I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 283 - Chapter 283 – Thousand Hand Sword Buddha Reveals Its Might

Chapter 283 - Chapter 283 – Thousand Hand Sword Buddha Reveals Its Might


“Since it’s like this, then you and I can leave Skyfall and fight to the death.” Zhou Xuanji stopped walking when he was ten meters away from Jihuang Demon Lord and lightly laughed as he spoke.

Legendary swords appeared in the air above his head, including the World Fool Sword.

His tone and expression were as if he did not take Jihuang Demon Lord seriously at all.

Jihuang Demon Lord felt furious. When he had become second in the world, where had Zhou Xuanji been?

How could he accept such provocation?

“Very well! Come with me!” Jihuang Demon Lord turned and flew into the distance, and Zhou Xuanji followed behind him.

The two of them flew downwards, streaking through the sea of clouds like two rays of rainbow light.

On a mountain next to Skyfall, Xian Xianghua and the 36 Demon Leaders looked up.

“Such powerful demon qi… could it be the demon race’s sovereign?” Qin Zheng said in surprise, and the other Demon Leaders were also given a fright.

“Who does that other aura belong to? Is it Zhou Xuanji? So powerful!”

“Of course it’s him; he’s ranked fifth in the world now!”

“That boy’s going to be in trouble. Can he really defeat Jihuang Demon Lord?”

“He has the Tianxia Map, so how can Jihuang Demon Lord let him off?”

“It’s difficult to say.”

The Demon Leaders heatedly discussed among themselves. The majority did not believe that Zhou Xuanji could stand up to Jihuang Demon Lord.

It was not that he was not powerful enough but that Jihuang Demon Lord was too powerful!

Xian Xianghua frowned but did not say anything, nor did she chase after them.

The people on Skyfall were also very anxious.

Ning Zifeng and Lin Changge wanted to go after them, but they were stopped by Daoya Old Man.

“Don’t go, otherwise you might become hostages that Jihuang Demon Lord will use to threaten Zhou Xuanji with,” Daoya Old Man said. If Zhou Xuanji needed help, he would not leave Skyfall.

Jiang Xue started to divine about the upcoming battle between Zhou Xuanji and Jihuang Demon Lord but could not divine anything.

She did not even have the qualifications to receive a backlash.

1,000 miles away, Zhou Xuanji and Jihuang Demon Lord stood above the sea of clouds, with 100 feet between them.

Both of Jihuang Demon Lord’s eyes had become blood-red, and a blood-red and black long saber appeared in his hand. The saber contained an immense baleful aura, causing waves of cold wind to blow out.

“You’ve already lost your way; you’ve come to make trouble for me before you’ve completely recovered from your injuries. You’re going to die a horrible death,” Zhou Xuanji said as he coldly laughed, emanating killing intent.

Jihuang Demon Lord felt infuriated; given what sort of existence he was, how could he tolerate being looked down on by a junior?

“I don’t know why, but I really want to kill you today, even more so than before!” Jihuang Demon Lord said coldly, and the killing intent in his eyes became denser.

Just as he spoke, rays of demon energy turned into countless black arrows that appeared in front of him and shot towards Zhou Xuanji.

They gave off powerful auras and shot forwards like a black river, covering the sky and hiding the sun.

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything and directly used Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha condensed two golden swords, with the same shapes as the Ancient God Sword and Sky Extinguishing Sword. Each one was 100 feet long.

Both swords slashed out, destroying all of the black arrows and stirring the sea of clouds.


Jihuang Demon Lord frowned. Seeing the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha behind Zhou Xuanji, he asked in a low voice, “Buddha? You’ve learned Buddhism?”

Zhou Xuanji looked condescending and his body fused into the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

Sword Will mode!

At the same time, the Sky Extinguishing Sword and Ancient God Sword’s power exploded out, causing the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha to become even bigger. It quickly became 500 feet tall and was like a golden mountain that gave off a light like a bright sun.

Above the sea of clouds, Zhou Xuanji looked like an unparalleled god that looked down on the heavens and earth, dispelling all darkness in the world and looking incredibly domineering.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s eyes opened and two rays of golden light shot out, causing Jihuang Demon Lord to squint.

Golden arms stretched out from the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s back, looking like a divine flower blossoming. Each of them held a golden sword, and the shapes of all of Zhou Xuanji’s legendary swords could be found.

Zhou Xuanji had unleashed all of his firepower!

Jihuang Demon Lord’s expression changed. It was not his first time seeing a thousand hand Buddha image, but it was definitely the first time he had seen a Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

The 1,000 massive golden swords looked incredibly brilliant under the sunlight and gave off god-like lights.

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything and quickly rushed towards Jihuang Demon Lord.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha swung its 1,000 swords, wildly cutting and slashing at Jihuang Demon Lord with immense might. It was like the legend of Pangu splitting the heavens and earth or like a war god suppressing demons.

Jihuang Demon Lord swung his saber and defended. His strength was not weak at all, and his speed was fast as well, blocking each strike.

However, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s attacks were simply too ferocious and were like a stormy sea, wave after wave. Soon, Jihuang Demon Lord was forced to start to dodge.

At the same time, Daoya Old Man used a magical technique to display the battle to the others.

Seeing the powerful Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, everyone felt their blood boiling.

“Grand-Teacher is so powerful!”

“So Grand-Teacher already has the strength to fight the second in the world!”

“Heavens, is this the power of a human? He’s like a god!”

“Even though we’re so far away, their auras make me feel as if my heart is jumping.”

“So domineering! Is this a sword technique? Or a divine ability?”

It was not just the second generation disciples—even Jiang Xue, Xiao Jinghong, Lin Changge, and the others were dumbfounded.

“I want to learn… I want to learn…” Zhao Congjian was so excited that his entire body trembled.

Zhang Kuanglan gulped; in his mind, Zhou Xuanji became even more unfathomable.

It was the first time he had seen Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

What a domineering sword technique!

He had lived for such a long time, yet it was the first time he had seen a sword technique that looked like a divine ability.

With his eyesight, he could tell at a glance that the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was made of sword qi, and it was incredibly powerful.

This kind of attainment in the Way of the Sword…

Even the Hegemon Sword Emperor back then could not compare to him.

The key thing was that Zhou Xuanji was only in his early thirties!

When he was 1,000 years old, wouldn’t he be able to be like Yang Di, domineering the world completely unrivaled?

It was possible that he would be even more powerful than Yang Di!

Zhang Kuanglan frowned, and his heart rate sped up as a thought was born in the depths of his heart.

On another mountain, the 36 Demon Leaders were completely stupefied as they watched on. Apart from respect and shock, they did not feel anything else.

Xian Xianghua’s eyes were also filled with shock.

She had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would be this powerful!

“This boy…” She had not noticed Zhou Xuanji’s absurd speed of growth despite him being in front of her this whole time.

In that moment, Zhou Xuanji seemed to be enshrouded in fog in her eyes.


Jihuang Demon Lord suddenly flew upwards and his body expanded, becoming 500 feet tall. His cloak fluttered wildly and his hair danced chaotically, while his two horns seemed to stab into the sky.

Black scales appeared on his face, and his demon energy turned into a massive black shield that appeared in his left hand.

With the black shield in front of him, he dove downwards, giving off a heaven-collapsing aura.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha raised all of its hands, combining all of the 1,000 swords, before stabbing towards the sky.

Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

Sword might that shook the heavens!

A golden ray of sword qi shot into the sky, slamming into Jihuang Demon Lord’s black shield.


A layer of powerful light burst forth below the black shield, and as the two powerful energies collided, waves of immense wind blew out, causing the sea of clouds below to wildly roil.

Looking at the clouds from the ground, people could see 10,000 miles of clouds roiling, and the sky seemed to twist and distort, creating a grand scene.

“This boy’s sword qi is so powerful…” Jihuang Demon Lord inwardly felt shocked and suddenly felt some regret.

If he had fully recovered from his injuries, how could Zhou Xuanji act so arrogantly in front of him?

He gritted his teeth and asked, “Stinking brat, what sword technique is this?”

He desperately pressed downwards, but he was unable to counteract the Sky Dominating Divine Sword’s sword qi.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha looked at him furiously, its eyes burning and giving off a godly might.

“Sword within Buddha, Buddha within Sword—Thousand Hand Sword Buddha!

“This sword technique specifically counters demons and beheads the wicked. Jihuang Demon Lord, if you’re afraid, call out ‘spare my life grandpa’ and perhaps your elder will consider giving you an easy death!”