I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 286 - The World’s Second! The Rise of the Sword Emperor!

Chapter 286 - The World’s Second! The Rise of the Sword Emperor!


“What are you doing?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown. He had reservations about Daoseeker. He felt that Daoseeker was even more dangerous than Jihuang Demon Lord.

“You have already mastered the second level of World Buddha Art, right? ” Daoseeker took a deep breath and asked.

With this, Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes.

How did this guy know about World Buddha Art?

Could he have learned to peek at destiny after living for countless years?

“I have met three owners of the Tianxia Map. All of them reigned over the world unrivaled just by mastering the second level,” Daoseeker said, which shook Zhou Xuanji’s heart a little.

According to historical records, the previous owner of the Tianxia Map was twenty-thousand years ago. At that time, even the Hegemon Sword Emperor had to bow his head to him.

After that powerful cultivator ascended, the Tianxia Map was lost. And it was because of this that powerful cultivators like Hegemon Sword Emperor, Ancient Diablo, and Haotian Sect’s Devil Ancestor blossomed.


This guy must have lived at least thirty-thousand years.

“Who are you?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He had lived for such a long time, why hadn’t he ascended?

Is the ordinary world this awesome?

After thinking carefully, the ordinary world was truly good.

It was like playing a game. The higher tier players create low-level accounts to bully lower tier players. The more they bullied, the happier they felt.

“I’m Daoseeker. My past is not important. The important thing is that I see hope in you. I see the hope of you mastering level three of World Buddha Art. Once you succeed, you will be the lord over the heavens and the earth. Fate and the world will be connected, and at that time, you can even head over to the Yellow Springs. I want to help you with the hope that you can help me with something in the Yellow Springs,” Daoseeker said solemnly, which made Zhou Xuanji frown again.

Yellow Springs?

The underworld?

Before he could ask, Daoseeker took out a bronze dagger and said, “If there’s anything, you can contact me through this dagger.”

Zhou Xuanji took the bronze dagger and asked as he played with it, “Tell me what you want my help for first. If you ask me to fight some boss in the underworld, aren’t I playing right into death’s hand?”

There were many records about the Yellow Springs in the Northern Wilderness Region.

It was said that the Heavenly Yellow Springs exists in the underworld. Once a person enters the Yellow Springs, he or she could be reincarnated.

“I only need you to save a person. I don’t know what kind of position and situation that person is in right now in the underworld. It has been seventy thousand years after all,” Daoseeker replied calmly. His words made Zhou Xuanji’s eyelids twitch wildly.

Seventy thousand years!

This guy is really an immortal!

“What can you help me with? My fight against Yang Di?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile. He decided to promise him first and try his best to help. If he could not do it, he would not be at fault anyway.

Daoseeker shook his head and said, “I can help you gather intel and create a sect. The only thing I cannot help you do is take lives. If I were to take lives, I would be turned into dust because I begged Heaven for such a restriction to trade for immortality.”

Zhou Xuanji became even more curious and asked further on how Daoseeker begged Heaven.

However, Daoseeker was determined to keep him from knowing.

His eyes were filled with reservations and glanced at the sky occasionally. His behavior made Zhou Xuanji shudder.

Could there really be a God up there?

If it were really so, he shuddered even at the thought of it.

He felt as though a pair of eyes were observing him.


Zhou Xuanji agreed. For now, he had nothing to ask Daoseeker for help for. He was fully committed to breaking through to the Great Realization stage.

The two chatted a little before they departed.

He wanted to invite Daoseeker to Skyfall, but after some careful thought, it was better not to.

He did not know Daoseeker well after all, and he should not trust Daoseeker so easily.

Anyway, he would not want to keep Daoseeker by his side, given Daoseeker’s looks.

At Skyfall.

Zhou Xuanji gathered all his trusted companions together and told them about Daoseeker.

Meanwhile, the second-generation disciples were practicing the sword at the shoulder of the mountain.

“Seventy thousand years… Three owners of the Tianxia Map… If what he said is true, he could be someone who lived for the longest time. ”

Daoya Old Man said as he rubbed his chin and frowned.

Compared to Daoseeker, he was just a little brat.

“You must be careful still. That person knows too much. This could be a trap, ” Xian Xianghua said.

Xian Xianghua had never heard of Daoseeker before.

She suddenly felt that she did not know this world as much as she thought.

Heavens know how many powerhouses remain hidden.

After that, the topic turned toward Jihuang Demon Lord.

They were all curious about why Zhou Xuanji could defeat Jihuang Demon Lord.

Even if Jihuang Demon Lord was injured, he should not be able to defeat him.

“I’ve told you. My ultimate energy technique had a breakthrough, so it was definitely possible for me to defeat him,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly, followed by a sigh.

“The feeling of growing more powerful all the time really is really tiring… It makes me feel lonely,” he said further.

The group rolled their eyes and were all speechless.

They did not ask further because each person had their own secrets after all. Zhou Xuanji had already taught them a lot, so they should not probe too far.

Within two days, the news about Zhou Xuanji killing Jihuang Demon Lord spread throughout the demon race.

Countless demons witnessed how intense that battle was.

The fall of the world’s second was world-shaking news!

“How could it be! The Sovereign is dead?”

“Yeah. He was killed by Zhou Xuanji, and he could not even retaliate! ”

“Could not even retaliate? You are bullshitting. Our Sovereign is very domineering.”

“It must be one of Zhou Xuanji’s schemes!”

“Oh my heavens, this brat is really comparable to the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way. He killed the world’s second at such a young age…”

Countless demons cried out in shock after they heard about it. Skyfall quickly became a forbidden ground among the demon race. No demons dared to offend Zhou Xuanji further.

Of course, many demons even wanted to serve Zhou Xuanji.

The news was like an unstoppable cyclone that swept across the human race.

A huge commotion broke out all across the Eight Sanctums, seven empires, and every other power.

Zhou Xuanji had grown to be so powerful?

Wouldn’t that mean that the humans occupied the top five rankings of the world?

Great Shang.

Yang Xindi heard Yang Zhongtian’s report and felt dazzled.

All the officials and generals in the court were silent.

After a long while.

Yang Xindi sighed, “Back then, I should have tried everything I could to loop ZHou Xuanji in.”

Even Di Yu and Yang Renlong, who fought with Zhou Xuanji at the World Hero Conference, had complicated expressions on their faces.

Now, they could only look up to Zhou Xuanji.

Great Zhou.

Sitting on the throne, Zhou Chengxin was filled with excitement.

“Xuanji is already the world’s second?” He asked with a trembling voice and deep breaths.

Zhou Xuanji killed Jihuang Demon Lord!

Even Yang Di could not do that. Of course, it was most likely that Yang Di did not want Jihuang Demon Lord dead.

“It should be. Not everyone can kill the demon’s Sovereign after all.”

Xitan Changshi smiled. Although he looked composed, his right hand was shaking inside the sleeve.

Great Zhou gave birth to someone awesome!

Since ancient times till now, Great Zhou had never had someone who became the world’s second. No one from Great Zhou even ranked in the top fifty.

Great Chen.

Chen Bantian, who had the royal bloodline of the Yellow Dragon, heard the report of his subordinate and was petrified.

The breeze gently blew into the stone pavilion and messed up his heart.

He mumbled, “Should I have followed him back then instead of coming back to Great Chen…”