I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 274 - Let’s See Who Kills Who

Chapter 274 - Let’s See Who Kills Who


Chapter 274: Chapter 274 Let’s See Who Kills Who

“Dragon King! ”

“How could it be! ”

Ning Zifeng and Lin Changge cried out in shock. Fenyu Dragon King was a Ninth Rank great demon!

He was defeated by Jihuang Demon Lord in an instant from afar.

That was too overpowered!

The human cultivators shuddered. The Demon Sovereign’s power was far beyond their imagination.

Such prowess made him uneasy.

If Jihuang Demon Lord were to obtain the Tianxia Map, would he spare them?

Their eyes sparkled, and their hearts were shaken.

“Zhou Xuanji, if you continue to hide, your sword slaves will die,” Jihuang Demon Lord mocked. The moment he finished speaking, Zhou Xuanji flew toward them through the clouds and stopped before Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng.

He wore a white robe with the Ancient God Sword and Sky Extinguishing Sword in his hands. His face looked calm, and he felt no anxiety when facing such a powerful enemy.

“If you want the Tianxia Map, why do you need to put in so much effort. You can just ask me. Could it be that you want to share the Tianxia Map with all of them?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with seemingly a smile, but he was thinking about how to deal with Jihuang Demon Lord in his heart.

Back then, it was so difficult to defeat the Huangquan Drake King. How much more difficult would it be to defeat Jihuang Demon Lord?

Emperor Hanlan had yet to wake up, and the Ancient God Sword could only summon the soul of a powerhouse every three years.

He could only rely on the Hades God-slaying Formation.

Share the Tianxia Map?

The cultivators’ hearts pumped even faster as they looked at Jihuang Demon Lord.

There were too many legends about the Tianxia Map. Legend had it that the Tianxia Map contained an ultimate energy technique. Others said that there was great wealth within the Tianxia Map. Some even said that it contained celestial pills that could help the possessor to immortalize immediately.

They had gone through so much just to get here. It was not just for helping Jihuang Demon Lord.

“The thing that this Sovereign wants, why should I share with others.”

Jihuang Demon Lord smiled mockingly. He could see that Zhou Xuanji was creating animosity among them, but he did not care.

He waved his left hand, and a gigantic black claw appeared. The claw crushed thousands of cultivators with an unstoppable force immediately. Only the three Great Realization cultivators managed to dodge it barely.

“Jihuang Demon Lord! What are you doing? You want to break our agreement?” The purple-robed man cried out furiously. How could he not feel heartache for the death of hundreds of his Astral Projection cultivators?

Of course, he felt more fear than anything else.

“A bunch of ants, and yet you dare to talk about conditions with me?”

Jihuang Demon Lord said disdainfully, “Have you forgotten? We are at war. No one will object to me killing a bunch of human traitors.”

The purple-robed man’s expression changed drastically, and he immediately turned to flee.


A black spear formed with demonic Qi penetrated his chest and stopped him from fleeing.

Next, the purple-robed man was quickly dried out. His soul cried out miserably as he was absorbed by the black spear.

The sight of this made Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng covered in cold sweat.

Zhou Xuanji had a blank expression, but he felt anxious in his heart.

This guy was even more ruthless than Huangquan Drake King!

The other two Great Realization cultivators also died before they could flee.

Jihuang Demon Lord did not stop his footsteps and continued to walk toward Zhou Xuanji.

Seeing this, he straightaway took out all of his legendary swords.

“All of you retreat back to the peak.”

Zhou Xuanji said coldly as he stared at Jihuang Demon Lord.

Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng did not push themselves and left immediately.

“That’s the right move. This is between you and me. Why do we need others to interrupt us?”

Jihuang Demon Lord laughed wildly as though he was a lunatic.

He could already see himself snatching the Tianxia Map.

“Jihuang Demon Lord, you neglected the war between the two races to snatch the Tianxia Map. Do you really think you can defeat Yang Di with the Tianxia Map? Yang Di will likely have already united the Northern Wilderness Region before you become powerful enough. He will obliterate the demon race, and you will have nowhere to return to,” Zhou Xuanji mocked. The World Fool Sword was above his head, and Jihuang Demon Lord had already stepped into the area of its effect.

“You think this Sovereign is you?” Jihuang Demon Lord stopped walking and said with a deep frown, “Not even knowing how to use the Tianxia Map after obtaining it? ”

At the mention of Yang Di, somehow, there was a flame of anger in his heart.

“Are you sure? You have never used the Tianxia Map. And even if I passed the Tianxia Map to you, the Tianxia Map will need time to recognize you as its owner. Why don’t we work together to get rid of Yang Di together, then I will give you the Tianxia Map? At that time, you will be the world’s top cultivator, and I will be the second. Wouldn’t that be a win-win?” Zhou Xuanji kept his smile and said sincerely.

He was praying in his heart. Oh, the legendary sword that makes people stupid, please show your power!

Jihuang Demon Lord heard him and fell into deep thought with an even tighter frown.

The thing that he wanted the most was not the Tianxia Map but to be the top cultivator in the world.

That was why Zhou Xuanji’s words moved him.

“Sovereign, what are you thinking?” Fate Ox shouted. He kept a distance from Jihuang Demon Lord and was outside the World Fool Sword’s area of influence.

He felt a little odd. The usual Jihuang Demon Lord would have attacked straight away instead of engaging in useless talk.

“He is thinking about becoming the world’s top cultivator. Do you understand? How dare you interrupt your master’s thoughts?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at the ox demon and cried out angrily.

Fate Ox was furious. He said, “Noisy brat, you will surely die today. Don’t even try to coax…”

He stopped even before he could finish speaking.

Because Jihuang Demon Lord was staring at him with a cold peripheral sight.

He was covered in cold sweat immediately and understood that he had overstepped his bounds.

Jihuang Demon Lord looked at Zhou Xuanji again with an intense murderous aura.

“Brat, you will hand over the Tianxia Map today! ” He said.

After that, he raised his right hand and a black spear appeared. The tip of the spear was like a hideous-looking snakehead. Strands of demonic Qi coiled around the spear.

Zhou Xuanji sighed in his heart. The fooling effect did not overpower the Demon Lord’s desire for the Tianxia Map.

“Stop! “”

A loud cry came, and before it disappeared, a beam of light came from the horizon and landed swiftly in front of Zhou Xuanji.

The light dissipated, and a majestic silhouette appeared.

It was Jiang Wudi!

World’s 3rd cultivator!

2nd of the human race!

With a solemn face, he stared at Jihuang Demon Lord and said, “Demon Lord, Zhou Xuanji is the husband of my descendant. How can I allow you to kill him? ”

Zhou Xuanji was astonished. Why was this old guy trying so hard to loop himself in?

“Jiang Wudi Who do you think this Sovereign is? Good. This Sovereign will you kill here to remove a great harm for the demon race!” Jihuang Demon Lord said coldly. He felt even more furious at the sigh of Jiang Wudi.

“Then let’s see who kills who! ” Jiang Wudi heard him and mocked back.


He charged toward Jihuang Demon Lord straightaway. The world-shaking powerhouses turned into streams of light as they clashed wildly, from the sky to the ground. They were so quick that even Zhou Xuanji could not catch up.

On the peak of Skyfall.

Xian Xianghua looked a little confused. “Why is this guy so short-tempered?”

She mumbled, “It’s not like him? ”

In her knowledge, although Jiang Wudi was powerful, he was a coward who would try to avoid Jihuang Demon Lord as much as he could.

“Xuanji and Jiang Xue love each other after all. Also, the Tianxia Map is in Xuanji’s hands, which is advantageous to him as well.”

Daoya Old Man analyzed. However, he felt that his speculation was a little far fetched.