I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 281 - Chapter 281 – Saber Monarch Donghai, 36 Demon Leaders

Chapter 281 - Chapter 281 – Saber Monarch Donghai, 36 Demon Leaders


Zhou Xuanji went to a forest, away from the others.

The reason why he distanced himself from the others was not because he didn’t trust them, but because he wanted to surprise them.

In the future, when they encountered problems, he would use it—just thinking about it made him feel great already.

He walked in front of a large tree and took out the Ancient God Sword.

The method for awakening the soul of an ancient powerful being was very simple—he just needed to send his spirit energy into the sword and use his mind to awaken it.

Soon, a black shadow floated out from the blade.

Zhou Xuanji immediately understood his background.

Saber Monarch Donghai!

30,000 years ago she had ascended and left the Northern Wilderness. However, she had unexpectedly fallen, and her soul had been wandering in the void before being absorbed by the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

As for other information about Saber Monarch Donghai, he had no idea.

He could sense that Saber Monarch Donghai’s power was no weaker than Emperor Hanlan’s.

Of course, this was only in terms of their remnant souls.

He attached Saber Monarch Donghai’s soul to his body, causing his aura to explosively increase.

It was the same as when he had used Emperor Hanlan’s soul, but now that his cultivation was far higher than before, he felt that he could challenge Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals.

Well, the weakest of Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals.

He still could not contend with existences like Jihuang Demon Lord.

He did some simple testing before putting away the Ancient God Sword and returned to the summit.

Xian Xianghua glanced at him but did not say anything.

Jiang Xue was still learning divination from Daoya Old Man and did not notice anything different about Zhou Xuanji.

One month later, Xian Xianghua left without saying anything.

She returned after seven days, announcing that she had gathered the Tanhua Sect’s 36 Demon Leaders, and they had settled at a neighboring mountain.

Zhou Xuanji did not have any objections to this.

Ning Zifeng was quite curious, and after asking for Xian Xianghua’s permission, he went to find the 36 Demon Leaders to spar and returned with low spirits.

The next day, Ning Zifeng and Lin Changge went together but still returned in defeat.

The two of them refused to give up and would go and seek the 36 Demon Leaders every few days.

At the top of the mountain, the Tanhua Sect’s 36 Demon Leaders sat cross-legged as they cultivated. There were 28 men and eight women, and all of them had powerful cultivations.

There were 10 Demon Leaders who had Great Realization stage cultivation.

With such a force, no wonder Ning Zifeng and Lin Changge were not a match.

A Demon Leader opened his eyes and said, “Will those two boys come again?”

Hearing this, the other 35 Demon Leaders all opened their eyes with strange expressions.

Back when Ning Zifeng had challenged them, they felt quite disdainful.

Even with Lin Changge joining him later on, they were still not a match for all of them combined.

However, if this went on, how could they focus on cultivating?

“Zhou Xuanji might be our future Sect Lord. Keep enduring, everyone,” an elder said. His name was Qin Zheng, and he was the First Demon Leader.

He and Thousand Hand Devil Qin Gang were brothers.

It had been over 3,000 years since the 36 Demon Leaders had all gathered together.

Ever since Xian Xianghua had been defeated by Yang Di, the 36 Demon Leaders had disappeared and left the Tanhua Sect, and most people thought they had died.

Who would have thought that they were not dead and had instead been focusing on cultivating this whole time.

Qin Zheng’s words caused the others’ attention to turn to Zhou Xuanji.

“It’s said that Zhou Xuanji has immense talent. Even if he doesn’t have the Tianxia Map, he has the potential to become the number one in the world. No wonder the Sect Lord wants him so much.”

“But he wants to start his own sect. When the time comes, what will the relationship between his sect and the Tanhua Sect like?”

“Surely they’ll fuse?”

“No, we can’t allow the Tanhua Sect to be absorbed by another sect!”

“That’s right, the Tanhua Sect’s name will never be changed. This is our faith!”

The Demon Leaders heatedly discussed among themselves. Even though they respected Zhou Xuanji, they did not want the Tanhua Sect’s name to change.

At that moment, Xian Xianghua suddenly appeared in front of them, causing them to hurriedly get up and pay their respects.

“We greet the Sect Lord!” They said simultaneously, their voices filled with reverence.

Xian Xianghua swept her gaze across them and asked, “Has Qin Gang been rescued?”

Thousand Hand Devil Qin Gang was a sharp blade of the Tanhua Sect.

Apart from his own cultivation, his intelligence-gathering skills were very important to the Tanhua Sect.

Qin Zheng replied, “Thank you for your concern, Sect Lord; I have already sent him to gather the Tanhua Sect’s disciples from all over.”

If Zhou Xuanji had not killed Huangquan Drake King, how could they have saved Qin Gang so easily?

As such, Qin Zheng still felt a trace of gratitude towards Zhou Xuanji.

After all, Qin Gang had also said many things about Zhou Xuanji to him.

“Mm, as for the event at the Duantian Cliff—do you all think the Tanhua Sect should go?”

Xian Xianghua changed the topic. Yang Di had invited all heroes in the world to gather, but Xian Xianghua was in an awkward position given that they were enemies with the rest of the world. If they went, they would definitely have many troubles.

A female Demon Leader licked her lips and gave a sinister smile as she said, “This is a good opportunity for the Tanhua Sect to recover. It’s better that we don’t go and properly develop the Tanhua Sect. Moreover, I’m afraid that the Duantian Cliff gathering is not that simple.”

The will of the people was to have Yang Di become the lord of the human race.

If he gave the order, everyone would submit; why would there be a need to beat around the bush?

It was possible that the Duantian Cliff gathering was a Feast at Hongmen. [TLN: A banquet set up for murdering a guest]

The Sanctums, Empires and Sects most likely could guess this, but who dared to refuse Yang Di?

Xian Xianghua nodded and said, “Have you completed the task that I gave you?”

Even though she was arrogant and unruly, she understood the situation.

The Tanhua Sect could not compare to before, and it was no longer the overlord of the demonic path.

Qin Zheng replied, “Nearly; when the time comes, my disciple will bring him here.”

While the Tanhua Sect was discussing the Duantian Cliff gathering, so was Skyfall.

Zhou Xuanji gathered everyone at the summit, including the second generation disciples.

“In the next period of time, no matter what happens, we must not leave Skyfall. We’ll start moving out once I break through to the Great Realization stage,” Zhou Xuanji said softly as he placed his hands on his legs.

His voice was clearly heard by every person.

The little black snake flicked its tongue and asked, “Master, will you have confidence to deal with Yang Di if you break through to the Great Realization stage?”

Everyone else looked at Zhou Xuanji in hope.

Zhou Xuanji had always had the ability to fight with those of a higher stage in cultivation.

When he had Spirit Refinement cultivation he could kill Huangquan Drake King; when he broke through to the Great Realization stage, he would only have one opponent left.

“I’ve never met Yang Di, but I am confident in defeating Jihuang Demon Lord,” Zhou Xuanji said conservatively. Intimidating Spirit grade legendary swords were definitely much more powerful than Heavenly Soul legendary swords. Adding on World Reincarnation and a Great Realization stage cultivation, he really did have the confidence to deal with Jihuang Demon Lord.

What was worth mentioning was that Jihuang Demon Lord had already vanished without a trace, as if he had been scared witless by Yang Di. There was no news about him at all.

A disciple nervously asked, “Will Yang Di really list us as enemies? A senior told me that Yang Di has always been focused on cultivating and does not care about worldly affairs.”

Chongming Demon Monarch glared at him and cursed, “He wants to be the ruler of the world, not just the ruler of the human race, understand?”

Any person could change!

Xu Yang timely changed the topic and asked, “Grand-Teacher, Zhang Kuanglan says that he has something to report to you. Do you want to see him?”

Zhang Kuanglan was still a prisoner, and Zhou Xuanji would absorb his spirit energy once every few months.

As time passed, his heart had started to waver.