua said. Her cultivation was at the Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal stage.

Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals were split into Nine Tribulations.

Ordinarily speaking, those who reached Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal could already sweep across the world.

Zhou Xuanji laughed as he said, “No matter how powerful he is, we’ll do our best to cultivate. In a few years, we should let the second generation disciples go out and experience some trials.”

Simply cultivating was not enough; one had to have actual battle experience as well.

Every time they went out, he would organize people to protect them in secret.

The group started to discuss the plan for the sect’s future.

Zhou Xuanji sat on the ground and started to receive the Sealing Dream Sword Formation.

The memories flowed into his mind, causing his consciousness to be cut off from the rest of the world.

The Sealing Dream Sword Formation was a sealing formation. Once one was hit by it, one’s spirit energy and senses would be sealed, causing one to become a puppet.

This sword formation was very domineering and made up for one of Zhou Xuanji’s shortcomings.

Even though he was peerless in the Way of the Sword, he was quite lacking in other areas. For example, he needed to rely on Daoya Old Man to seal enemies’ cultivation.

As for spells of the five elements, he did not care much for them as he could rely on the Way of the Sword in battles. For living matters, he could rely on Jiang Xue, and worst came to worst, he could stock up on spell scrolls and use them whenever there was a need.

After receiving the memories, Zhou Xuanji took out dozens of swords and started to practice.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Ning Zifeng, Lin Changge, Huang Lianxin, and Beixiao Wangjian all gathered and excitedly watched.

At the same time, news that Zhou Xuanji had broken through to the Great Realization stage spread through all of Skyfall, and all disciples and demons excitedly discussed this.

“I feel that Grand-Teacher’s speed at breaking through is even faster than ours, even though his cultivation stage is so high…”

“How big do you think is the gap between Grand-Teacher and Yang Di?”

“I think they should be about the same. Grand-Teacher’s power is already greater than what we can imagine; how can there be an even more powerful existence than him in the Northern Wilderness?”

“I feel that the day the sect is officially established is becoming closer and closer.”

“Everyone, let’s work hard at cultivating. In the future there will definitely be more geniuses joining Skyfall. We can’t let them overtake us.”

Following this, news of Zhou Xuanji breaking through to the Great Realization stage spread among the demon race before spreading through the human race as well.

After all, there were many demons around Skyfall, and many of them could not help but gossip.

A 32 year old Great Realization stage cultivator!

Everyone in the world once again discussed Zhou Xuanji.