I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 275 - Chapter 275 The Battle Between The Immortals

Chapter 275 - Chapter 275 The Battle Between The Immortals


Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

Jihuang Demon Lord and Jiang Wudi fought head-on, using all kinds of different spells, and it was hard to determine who was winning.

Jiang Wudi’s spells inclined toward physical cultivation. Every punch and kick had the mighty power of destroying the world.

Jihuang Demon Lord was enveloped with demonic Qi and thrust the black spear in his hands consecutively. Numerous demonic shadows conjured and surrounded Jiang Wudi.

When they were far enough from Zhou Xuanji, their rationality recovered.

“What’s happening… I’m here to intimidate him into backing off. How did I start fighting him?”

Jiang Wudi regretted what he was doing. How did he overact?

He came to threaten Jihuang demon lord. With him, Xian Xianghua, and Zhou Xuanji working together, Jihuang Demon Lord would surely retreat.

No one expected him to begin fighting Jihuang Demon Lord the moment they met.

Until now, he could no longer care about his regrets but try his best in the battle.

Jihuang Demon Lord also felt that something was wrong.

His target was Zhou Xuanji, how did he begin fighting with Jiang Wudi?

Where did Jiang Wudi get the boldness to fight with him?

It must be because of the Tianxia Map, which made him crazy.

When he thought about this, Jihuang Demon Lord’s eyes became fierce, and he decided to kill Jiang Wudi with full force.

The battle between the demon and the human became even more intense!

Mountains were crushed, and clouds were dispersed like a dragon tearing up the heavens.

A horrifying pressure pervaded the entire place, which frightened many demons into flee.

Zhou Xuanji looked from afar. He saw explosions at the horizon, and dust covered the sky. Two shadows clashed with the speed of light, fearsome and shocking.

It looked like two immortals fighting. And the fight was world-shattering.

He sighed in his heart in amazement. This is the true power of Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals?

He hoped that when he reached the Great Realization stage, he could wield such destructive powers.

It was just too awesome!

Brat, since the Sovereign has no time to deal with you, I shall do it! ”

Fate Ox’s voice came from Zhou Xuanji’s back. Before he could finish speaking, Zhou Xuanji evaded him with the Eight-step Sword Lunge.

Having fought so many battles, he could already accurately pre-empt a sneak attack.

With heavenly lightning surrounding his body, his skin beamed with a golden radiance.

He stared at Fate Ox and smiled coldly, “You are merely at Great Realization, and you think you can kill me? ”

Seeing his expression, Fate Ox’s heart shook.

But the ox demon did not lose his composure but covered the sky with his duplicates that dazzled the eyes.

“Zhou Xuanji, you should never exist in this world. Neither should the Tianxia Map be possessed by you. Hand over the Tianxia Map now!” Thousands of duplicates threatened in unison.

“I should not exist in this world? ” Zhou Xuanji said with a blank expression.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

All the legendary swords were propelled out, covered in dragon-shaped sword Qi. They swept across the sky and shredded duplicate after duplicate, but it was hard to identify the actual ox demon.

Zhou Xuanji was prepared to attack personally, but he suddenly felt that a formless force had constricted his limbs.

Strands of black Qi appeared out of nowhere. They coiled around his hands and feet and immobilized him.

“This guy… What’s this spell?” He said with his eyes wide open.

He could sense that his spirit energy could not be activated, as though it were sealed.

At this moment, Fate Ox appeared behind him again.

“Zhou Xuanji, you are still too young and lack the experience. I hope you will remember this lesson in your next life. ”

Fate Ox laughed coldly as he stretched out his hand toward Zhou Xuanji’s neck.


A cold hand slapped his face and exploded his head straightaway.

It was Xian Xianghua!

She pulled her right hand, and the soul of Fate Ox landed into her hands.

Instant kill!

The black Qi that constricted Zhou Xuanji’s limbs disappeared as well.

“Xian…” Fate Ox cried out, aghast, “Aren’t you severely injured? ”

Could she be pretending?

When he thought about this, his soul shuddered.


He cried as loud as he could in his mind, “Run! ”

With Xian Xianghua at her peak fighting alongside Jiang Wudi, Jihuang Demon Lord could never stand up against them.

With cold eyes, Xian Xianghua clenched her right hand and crushed Fate Ox’s soul.

Zhou Xuanji’s spirit energy was restored.

“Thanks, ” he said to Xian Xianghua.

He almost fell into the Fate Ox’s trap.

What kind of spell was that?

He did not detect it at all.

“Be careful next time. He was using his divine ability that can seal his enemy’s spirit energy invisibly. I’m not sure about what kind of divine ability specifically that is, but I’ve encountered similar divine abilities before. Before absolute power, all things are fake,” Xian Xianghua said calmly, and Zhou Xuanji could only sigh.

She really knew how to boast.

The two looked afar.

Jihuang Demon Lord was still fighting intensely with Jiang Wudi. They were too fast for Zhou Xuanji to determine who was winning.

“Have you fully recovered?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. He felt that Jiang Wudi would lose because Jihuang Demon Lord’s demonic energy was simply too powerful. It was so endless that it could envelop the heavens and earth.

“No,” Xian Xianghua replied truthfully. If she had fully recovered, would she be merely watching the fight?

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and smiled.

On the other side.

Jihuang Demon Lord sensed the death of Fate Ox and shuddered.

“Xian Xianghua has already recovered from her injuries?”

If so, it would be very disadvantageous to continue this battle.

He immediately turned to flee.

Jiang Wudi could not defeat Jihuang Demon Lord in the first place, so he did not pursue the Demon Lord naturally.

‘I must not be this reckless in the future,’ he heaved a sigh of relief and thought in his heart.

After the thought, he turned and flew toward Skyfall.

On the peak of Skyfall.

In a stone pavilion. Zhou Xuanji sat in front of Jiang Wudi. Xian Xianghua and Daoya Old Man sat aside. Jiang Xue sat on the fence behind Zhou Xuanji and tried to avoid Jiang Wudi’s eyes.

“Thank you, senior, for your help.”

Daoya Old Man raised a toast and smiled.

Jiang Wudi raised a toast back and shook his head in a smile, “Don’t mention it. We are one family.”

One family?

How shameless!

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes. However, if it were not for Jiang Wudi’s help, they would be in big trouble.

He understood Jiang Wudi’s intention. It was to loop him in.

“I don’t have any intentions regarding the Tianxia Map. My cultivation has reached its limit and can no longer improve. You are different. With the Tianxia Map, you can create a new and prosperous era. I’m here to help you in the hope that you will preserve the Jiang Clan in the future,” Jiang Wudid looked at Zhou Xuanji and said sincerely.

On the path of cultivation, you might not grow more powerful even if you continued to cultivate.

Each person had one’s own limit. Most people hit their limit even before the Inner Pellet stage. It was not because he stopped putting in the effort but that his fate was simply so.

Jiang Wudi was like Daoya Old Man. Both had hit their limits and could no longer grow more powerful.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “No matter what, you have helped me today. If the Jiang Clan befalls any danger, I will help. ”

Jiang Wudi heard him and smiled in a pleasant surprise.

Xian Xianghua snorted coldly and said, “Don’t be fooled by him. He went to search for the Sea-Freezing Stone with the obvious intention of heading overseas to search for new serendipity, which means to say, he has yet to give up his ambition.”