I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 290 - Vow Divine Ability

Chapter 290 - Vow Divine Ability


“Tell me, what’s your goal in coming to the Northern Wilderness Region!” Zhou Xuanji, who had transformed into the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, bellowed. His voice was like thunder, resounding across the sky.

Lu Tiange looked up at him. He stretched open his palms, and two sabers appeared in his hands.

The sabers were covered with black stripes that resembled tadpoles, and they were hideous and terrifying.

“My goal?”

“My goal is to conquer the entire Northern Wilderness Region, of course!”

Lu Tiange laughed coldly as he slashed with his twin sabers.

The twin sabers duplicated many sabers that looked the same—millions of sabers charged toward the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha like a net that spanned the entire sky.

“Why are this guy’s attacks all so fancy?”

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart. What he saw made him somewhat envious of Lu Tiange.

He had always imagined himself controlling ten-thousand legendary swords, and now Lu Tiange had completed his dream on his behalf.

Although it looked impressive, it was not enough to defeat him.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha ignored the sabers and flew toward Lu Tiange.

With all its golden arms raised, the Buddha hacked and slashed at Lu Tiange with countless residual images. A violent gale blasted the ground until it crumbled.

Lu Tiange dodged immediately. He looked back and saw that the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha had already disappeared.

He was stunned as a wave of coldness came from his back.

He turned around and whipped out a sharp and forceful kick.


The Sky Extinguishing Sword pierced into his chest, but his leg was still a dozen meters away from Zhou Xuanji.

He felt that his spirit energy was being absorbed away. Fear gripped his heart immediately.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Numerous legendary swords flew toward him and pierced into his body so that he could not evade in time.

In the blink of an eye, he looked like a porcupine. Blood gushed out as his body twitched.

The battle was over.

Ning Zifeng and Lin Changge were both aghast.

This is too overpowered?

In their eyes, Zhou Xuanji thrashed Lu Tiange with ease.

Even though Lu Tiange had endless spells, it wasn’t enough to injure Zhou Xuanji.

The entire battle took less time than they used to drink a pot of wine.

“Weak,” Zhou Xuanji walked up to Lu Tiange and snorted coldly.

This guy can be used to break through to Great Realization.

Lu Tiange was shocked as fear gripped his heart.

“What have you done to me…”

He asked with a trembling voice, “Why is my spirit energy…”

He suddenly opened his eyes wide!

Could this be the reason why Zhou Xuanji could reach such a level of cultivation this young?

Zhou Xuanji did not reply to him. With the Sky Extinguishing Sword, Zhou Xuanji continued to absorb his spirit energy.

Soon, half of Lu Tiange’s spirit energy was taken.

“I admit defeat! I’m sorry! Spare my life, brother Zhou!”

Lu Tiange cried out in horror. He did not want to die.

He went through so much difficulty to reach this day. How could he just die like that? Everything would be futile.

Zhou Xuanji was not moved.

“Big brother! I’m really sorry!”

“Senior Zhou! What must I do so that you will forgive me?”

“I don’t want to die! Grandpa, spare me, please. I called you grandpa, okay?”


Seeing that Lu Tiange was on the verge of crying, Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and stopped absorbing his spirit energy.

Even so, Lu Tiange could sense that his cultivation had regressed significantly. His spirit energy was almost dry, which made him feel despair and sorrow.

Zhou Xuanji stared at him and said, “Either you become my dog or die. Choose.”


Such a humiliating term!

Lu Tiange dared not express his anger and faked a smile, saying, “Master…”

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword and lifted him up like a dog before flying off toward the peak of Skyfall.

The second-generation disciples observing the battle at the mountain shoulder were all sighing in amazement.

“So powerful. Feels like our Grand-teacher becomes more powerful by the day.”

“I have the same feeling too. Compared to him, we are so stupid.”

“Don’t compare yourselves with Grand-teacher. He’s the world’s second powerful cultivator and the greatest genius in the world.”

“Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha is so powerful. I really want to learn it.”

“Impossible. Even disciples taught by him personally would not be able to learn that level of sword technique.”

Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng’s eyes met. They saw each others’ determination in their eyes.

Before encountering ZHou Xuanji, they both felt that they were powerful.

But now, they felt so tiny.



On the other side.

On the mountain top.

Zhou Xuanji tossed Lu Tiange onto the ground. Xian Xianghua, Jiang Xue, Daoya Old Man, Huang Lianxin, and Zhou Xiaoqi crowded around him.

As for the others, they were not on the peak. They were training at different corners of Skyfall.

“I want to keep him as a slave. Any way to restrict him?” Zhou Xuanji asked, looking at Xian Xianghua and Daoya Old Man.

Xian Xianghua said, “I have a worm that can become a parasite to the Inner Pellet and Astral Infant, which will torment him greatly.”

Lu Tiange, who was lying on the ground, shuddered.

Such a vicious woman!

He immediately looked up and cried out, “Master, I will never betray you! I, Lu Tiange, am faithful to my promises!”

Before death, he could no longer care about his pride as an Emperor.

“I have a Vow Divine Ability. If he breaks his promise, his spirit energy and Qi in his body will become unstable. Fate will gather in him as well, drawing Heaven’s envy.”

Daoya Old Man said with squinted eyes as he stroked his long beard as though he could tame a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal for sure.

Vow Divine Ability!

The group was all shocked. There was such a Divine Ability?

Lu Tiange was absolutely terrified. He looked at Daoya Old Man in fear.

This old man is so ruthless!

After that, Daoya Old Man took about a drop of his essence blood and began casting the spell.

“He needs to repeat the vow that you want him to make,” Daoya Old Man said to Zhou Xuanji while the rest observed curiously.

Even Xian Xianghua was so too.

‘This old brat really learned a lot of things, ‘ She thought in her heart.

Zhou Xuanji began uttering the vow.

Lu Tiange swallowed his saliva and pretended to be calm.

“I shall revere Zhou Xuanji as my father. If I dare to harm Zhou Xuanji, or any other demon or human related to him, I will die a horrible death.”

“If I dare to deceive Zhou Xuanji, I shall be struck down by heavenly lightning.”

“I will obey whatever instruction Zhou Xuanji orders me because he’s my father.”

After Zhou Xuanji finished, the entire mountain top was silent.

Everyone was trying to hold back their laughter.

Lu Tiange’s face was totally red, and rage burned in his eyes.

It was a total humiliation toward him!

It was beyond what he could endure!

“Zhou Xuanji!”

He said with gritted teeth, “Are you really going to bully me like that?”

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji walked up to him, pierced the Swineculling Sword into his abdomen, and started to absorb his spirit energy.

His expression changed drastically. He tried to retaliate but it was to no avail.

“It seems like this guy has some dignity.”

Huang Lianxin covered her mouth with a smile. None of them stopped Zhou Xuanji, because of how Lu Tiange was so arrogant just now.

A while later.

“Hold on! Stop!” Lu Tiange cried out suddenly as Zhou Xuanji stopped.

His eyes turned fierce as he took a deep breath, “Zhou Xuanji, I’m Emperor Dongsheng, descendent of …”

Zhou Xuanji continued with World Internalization.

Lu Tiange became anxious. Can you at least let me finish my sentence?

“If I dared to deceive Zhou Xuanji, I shall be struck down…”