I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 278 - World Reincarnation, Intimidating Spirit Legendary Sword

Chapter 278 - World Reincarnation, Intimidating Spirit Legendary Sword


Chapter 278: Chapter 278 – World Reincarnation, Intimidating Spirit Legendary Sword

“That’s right, master definitely can’t personally go,” Huang Lianxin said as she nodded. The situation Zhou Xuanji was in now was much more dangerous than before.

Tianxia Map!

Even if Yang Di did not kill him, what about the bosses of the other sects?

Skyfall was fine—after all, this was within the territory of the demon race.

Zhou Xuanji thought about it and decided to not take any risks.

He nodded and said, “I’ll leave this to you then, Changge.”

Lin Changge was no ordinary person—he was a famous genius within the Northern Wilderness.

“Lil Ge, don’t lose face for our Skyfall,” Ning Zifeng said as he patted Lin Changge’s face, looking incredibly annoying.

Lin Changge became infuriated and cursed out, “Don’t call me that!”

Following this, the two of them began to squabble.

Zhou Xuanji was still thinking about the Duantian Cliff matter.

With Yang Di’s strength, he could simply just unify the world. Why did he want to gather all of the world’s heroes?

In the Northern Wilderness, the strong reigned supreme!

The key thing was, the place Yang Di had chosen was Duantian Cliff.

Back then, Xian Xianghua had been encircled and attacked by experts at Duantian Cliff.

“In the next year, focus on cultivating the Sky Dominating Divine Sword. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can come and ask me at any time,” Zhou Xuanji said to Lin Changge. Hearing this, Lin Changge felt incredibly delighted.

After Zhou Xuanji had passed on the Sky Dominating Divine Sword to him, he had not regularly taught him personally.

He had immense talent, so he naturally did not take the initiative to ask.

Zhou Xuanji gave some more instructions before having everyone leave to continue to cultivate.

At the top of a 1,000 foot tall mountain, Xian Xianghua stood proudly within a chilling wind, dressed in a violet dress. The veil on her face was not affected by the wind, and she looked into the distance, as if she was waiting for something.

Five black shadows appeared in front of her and floated like smoke. Their figures rippled and it was impossible to see their features.

“We greet the Sect Lord!” Five different voices simultaneously sounded out.

Xian Xianghua’s gaze was cold as she said, “Yang Di wants to take control of the world; the Tanhua Sect cannot continue to remain silent. Gather the 36 Demon Leaders and take this opportunity to rescue the Thousand-hands Devil from the Huangquan Path. I’m going to sweep across the world!”

“Yes!” The five shadows said together before disappearing.

Xian Xianghua looked towards the north and muttered, “I shouldn’t have let you off back then.”

After this, she turned and flew back towards Skyfall.

Four months later, Zhou Xuanji finally broke through to Spirit Refinement Level Six.

He relied on many precious and rare materials, the Tianxia Map, as well as the dense spirit qi at Skyfall to quickly break through.

Ordinary Spirit Refinement cultivators sometimes took 1,000 years or more to break through to the next level.

Spending 100 years was already incredibly fast.

Not just this, Zhou Xuanji’s comprehension of World Reincarnation had also reached a critical point.

Mysteriously, he felt that there was a little bit of something missing.

Just a little bit.

Once he comprehended it, he would be able to complete World Reincarnation.

He already had enough spirit qi for World Reincarnation and he had practiced the energy technique countless times.

He was just missing that one step.

“Sometimes, you can only gain by letting go,” Xian Xianghua’s voice suddenly sounded in his ears. He opened his eyes and saw Xian Xianghua standing next to him, looking up at the sea of stars in the sky.

He was sitting cross-legged and had to look up to look at her.

He did not say anything and instead thought about the meaning behind her words.

“I cultivate the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique, and I have encountered obstacles many times during cultivation, whether for energy techniques, magical techniques, divine abilities, and the like.

“When one desires something too much, they will instead become lost.” Xian Xianghua said, sounding profound. She had observed Zhou Xuanji for a long time and he always looked confused.


She had not wanted to get involved; after all, everyone had their own path in cultivation. However, Jiang Xue could not bear to watch Zhou Xuanji in consternation, so she had gone to seek Xian Xianghua and asked her to help.

At Skyfall, Xian Xianghua’s cultivation was the highest.

Even in the entire Northern Wilderness, in terms of cultivation, she stood at the peak.

“Lost…” Zhou Xuanji frowned as he sank into his thoughts.

Xian Xianghua lightly patted his head and harrumphed, “Little husband, do you really not understand or are you pretending to not understand?”

Zhou Xuanji felt quite stunned.

He suddenly gained enlightenment!

“World Reincarnation, everything is reincarnation—from nothingness to existence, from existence to nothingness. From not knowing to remembering, from remembering to forgetting…” Zhou Xuanji muttered, his gaze becoming brighter.

Xian Xianghua became interested in his words.

He did not notice this, as he had entered a moment of enlightenment.

World Reincarnation could cause an enemy’s energy to be completely reflected back at them.

Apart from this, there were other effects; he would only understand after he had completely cultivated it.

At this moment, he understood.

He had cultivated World Reincarnation’s qi circulation technique so many times that it had almost become instinctive for him.

The final step was to forget it and allow his body to learn World Reincarnation.

Allowing his soul to grasp World Reincarnation, as opposed to his memory!

Massive amounts of spirit qi gathered toward Zhou Xuanji, forming a hurricane.

Everyone at the summit of the mountain looked at each other.

Jiang Xue looked delighted, Daoya Old Man stroked his beard and laughed, and everyone felt incredibly amazed.

“Master has broken through again,” Zhao Congjian said excitedly. Was it another powerful sword technique?

Xian Xianghua looked at Zhou Xuanji with a strange expression.

“This boy…” Her heart was trembling. Even though she wanted to give him a push, she had never thought that he would gain enlightenment so quickly.

And he had successfully broken through directly!

This kind of talent in comprehension…

Zhou Xuanji completely understood World Reincarnation, and the spirit energy in his body went through great changes.

He could sense a strange energy encircling his surroundings, changing his body and spirit energy.

This feeling was quite fantastic.

He could not explain it nor put it in words.

He suddenly remembered what Daoya Old Man had said before, that there were many things that existed in the world that could not be seen with eyes or sensed with senses, such as Fate, destiny, or heavenly law.

Only these things could explain what he was feeling.

“The cultivator is bewildered while observers can see clearly; so this is World Reincarnation!” Zhou Xuanji inwardly sighed. The World Buddha Art was a peerless divine art; who could bear to forget it?

Even if they wanted to, it was incredibly difficult.

It would have been difficult for him to achieve this in a short amount of time without the innate ability to split his mind.

Of course, he could use a magical technique to seal his memories, but this would also create an obstacle for his body to remember.

Spirit qi madly entered his body, causing his spirit energy to explosively grow as it went through changes.

A violet-colored meteor streaked across the sky, disappearing quickly.

“That seemed to be a shooting star,” the little black snake said in surprise, but no one paid any attention to it because everyone was focused on Zhou Xuanji.

Time passed minute by minute, second by second.

Soon, six hours had passed.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to Spirit Refinement Level Seven!

At the same time, he finally learned World Reincarnation and cultivated it into a divine ability.

A faint bizarre-looking diagram appeared on his forehead. At a glance, it looked like a violet eight trigrams.


He felt an explosion blast out in his mind and his senses became dozens of times stronger.

He could even sense other people’s spirit energy now and differentiate the strength between them. The strongest was Xian Xianghua—her spirit energy was like a bright sun, raging and flaming. In front of her spirit energy, everyone else’s spirit energy seemed incredibly tiny.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has learned a divine ability. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner has obtained [Intimidating Spirit]…”