I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 279 - Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment

Chapter 279 - Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment


After learning the World Reincarnation divine ability, Zhou Xuanji spent an hour familiarizing himself with his new senses.

Whether it was in terms of quality or quantity, his spirit energy had gone through massive changes.

Putting aside the World Reincarnation divine ability, just the changes alone made him feel like a completely different person.

If he used World Reincarnation, he could instantly kill his previous self.

He once again regained the confidence to look down at the world!

Ever since he had witnessed Jihuang Demon Lord’s power and heard that Jihuang Demon Lord had been easily defeated by Yang Di, he had always felt a pressure in his heart.

Even if he did not want to admit it, that pressure indeed existed.

Would an existence like Yang Di really be able to ignore the Tianxia Map?

Zhou Xuanji slowly opened his eyes, light dancing within them.

“Wait, when I comprehended World Reincarnation, I seem to have obtained another two swords.”

He suddenly thought of something, and following this, the information of two swords appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment

Grade: Intimidating Spirit

Description: A sword created at the beginning of creation. It contains a trace of heavenly might and has incredibly destructive power. When the Martial Punishment Power is activated, it will greatly strengthen the Sword Owner’s body, making it difficult for evil spirits to approach. Cannot be used by those below the Great Realization stage.

Sword Name: Spring Water Sword

Grade: Silver

Description: A precious sword created from bathing in Thousand Year Spring Water. When used to fight in water, it will allow the user to be like fish in water.

Intimidating Spirit legendary sword!

Holy crap!

Was this real?

Zhou Xuanji felt as if he was on stimulants and directly jumped up from the ground. He tightly gripped his fists as his breathing became ragged, and his body trembled from excitement.

Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment!

It contains a trace of heavenly might!

However, the prerequisite to using this sword was Great Realization stage cultivation, making him feel quite disappointed.

Nevertheless, this showed how powerful Heavenly Retribution Martial Punishment was!

Zhou Xuanji was already at Spirit Refinement Level Seven and was quite close to the Great Realization stage.

Now that he had finished learning the second level of the World Buddha Art, his qi internalization speed was much faster than before. Breaking through to the Great Realization stage was not very far away.

Thinking about that, Zhou Xuanji felt even happier.

By now, everyone else had gathered around.

“Revered Teacher, you’ve broken through?”

“Master, what did you comprehend?”

“Are you alright, Xuanji?”

“Hahaha, as expected from my grand-disciple. Truly extraordinary.”

“Master, is it a sword technique?”

Everyone felt incredibly excited. Now that Yang Di had appeared again and dominated the world, the stronger Zhou Xuanji became, the happier they were.

Facing all of their questions, Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “All of you attack me.”

He wanted to try World Reincarnation’s might.

Everyone felt quite stunned and felt quite weak.

Before breaking through, Zhou Xuanji was already an incredibly powerful existence, and this was much more so now.

“Don’t worry, I won’t retaliate,” Zhou Xuanji said as he gave a mysterious smile. After speaking, he activated World Reincarnation.

Sneaky individuals like the little black snake and Chongming Demon Monarch might suddenly attack, catching him off-guard.

Just as expected, Chongming Demon Monarch attacked first, swinging his fist towards him.

Chongming Demon Monarch used all of his demon energy, causing his strength to rise to its peak. He did not hold back at all with this punch, and it was extremely domineering.


Before Chongming Demon Monarch’s fist could reach Zhou Xuanji, he felt the demon energy from his fist being reflected back at him.


Blood spurted out of Chongming Demon Monarch’s mouth as he flew backwards over building after building, and he fell down from Skyfall.

The others who had been preparing to attack were greatly startled and quickly backed away, not daring to attack.

The little black snake, who had leapt into the air, suddenly froze, fell to the ground, and curled into a ball as it trembled.

So close!

Everyone gulped and felt a trace of gratitude towards Chongming Demon Monarch.

Xian Xianghua thought of something and asked in curiosity, “You clearly didn’t use any spirit energy, so how did you send him flying?”

A divine ability!

A very strange divine ability!

As the number one cultivator in the demonic path, Xian Xianghua could immediately tell. However, she could not tell at all what was so powerful about this divine ability.

Zhou Xuanji shrugged and said, “Because I am the heavens. Anyone who dares to harm the heavens will be exterminated!”

Xian Xianghua rolled her eyes; this boy was so good at bragging.

Ning Zifeng, Lin Changge, and Zhao Congjian surrounded him, wanting to learn this ability.

Zhou Xuanji cursed at them. This was not a sword technique but his energy technique; there was no chance of them learning it!

Hearing this, the three of them became like deflated balloons.

They knew that the energy technique that Zhou Xuanji cultivated was not simple and required massive amounts of spirit qi. If they wanted to learn it, their speed would be incredibly slow. After all, they did not have the Tianxia Map.

Zhou Xuanji chatted with them for a while before continuing to cultivate.

If he wanted to completely control his new senses and spirit energy, it was not something that could be achieved within one day.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji become stronger, the others became quite motivated and all worked hard at cultivating.

At the middle of the mountain, the bloodied Chongming Demon Monarch lay among uprooted trees. There was bloody foam in his mouth, the whites of his eyes were showing, and his right foot was spasming.

“Why… Why…” He said with great difficulty. He had no idea what had just happened. He now had a shadow in his heart after this exchange.

In the future, he would not dare to attack Zhou Xuanji, even if Zhou Xuanji ordered him to.

A second generation disciple ran over, and seeing the sorry state of Chongming Demon Monarch, he cried out, “Old Cow Chongming is going to die!”

Hearing this, Chongming Demon Monarch was so angry he directly fainted.

At the middle region of the Northern Wilderness, on grassy plains.

Chief Monk Xuanhe led a group of monks. Their complexions were ruddy and they no longer looked as wretched as they had when they were imprisoned.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of them, causing Chief Monk Xuanhe to narrow his eyes.

It was Feng Kule!

“Long time no see, Xuanhe. Looks like you’re fine,” Feng Kule said as he chuckled. He reached Chief Monk Xuanhe in three steps, and there was less than a meter between them.

Chief Monk Xuanhe asked, “What have you sought me for? The Tanhua Sect has fallen; could it be that you want to find me to deal with Yang Di?”

Currently, Yang Di was flying his banner on a solitary tree, dominating the world. There was no one who could defend against him or contend with him.

“Do you really understand Yang Di?” Feng Kule asked. Hearing this, Chief Monk Xuanhe frowned.

Ever since he had attained great accomplishment in his Dharma, Feng Kule had sought him for help many times.

No matter who it was, the most powerful experts would always be his targets.

For example, Xian Xianghua and Jihuang Demon Lord had both been plotted against by Feng Kule before.

After his encounter with Jihuang Demon Lord, Chief Monk Xuanhe had done much thinking, and he no longer wanted to continue getting involved in worldly matters and just wanted to become stronger.

“A true calamity is about to descend. You are the world’s number one Buddhist cultivator and should help save the common people. You shouldn’t avoid your responsibility,” Feng Kule said seriously, as if he was looking at the savior of the world.

Chief Monk Xuanhe shook his head and said, “I owe you for giving me guidance, but I cannot continue to help you. What you want is not peace in the world but to rule the world. If I help you deal with Yang Di, next time it will be Jiang Wudi, and then it will be Zhou Xuanji.”

He felt puzzled; since Feng Kule wanted to fight for the world, why didn’t he act himself?

Hearing this, Feng Kule’s expression became dark as he said, “This calamity is going to sweep through the Northern Wilderness. Even if you don’t act, the calamity will affect you too. Take care.”

After speaking, he disappeared.

Chief Monk Xuanhe continued to look indifferent.

A young monk anxiously asked, “Teacher, where will we go now?”

Chief Monk Xuanhe calmly replied, “The Northern Coast to search for the Immortal Buddha legacy.”