I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 291 - Chapter 291 Qilin Divine Tribulation. Tribulation of Scattered Immortals.

Chapter 291 - Chapter 291 Qilin Divine Tribulation. Tribulation of Scattered Immortals.


After Lu Tiange repeated the vow, Daoya Old Man took his essence blood. He asked for a drop of it from Zhou Xuanji as well, before combining the blood of both people.

Essence blood was blood and essence. Each demon or human had different essence blood, which could be used as identification in the cultivation world.

For example, enchanted artifacts and weapons required essence blood to acknowledge their owners.

Daoya Old Man waved his right hand and scattered the essence blood in his hand across the heavens and the earth.

The blood disappeared without a trace or sound.

“Just like that?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown. How come he felt like it was a scam and not credible?

Daoya Old Man nodded and said proudly, “That’s for sure. The heavens and the earth are witnesses. This divine ability is not simple. Less than five people in the entire Northern Wilderness Region know this divine ability.”

Xian Xianghua asked curiously, “The ancient inheritance you and Xuanhe received, whose is that?”

A long time ago, DAoya Old Man and Xuanhe Divine Monk were merely ordinary people. It was only after receiving the inheritance from an ancient powerhouse that they became so powerful.

“Why should I tell you?” Daoya Old Man said with a face full of arrogance. He used to be really afraid of her.

Now, he was no longer afraid.

If you want to marry my grand-disciple, you better treat me well.

Murderous aura emanated from her cold-looking eyes, which scared him so much that he hid behind Zhou Xuanji.

Lu Tiange sat on the ground, paralyzed and in despair. His entire past flashed past his eyes like a mist.

If Dongsheng Empire knew about this, would he still have the face to be the Emperor?

He suddenly felt regretful and asked himself why he submitted to Zhou Xuanji.

But he really did not want to die just like that.

Once he was dead, he would have nothing.

Zhou Xuanji sat down on the ground and folded his arms.

“Tell me which sea region you came from,” he asked softly.

He heard from Ning Zifeng that the ocean was much vaster than the amount of land. Chaos Tide Sea was only a small part, but even so, there was more than one Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

He had been questioning why cultivators from overseas did not attack the Northern Wilderness Region. There were so many more powerful cultivators overseas after all.

There must be many secrets to all of this.

Lu Tiange had a complicated expression on his face, and he decided to endure it.

Since no one knew him in the Northern Wilderness Region, he could dispel the Vow Divine Ability after he returned and deny what had happened.

And so, he revealed his background.

There were a hundred and eight sea regions overseas, distributed outwards with the Northern Wilderness Region as the center. There was a powerful barrier between the Northern Wilderness Region and the sea regions. Travel between the inside and the outside could only be done through void tunnels.

Void tunnels were not stationary. They were located in the seawater and could not be identified with the naked eye. Since ancient times, no one could count the number of void tunnels.

Since a long time ago, empires in different sea regions had planned to conquer the Northern Wilderness Region to occupy the resources. However, due to the instability of the void tunnels, they could not launch a massive invasion. Moreover, Sanctums in the Northern Wilderness Region guarded the bordering sea regions, which prevented large-scale attacks into the Northern Wilderness Region.

There were many heroes and countless geniuses in the Northern Wilderness Region.

However, ever since the Hegemon Sword Emperor ascended, the Northern Wilderness Region had waned.

There were many cultivators like Yang Di in every generation tens of thousands of years ago.

Legends had it that the Northern Wilderness Region used to be bigger. However, because of the battles between powerful cultivators, a lot of the land crumbled into the ocean.

The Dongsheng Empire had already entered the Northern Wilderness Region accidentally five hundred years ago. That intruder faithfully collected intel for the empire.

Lu Tiange thought that the Northern Wilderness Region had totally waned, which was why he found the void tunnel and took the opportunity to invade.

However, reality gave him a heavy blow.

He cursed his informant in his heart at how terrible the intel given to him was.

“Tsk tsk. He’s feeling the same thing as I was before, thinking that he would fear nothing in the Northern Wilderness Region. In the end… Haha!” Ning Zifeng laughed mercilessly, which enraged Lu Tiange.

They were both from the sea regions, why did they have to make it difficult for each other?

Zhou Xuanji asked a few more questions and Lu Tiange answered truthfully.

Each sea region had an empire, which meant that there were over a hundred empires overseas. However, these empires had far fewer people than the empires in the Northern Wilderness Region.

After he finished questioning, he asked Lu Tiange to settle down at the mountain shoulder.

Zhou Xuanji ordered Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng to keep a close watch on him. This person was a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal after all, and so he must be guarded.

“It seems like the world is far more exciting than what we imagined,” Daoya Old Man sighed in amazement. After listening to Lu Tiange, he felt how small the Northern Wilderness Region was.

Xian Xianghua snorted coldly, “Just a bunch of indigenous overseas daring to touch the Northern Wilderness Region. Foolish dreamers.”

The others sighed in amazement too. They were all curious.

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, was thinking about another problem.

Who set up the barrier around the Northern Wilderness Region?

After Lu Tiange joined Skyfall, he received the same treatment as Zhang Kuanglan.

Every few days, Zhou Xuanji would come and suck his spirit energy dry. He was furious in the beginning and thought that Zhou Xuanji treated him like a pig.

Three months later

Lu Tiange grew numb, and his body looked emaciated.

During this period, he had seen Zhang Kuanglan.

The two of them met eyes, and they expressed the sorrow in their hearts even without words.

With a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal providing endless spirit energy, Zhou Xuanji drew closer to the Great Realization stage.

Another four months passed, and he finally had the opportunity to break through.

He left Skyfall and came to a place hundreds of miles away to go through the tribulation.

He took out the Thunderclap Sword and began to absorb the power of heavenly lightning.

He brought Lu Tiange along with him intentionally to let him observe.


Thunder clouds gathered above the wilderness mightily and horrifyingly. There was only wild grass in a radius of a few thousand meters. Under the coverage of thunder clouds, the place looked dark and extremely bleak.

Lu Tiange was a few hundred meters away from Zhou Xuanji.

He was a totally different person compared to half a year ago. He had since lost the pride he used to have.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji with a complicated expression as he cursed in his heart ceaselessly.

It seemed to him that Zhou Xuanji was purposely provoking him.

After reaching an opportunity to break through by absorbing his spirit energy, he still had to watch the breakthrough. It was absolutely humiliating!

Zhou Xuanji sat down as the Thunderclap Sword levitated above his head and activated Golden Invincibility. Heavenly lightning coiled around his body like dragons.

An extremely powerful aura exploded from his body, shaking the earth.

At the same time, heavenly lightning appeared in the thunder clouds like dragons of lightning soaring in the sea of clouds.


A world-shaking roar came from Skyfall. Lu Tiange looked over, and the next second, he opened his eyes wide in shock.

He could see a giant Qilin head in the thunder clouds. The heavenly lightning weaved together the mountain-sized head. Its eyes were beaming with powerful radiance as it looked down on the earth like a supreme being.

“Qilin Divine Tribulation! How can it be! This is the tribulation only Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals would go through!”

Lu Tiange cried out in shock. He had seen other powerful cultivators encountering this tribulation, and that world-shattering scene was seared into his memory.

He immediately drew further from Zhou Xuanji, in case he was injured by the tribulation.

“Qilin Divine Tribulation! Such a great name!”

“But it’s nothing before my legendary sword!”

Zhou Xuanji laughed, and streaks of heavenly lightning struck him powerfully.