I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 289 - Chapter 289 Emperor Dongsheng

Chapter 289 - Chapter 289 Emperor Dongsheng


Chapter 289: Chapter 289 Emperor Dongsheng

Bloodline of immortals?

Ning Zifeng frowned slightly but did not slow down. He charged unstoppably toward the purple-robed man.

“Emperor? There are so many emperors in the world. Which one are you? Remember, the one who is going to defeat you is the Matchless Sword Immortal from Chaos Tide Sea!” His loud laughter filled with arrogance. The level of his conceit was even more than the purple-robed man.

Facing the unstoppable Matchless Sword Immortal, the purple-robed man smiled. Two streams of purple light beamed from his eyes ferociously.

The two beams of purple light quickly expanded, and purple silhouettes of soldiers appeared in them. They were translucent like mirages and were all armed. They charged along the purple beams as they raised a battle cry.


Their battle cry reverberated across the heavens and the earth. With one glance, there were at least a million purple soldiers.

When they neared Ning Zifeng, each of them leaped up and charged towards him like arrows.

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon transformed by Ning Zifeng was inundated and could not retaliate in time.

“This is my Purple Soul Divine Army. How can you, a mere mortal, deflect it? ”

The purple-robed man laughed with conceit. He did not take Ning Zifeng with even a tinge of seriousness.

However, Ning Zifeng appeared behind him suddenly.

Eight-step Sword Lunge!

“Scum! Take a slash from your grandfather!”

Ning Zifeng thrust his sword and pierced the purple-robed man’s back. However, it was as though he had pierced into a shadow. There was neither obstruction nor blood.

His pupils suddenly contracted and backed off immediately out of fear to draw some distance away from the purple-robed man.

“Who are you? Reveal your name!” Ning Zifeng cried out loudly. Just when he spoke, Lin Changge flew down as well.

“Little lunatic, you can’t do it! ” He laughed heartily.

The two persons sandwiched the purple-robed man on both sides.

However, the purple-robed man was not anxious at all. The mockery on his face became even more obvious.

“I’m Lu Tiange, Emperor of the Dongsheng Empire. Ask Zhou Xuanji to come down to fight me now! After I kill him, I still have Yang Di to kill!” The purple-robed man laughed wildly, which made Ning Zifeng open his eyes wide.

He said in astonishment, “You are the Emperor Dongsheng? How can that be? Why are you here in the Northern Wilderness Region.”

“What do you mean?”

Little Jiang Xue heard him and asked in astonishment, “He’s not from the Northern Wilderness Region?”

Lu Tiange raised his right hand, and a light sphere covered with a purple flame appeared in his palm. The delicate sphere looked beautiful but also extremely dangerous.

He turned toward Skyfall and cried out, “Zhou Xuanji, if you continue to hide, you don’t need to come out. I shall destroy the entire mountain and kill everyone on it. You should know that Great Realization cultivators cannot harm me. ”

His aura exploded. The powerful aura of a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal swept across the heavens and the earth, causing the entire mountainous forest to shake violently, and powerful gales blew in all directions.

“He came from the Borderless Ocean and reigns supreme over a region in the ocean. He broke through to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal a thousand years ago. It’s my first time seeing him, and I’ve only heard of his name before,” Ning Zifeng said solemnly. He shuddered whenever he heard about the legends regarding Lu Tiange.

Lin Changge frowned and had not expected Lu Tiange to be so powerful.

He did not know much about the foreign regions. He had only heard of things that Ning Zifeng spoke about occasionally.

At this moment.

A silhouette descended slowly from the clouds, emanating a powerful aura.

It was Zhou Xuanji!

With the Sky Extinguishing Sword and Ancient God Sword in his hands, sixty-seven legendary swords levitated above his head.

He looked down at Lu Tiange with indifference and asked, “You came from overseas?”

Lu Tiange smiled. He looked up, and his eyes were filled with the intention to battle.

“I have had spies in the Northern Wilderness Region since a long time ago. I’ve been keeping a watch over the Northern Wilderness Region and understand the situation in this region. How can I not be curious about such a genius like you?”

Just when he finished speaking, purple soldiers appeared behind him like a massive army spread across the sky. The view was impressive.

Zhou Xuanji activated the Saber Monarch Donghai’s remnant soul immediately before swooping down.

Since it was unavoidable, he might as well fight.

Whether his opponent came from overseas or not, he only had to trample over him.


He used the Ancestral Dragon Sword and transformed into a Five-clawed Golden Dragon. His body was covered with a golden radiance as his body grew to hundreds of meters long. The golden dragon slammed toward Lu Tiange like a mountain range, which made Lu Tiange’s expression change slightly.

Countless purple soldiers were torn into shreds by the Five-clawed Golden Dragon.

Instantly, the golden dragon cleared a path to Lu Tiange and was about to chomp him.

Lu Tiange closed his palms together, and purple beams shot out from his fingers. The light formed into a giant saber and penetrated the head of the Five-clawed Golden Dragon.

The dragon exploded instantly. Zhou Xuanji leaped up to Lu Tiange’s head with his swords.

Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps!

Lu Tiange’s eyes dazzled, and his throat was penetrated even before he could react. Blood gushed out unstoppably.

“How can it be… How can your sword injure me?” He looked back and asked in astonishment. His divine ability could turn his flesh ethereal.

With this divine ability, he was rarely injured.

Zhou Xuanji turned and looked at him with his peripheral sight.

“My sword can cut everything,” he said.

The Heavenly Soul legendary swords had the power of the heavens and the earth. They could cut through ethereal bodies.

“Good! Splendid!”

Lu Tiange wiped the blood off his neck and laughed wildly.

The Purple Soul Divine Army swarmed toward Zhou Xuanji. They were so close and numerous that they covered the sky.

With a cold snort, Zhou Xuanji activated Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

A majestic golden Buddha that was a thousand meter high appeared, enveloping Zhou Xuanji. Thousands of arms grew from the golden Buddha’s back, and each was holding a golden sword.

Divine power descends!


The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha opened its eyes, and two rays of golden radiance swept across the heavens and the earth. Even Lu Tiange was blinded.

When he reopened his eyes, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha rained down its attacks on him.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

A thousand golden giant swords hacked and slashed, eradicating countless purple shoulders. The ground crumbled, and a violent gale swept up the trees.

Horrifying sword Qi swept through for thousands of meters, and Ning Zifeng and Lin Changge were forced to back off.

Lu Tiange was aghast. His jaw dropped, and his eyes opened wide.

“What divine ability is this? ”

He cried out in shock. Before the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, he felt so tiny.

He shuddered and trembled like an ordinary person looking at a god.

Soon, the Purple Soul Divine Army was obliterated.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha stared at Lu Tiange with majestic and indifferent eyes, and cold sweat covered Lu Tiange’s face.

“Emperor Dongsheng? Not so powerful after all!” Zhou Xuanji’s voice came. He sensed that Lu Tiange was merely comparable to Huangquan Drake King and was weaker than the injured Jihuang Demon Lord.

Lu Tiange was enraged. He opened his arms wide, and countless streams of purple dragon Qi shot out from his body toward Zhou Xuanji.

The massive Thousand Hand Sword Buddha hacked and slashed at him without any order. It was all about speed and power.

Undulating explosions could be heard!

It was like a magnificent firework in the sky.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and Lu Tiange drew closer to each other, and the latter could already feel the edge of the swords.

‘Damn… He has not even reached the Great Realization stage and is so powerful… No wonder he can become the world’s second in the Northern Wilderness Region,’ Lu Tiange thought in his heart, gnashing his teeth. It had been a long time since he had felt so helpless.