I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 288 - Thirty-two Years Old. Soul-slayer Dragon Sword.

Chapter 288 - Thirty-two Years Old. Soul-slayer Dragon Sword.


At Skyfall.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

Sounds of explosions came from a giant cauldron. Zhou Xuanji was sitting inside a cauldron with his upper body bare.

Abundant spiritual Qi gathered above the great cauldron and formed into a huge vortex.

Daoya Old Man stood by the side, stroking his long beard as he smiled.

He felt really amazed and wondered how strong the brat’s physical body had grown.

He felt that Zhou Xuanji would break through to the Great Realization stage very soon.

At this time, Haotian Boar King appeared behind him.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji was cultivating, the Boar King did not dare to interrupt. He reported the intel he collected to Daoya Old Man and left swiftly.

“Great Fate Empire… So ambitious,” he mumbled to himself, and his expression turned grave.

Once Yang Di succeeded and possessed the fortune of humanity, he would be holding the humans’ fate in his hands. He would have full reign over humanity, which made Daoya Old Man feel uneasy.

But now, no one could stop Yang Di.

Yang Di was so much more powerful than the world’s second, and the difference was hardly surmountable.

However, to create a Great Fate Empire is no small feat. It would take him at least decades or even centuries.

Daoya Old Man turned his gaze toward Zhou Xuanji. How much more powerful would Zhou Xuanji grow in a few decades?

Time continued to pass.

After ten days and ten nights, Zhou Xuanji finally came out from the great cauldron.

His body was entirely golden and was surrounded by lightning with a powerful aura.

He concentrated his mind and exited Golden Invincibility mode.

Spirit energy evaporated the medicinal liquid on his body as he walked up to Jiang Xue. She used water element spells to give him a shower before scrubbing his body clean.

“How do you feel?” Jiang Xue asked. She cleaned him gently and carefully.

“So so,” Zhou Xuanji uttered, “I’m still quite far away from breaking through. The Great Realization stage requires too much spirit energy. ”

Actually, he understood that it was merely because of his uniqueness.

As both a physical and energy cultivator, with the World Buddha Art, he required much more spirit energy to break through each level and stage than others.

“It’s okay. There’s no need to hurry,” Jiang Xue smiled and said. After that, she told him about Yang Di’s plan to create a Great Fate Empire, which made Zhou Xuanji squint his eyes.

Creating a Great Fate Empire?

This guy has Fate Emperor River, and now he wants to gather the Northern Wilderness Region’s fate. Why do I feel something is wrong?

Does Yang Di intend to suck dry the fate of the entire world to accomplish himself?

He heard that this was possible with divine abilities or energy techniques that could absorb fate. If a human’s fate was sucked dry, that person would die quickly.

Without fate, it would feel like the grim reaper was coming for that person.

All kinds of accidents would happen. That person could even die from choking on water.

Zhou Xuanji had never met Yang Di before, so he could not be sure. What if he did it for the sake of peace in the human world?

After that, he returned to his hut with Jiang Xue to rest.

Time passed quickly.

Three months later

Lin Changge returned to Skyfall. Zhou Xuanji gathered everyone and listened to LIn Changge’s report about Duantian Cliff.

The feat of Duantian Cliff did not have too much disturbance. Facing Yang Di, no one dared to object.

Yang Di left a deep impression on Lin Changge.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and said intently, “Yang Di feels unfathomable. Just like a land god is unfathomable for an ordinary person. Not only so, but the boy by his side was also very powerful as well. The aura coming from him even surpassed Jihuang Demon Lord’s.”


Everyone was astonished and quickly inquired further.

Lin Changge only knew that the boy was called Fu Hao, who was a servant by Yang Di’s side.

“Fu Hao? Sounds familiar…” Daoya Old Man mumbled to himself but did not dare to divine him.

He would surely suffer a backlash from divining such a powerful and mysterious cultivator.

“Also, after the feast, Fu Hao told us that the Ten Thousand Year Prince has been born. He asked humanity to be careful and not spread the information,” Lin Changge said as everyone’s expressions changed slightly.

Ten Thousand Year Prince, once born, would soar above the sky.

Tian, who was specialized in killing people with Monarchial Violet Qi, had fought with the Ancient Diablo and Hegemon Sword Emperor before.

These two people were both difficult to deal with.

Zhou Xuanji felt anxious again. He could only feel relief when he broke through to the Great Realization stage.

‘Sigh, why doesn’t anyone powerful come to offend me?’ He sighed in his heart and felt troubled.

In the South of the Northern Wilderness Region!

Oceans waves crashed onto the beach, and birds circled above the surface of the sea.

At this moment, a person walked out of the seawater. He wore an old and tattered black robe, and his hair was fully white. With a blank expression, he walked towards the beach completely drenched.

He looked up at the horizon and mumbled, “Monarchial Violet Qi. Two powerful Monarchial Violet Qi. If I can absorb them, I shall overcome the tribulation and become a celestial being.”

He ambled forward, leaving his footprints behind.

At his back, the seawater turned crimson, and the color spread swiftly. Corpses of sea demons floated up, creating a horrifying scene.

Months passed.

After the meeting at Duantian Cliff ended, the world was shocked. Yang Di visited the seven empires personally, one after another, to help the world understand that a Great Fate Empire was about to rise.

“”Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached thirty-two years old. Gacha started! “”

“Ding! Congratulations! The Sword Owner obtained [Glorious Gold] Soul-slayer Dragon Sword, [Gold] Evil Crimson Sword! ”

The Sword Spirit’s voice came into Zhou Xuanji’s mind while he was cultivating, and he opened his eyes.

Two legendary swords and one of them was a Glorious Gold one.

Although it would not empower him much, at least he was two steps closer to reaching one hundred swords.

Next, information about the two legendary swords appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Soul-slayer Dragon Sword

Grade: Glorious God

Description: A legendary sword forged with the soul of a demon dragon. It can devour ten-thousand souls to empower the demon dragon.

Sword Name: Evil Crimson Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: Legends have it that there were swords of seven colors in the Evil Abyss. Each color represents a type of desire. Red represents fury. If one were to collect all seven legendary swords, one shall be able to combine them into an ancient evil sword!

These two swords were not bad. He took them out and familiarized himself with them.

Now, he had sixty-nine swords in total.

He had never used the third form of Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation before, so he was looking forward to doing that.

Zhou Xuanji felt rather pleasant. He stored the two legendary swords before continuing to internalize Qi.

Six days later.

Skyfall had a hostile visitor.

“World’s second, Zhou Xuanji, come down and fight me!” A cold and arrogant voice resounded across the sky. Everyone on the peak of Skyfall heard it.

A purple-robed man stood on top of the forest. He stood on the leaves by the tip of his feet, and his robe danced lightly in the wind. He had a handsome face and wore a purple-gold jaded crown on his head, giving off an elegant aura. His haughty eyes looked up at Skyfall.

Ning Zifeng broke through the clouds and flew down on his sword.

“Worm, where did you come from. You dare to challenge our master!” He laughed coldly.

Without another word, he charged toward the purple-robed man with the Ancestral Dragon Sword.

The Ancestral Dragon that Ning Zifeng transformed into was merely ten meters long. Compared to Zhou Xuanji, the difference was too huge.

“I’m an emperor. The bloodline of immortals flows through me. It’s an honor for Zhou Xuanji to fight me.”