I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 284 - It Must Be The Tianxia Map

Chapter 284 - It Must Be The Tianxia Map


Asking you to spare my life by calling you my grandpa?

Jihuang Demon Lord was infuriated by Zhou Xuanji’s words.

Billowing demonic Qi surged from his body and transformed into nine black dragons that surrounded his body. Each of them was hundreds of meters long, and all of them roared so loudly that the sky shook.

Zhou Xuanji was not anxious at all. He had intentionally provoked Jihuang Demon Lord.

With the World Fool Sword, it was difficult for Jihuang Demon Lord to keep his composure.

Only when he was frenzied could Zhou Xuanji find his weak points.

The Demon Lord was not at his peak condition since he had yet to fully heal from the injuries by Yang Di after all.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha swung its thousand swords and slashed toward Jihuang Demon Lord.

The movements of the thousand swords left countless residual images that dazzled the eyes. The domineering sword Qi combined into a golden crescent that rose and deflected Jihuang Demon Lord’s black shield.

The Demon Lord’s nine black dragons continued to swoop down. They shredded the golden sword Qi and charged toward Zhou XUanji.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha did not evade but swung its swords quickly.

Heavenly Lights!

Thousands of sun, moon, and stars shot out like meteorites. The scene was extremely impressive.


The powerful forces clashed together, and the world shook. It felt like the beginning of the world when an extremely large and powerful force swept across the heavens and the earth, and it was like the manifestation of the Heavenly Way. It made the world shudder.

The fierce battle between a human and a demon could be felt by demons miles away. Countless demons looked up.

“This guy was the world’s second indeed!”

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart as he controlled the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha to attack.

Although Jihuang Demon Lord was injured, he still fought imposingly.

He was even more powerful than Huangquan Drake King back then.

But Zhou Xuanji was not the same as before.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Legendary swords were enveloped with dragon-shaped sword Qi and were shot toward the Demon Lord one after another. The sword Qi was more than a hundred meters long, which seemed like numerous golden arrows for Jihuang Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord slashed with his saber and deflected all the legendary swords.

Next, he twirled his body and appeared behind and thrusted. With a reverse grip, the Demon Lord pierced his saber into the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s back.

“Brat, I will let you taste the true power of the demon sovereign! ”

Jihuang Demon Lord cried out coldly. Following a loud sound of an explosion, a horrifying demonic Qi burst out from the long saber like a nuclear explosion, which blew the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha into sparkles.

The explosion blew a hole in the clouds as though the sky was broken.

The scene made everyone on Skyfall shudder.

Is Zhou Xuanji going to be defeated?

“Demon sovereign’s power? Do you know the power of the Sword Emperor?”

Zhou Xuanji’s cold laughter came from the blinding light, followed by a dragon roar that shook the heavens.

A Five-clawed Golden Dragon that was hundreds of meters long crashed into Jihuang Demon Lord, creating countless sparkles. The impact sent the Demon Lord falling straight down from the clouds, and he smashed toward the ground.

The two massive bodies fell like meteorites and crashed into the mountains. The ground crumbled, the mountains collapsed, trees were uprooted, and waves of dust exploded into the sky.

Zhou Xuanji transformed back into his original form. His body was like a golden Buddha enveloped with heavenly lightning. The Ancient God Sword and Sky Extinguishing Sword were in his hands.

Jihuang Demon Lord returned to his normal size as well, with a saber in one hand and a shield in another.

Looking at Zhou Xuanji, his bloodshot eyes began to turn purple out of extreme hatred for Zhou Xuanji.

This brat could even fight to a standstill with him. To him, it was the biggest shame!

If Zhou Xuanji did not die, he would be ashamed to be called the world’s second!

He raised his long saber with a hideous visage.

A beam of black light came down from the heavens onto his long saber. Streaks of black lightning coiled around the light beam, which shook the heavens and the earth.

Everyone on Skyfall, as well as the 36 Demon Leaders, were all shocked.

“What is this? ”

“Such horrifying pressure. Is he going to go full force? ”

“Tsss — If this continues, can Zhou Xuanji hold on? ”

“Is this the true power of the world’s second? ”

“Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal… So powerful…”

Jihuang Demon Lord’s ever-increasing aura pervaded the entire space, which made them feel like they were facing Heaven’s might.

Far away.

Daoseeker stood on the white clouds and observed the fight.

“How did this brat grow so much?” He was shocked in his heart. “Could he have mastered the Divine Technique…”


It should be those swords!

Facing the unparalleled Jihuang Demon Lord, Zhou Xuanji did not feel fear. With the Sky Extinguishing Sword and Saber Monarch Donghai enhancing his power, he still felt that he could fight on.

“Good! I will let you see the power of World Reincarnation! ”

He smiled as a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

It was a good opportunity to strike down Jihuang Demon Lord in his weakest condition.

“Go and die! ”

Jihuang Demon Lord laughed furiously. He swung his right hand, and the black beam turned into a blade that slashed toward Zhou Xuanji.

This slash seemed to be cutting the heavens and the earth into two.

Zhou Xuanji neither guarded nor evaded. He stood there calmly and received the slash with a smile.

Right before the blade touched him, a loud explosion came. The black-beam blade burst open and swept backward with a horrifying force. The impact sent Jihuang Demon Lord flying back, smashing into one mountain after another, and blood spurting from his mouth.

The ruins beneath them were devastated again. The ground, rocks, and trees were all turned into ashes.

Everything felt like the end of the world. All things were crushed into ashes as the shockwave swept outward in all directions. The pit on the ground that was caused by the explosion continued to expand.

Zhou Xuanji’s body shook as blood flowed out from the corner of his lip.

Jihuang Demon Lord’s cultivation was simply too powerful, causing him to still be injured.

But compared to him, Jihuang Demon Lord was more severely injured.

When everything settled down, a terrifyingly massive pit that had a diameter of hundred miles could be seen on the ground. Dust was swept up as smoke spiraled upward, and a stifling feeling pervaded the air.

At the edge of the massive pit, the demons shuddered and shivered. Each of them looked as though they had seen ghosts.

Such a destructive force. Are they celestial beings that had descended into the ordinary world?

On the other side.

Jihuang Demon Lord, who was covered in blood, laid in a collapsed mountain. He tried to climb up, but it was even difficult for him to stand up.

The black armor on his body broke into pieces, and the cape on his back was burnt to a crisp. Blood covered his body, and his bones could be seen faintly.

Gritting his teeth, he looked toward the horizon with a tinge of fear in his eyes.

“What was that just now? ”

Horror washed over his heart. He did not see what Zhou Xuanji had done.

He slashed with all his might, but how was the attack reflected back to him?

Could it be the Tianxia Map?

It must be!

He stared his eyes wide in envy and fury. The reluctance to admit defeat interwove with his other emotions into an endless rage.

He swore to get the Tianxia Map!

“Jihuang Demon Lord, who do you think will die today? ”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice came from above. He looked up and saw that Zhou Xuanji’s golden body was enveloped by heavenly lightning. With the sun behind Zhou Xuanji, dozens of legendary swords levitated in the air, and they were all pointing at him.

He squinted and said with gnashing teeth, “Zhou Xuanji, I dare you to not use the Tianxia Map! ”

Somehow, whenever he neared Zhou Xuanji, he became very short-tempered and could not maintain a clear mind.

“You think I’m using the Tianxia Map? ”

Zhou Xuanji mocked. His face once again triggered Jihuang Demon Lord’s fury.


Jihuang Demon Lord soared into the sky. Demonic energy burst out from his palm and clawed toward Zhou Xuanji.

But before it could reach Zhou Xuanji, he was bombarded again. Blood gushed from his body as he fell straight down.