I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 287 - Chapter 287 Pioneering An Empire

Chapter 287 - Chapter 287 Pioneering An Empire


The tenth day since the death of Jihuang Demon Lord.

Canghai Ziggurat updated the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred ranking again.

“The first, Yang Di, the ancient Emperor who is dominating in both ancient times and now.”

“The second, Zhou Xuanji. The current Sword Emperor. Owner of the Tianxia Map!”

“The third, Yang Wudi, who subverts the Yin and Yang with Qilin Zither.”

“The fourth, Xian Xianghua. Tanhua in the human world, Asura in Hades!”

Zhou Xuanji had officially taken over the world’s second rank, and no one had any objections because he took over the rank by stepping on the dead body of Jihuang Demon Lord.

His reputation peaked again as well.

As time passed, Zhou Xuanji would eventually become a legend in both the hearts of humans and demons.

The news spread to Sun Hill as well.

Sun Hill was located in the east of the Northern Wilderness Region, where celestial mist covered the endless mountain ranges. Many natural treasures and rare beasts were hidden in this place, and because of Yang Di’s mighty name, it was a tranquil land.

In the bamboo forest stood a stone pavilion.

A man who was dressed in an elegant golden robe read an ancient tome as he drank his tea.

He had a grave and stern expression, and the flame symbol between his brows made him especially handsome. With the mist surrounding the stone pavilion, his elegant demeanor made him look like an immortal hermit in the mountains.

He was the world’s top cultivator, Yang Di.

“Ascension is casual, the prison changes…”

He mumbled to himself with a slight frown. He was apparently in deep thought.

At this moment, a boy wearing undergarments flew toward him. He charged into the stone pavilion and knelt before Yang Di.

“Great Emperor, someone else took over the world’s second,” he said.

His face was filled with shock.

However, he did not lose his composure. No matter who became the world’s second, the top rank will never change.

“Oh? Is it Xian Xianghua?”

Yang Di asked softly and did not turn his gaze from the book.

“No, it’s Zhou Xuanji,” the boy replied. Having heard him, Yang Di put down the old tome in his hand slowly.

His tightened brows relaxed as he asked curiously, “That’s the thirty years old genius?”

He had already lived thousands of years and thought that he was the most talented person in the world. But compared to Zhou Xuanji, he was not as talented.

Of course, talent did not mean much. He had full confidence that Zhou Xuanji would never catch up to him!

“It’s him. He killed Jihuang Demon Lord.”

The boy nodded. The boy looked excited when he mentioned this.

He really disliked Jihuang Demon Lord.

He did not understand why Yang Di spared the Demon Lord’s life back then.

“Fine. I hope Zhou Xuanji has the boldness to come to Duantian Cliff. I want to take a look personally at how the world’s top genius fares.”

Yang Di smiled before picking up his book to read again.

From his tone, he apparently did not take Zhou Xuanji seriously.

The boy asked carefully, “Do you need me to take care of him?”

Although he had full confidence in Yang Di, Zhou Xuanji’s talent was really too overpowered. Moreover, the Sword Emperor had the Tianxia Map as well, so he must be guarded against.

Yang Di said casually without looking at him, “Don’t need to care about him. My only worthy opponent is the Ten Thousand Year Prince and Tian. As for Zhou Xuanji, I shall leave him for the next generation. If This Emperor can ascend, it’s better to leave someone who can occupy the Northern Wilderness Region’s fate. Many powerhouses are coveting us. ”

The world’s top rank saw things different from worldly people.

As long as Zhou Xuanji didn’t oppose him, he would not bother to deal with the world’s second.

“Oh yes, Fu Hao, regarding the thing I wanted you to investigate. Any results?” Yang Di asked casually, but the boy, who was addressed as Fu Hao, felt embarrassed.

“Great Emperor, there isn’t any news about Destiny’s Child. He might not be born yet. As for Tian, he appeared in the Northern Wilderness Region, but his track is quite mysterious. He might be trying his best to power up himself. I haven’t found anything about the Ten Thousand Year Prince yet. According to my prediction, the Ten Thousand Year Prince has just been born and is likely even weaker than Zhou Xuanji,” Fu Hao replied as he scratched his head. Whenever he mentioned Zhou Xuanji, he imagined a lot of things.

He continued to speak as though he remembered something, “Oh, yes. Daoseeker has already gotten into contact with Zhou Xuanji. Apparently, he wants to assist Zhou Xuanji. Should we really not deal with them? ”

Yang Di glanced at him and said intently, “Fu Hao, you seem to really hope that I become the enemy of the world.”

Yang Di’s words covered Fu Hao in cold sweat. The boy didn’t dare to speak any more.

At Skyfall.

Lin Changge was preparing to head over to Duantian Cliff, and the rest were urging him to be careful.

“If you encounter any dangers, try your best to avoid it,” Zhou Xuanji patted Lin Changge’s shoulder and said. As the world’s second and the owner of the Tianxia Map, he was worried that Lin Changge might be held hostage to threaten him.

Lin Changge nodded and chuckled, “Don’t worry. I’m a Great Realization cultivator after all. There aren’t many people who can defeat me. Even if I lose, I can still flee.”

The others continued to show their concern to Lin Changge before he left on his sword.

Daoya Old Man divined for Lin Changge.

“Not bad. This brat is fortunate. He will not die at Duantian Cliff,” he smiled as he said.

Hearing his divination, the group felt relieved.

After that, Zhou Xuanji asked Daoya Old Man to make some potions for him to enhance his cultivation.

He wanted to reach Great Realization as soon as possible.

The reason why he did not rely on absorbing other people’s spirit energy to empower himself was obvious. Everyone lower than Great Realization was not of big help to him.

There weren’t a lot of Great Realization cultivators in the Northern Wilderness Region. After the great war between the two races, Great Realization cultivator became even rarer. Those alive were mostly pillars in the sects and other powers.

Zhou Xuanji took out the materials he got from Jihuang Demon Lord and Huangquan Drake King for Daoya Old Man to make potions.

The others continued their cultivation.

Jiang Xue stood beside Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Xuanji, have you thought about our sect’s name?”

This matter had been delayed for many years. Now that so many people had gathered, they should not continue to call themselves Skyfall.

“I have thought of many, like Divine Sword Way, Ten-thousand Sword Sect, Skyfall Sword Sect, Emperor Sword Court, and so on. But I can’t seem to decide on one. Give me more time to think,” Zhou Xuanji said with a headache. Choosing a name that sounds mighty and meaningful was too difficult.

Jiang Xue suggested, “I decided that you can put Xuanji into our sect’s name because that’s the best advertisement for us.”

After that, she turned away to leave and stopped distracting him.

Add in my own name?

Xuanji Sword Sect?

Xuanji Divine Sword Way?

So childlike!

His body shivered and stopped thinking about it. The most important thing was to break through to Great Realization.

While he was busy cultivating, Xian Xianghua and the 36 Demon Leaders were discussing a secret plan.

“Sect Lord, will this work?” Qin Zheng asked with a frown. The other Demon Lords were very nervous as well.

“I have decided,” Xian Xianghua said calmly, “You are dismissed. Within three years, I must see results! ”

“Yes, Sect Lord! ”

The 36 Demon Leaders cried out in unison before turning into streams of black light and heading out in different directions.

Xian Xianghua turned to look south hesitantly.

Time passed quickly.

Two months later.

The world’s heroes gathered at Duantian Cliff. Every city in the human world was talking about this.

They were all curious about what Yang Di wanted to do.

Soon, a piece of breaking news shook the entire Northern Wilderness Region!

Yang Di was prepared to create a new empire and advance toward a Great Fate Empire to lead the humans’ fate!