I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 273 - Chapter 273 The Sovereign Came

Chapter 273 - Chapter 273 The Sovereign Came


“Zhou Xuanji, hand over the Tianxia Map. You are surrounded!” The purple-robed man cried out loudly. His name was Zhu Hanlong, and his cultivation had reached Great Realization Level Seven. He was ranked 39th in the Northern Wilderness’ Top Hundred and was greatly reputed in his region.

The cultivators behind him were all excited.

The Tianxia Map!

Their hearts were moved whenever they heard those three words.

“Humph! You are looking for death! ”

Lin Changge snorted coldly. Next, a massive wave of sword Qi that was hundreds of meters long charged toward them, splitting the sea of clouds.

The purple-robed man pushed out with his palm. A gigantic tiger head appeared out of nowhere and shredded the sword Qi with its mouth.

When he withdrew his palm, the tiger head disappeared as well.

Lin Changge flew over, followed by Ning Zifeng.

Seeing that there were so many cultivators, both frowned slightly.

Skyfall was located in the demons’ territory. How did so many powerful humans come here? If Jihuang Demon Lord were to know, he would definitely have intercepted them.

Could it be that they were working with Jihuang Demon Lord?

They were not afraid but were instead excited at the prospect of fighting powerful enemies.

“Let’s have a competition. See who kills more?” Ning Zifeng asked with a raised brow and a provocative tone.

“Let’s do it, ” Lin Changge snorted.

The two said no more and charged toward their enemies with their swords.

An intense battle exploded into action immediately.

On the mountain top.

Zhou Xuanji was still cultivating. “Be careful,” Daoya Old Man walked to his side and asked.

He scanned the situation with his mind and saw the size of their enemies.

At one glance, no Sanctum had so many Spirit Refinement cultivators.

Which meant to say that they came from all kinds of places to take the Tianxia Map together.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes with a frown.

It was expected.

And he felt no fear.

Other than Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng, Fenyu Dragon King was also around. They were capable of defending against this attack.

He stood up and looked at Xian Xianghua, who was far away, before saying, “Hey, how’re your injuries? ”

This old demonic woman was a formidable force. A Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

Even if she was injured, she was beyond Great Realization cultivators.

“So so. Dealing with this bunch is no problem. ”

Xian Xianghua replied without opening her eyes. She was domineering as usual.

Dragon Proud Hua indeed.

TL: The term “Dragon Proud Sky” is used to describe someone as powerful sarcastically. Here, the author changed “Sky” to “Hua.”

“Can you get a lead on who’s behind this through divination? ”

Zhou Xuanji asked Daoya Old Man. Ever since he had killed the world’s fifth rank and eighth rank, those who dared to offend him must be even more powerful.

The first person he thought about was Jihuang Demon Lord.

Daoya Old Man closed his eyes and began divining.

After a while, he opened his eyes and said, frowning, “There’s demonic Qi. It must be a great demon who’s against you. It should be none other than Jihuang Demon Lord. ”

Zhou Xuanji rubbed his chin as he contemplated.

Why didn’t JIhuang Demon Lord come personally?

Could the Demon Lord be testing his power?

No matter what, a fierce battle was coming.

He immediately said to Xiao Jinghong telepathically, who was at the mountain shoulder, to gather the disciples in case they get in danger.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

Undulating sounds of explosions came from under the sea of clouds. The cries of cultivators could be heard faintly.

Zhou Xuanji observed the battle with his mind and saw that Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng were at a disadvantage when fighting the other three Great Realization cultivators.

But it seemed that they could still hold out for a while.

It was a good opportunity for them to train.

He planned to send Fenyu Dragon King when they reached their limits.

At the same time.

Ten thousand miles away.

Jihuang Demon Lord stood on a peak and looked afar. He could faintly see the silhouette of Skyfall from where he stood.

Behind him stood an old demon who wore a taoist robe. The old demon had transformed into human form, and he had white hair and a friendly face. If not for his oxtail, others might mistake him to be a celestial being.

“Sovereign. What are you fearing?”

The old demon asked. As the world’s 2nd, why was there a need to fear the 5th?

This was not the way Jihuang Demon Lord did things.

“Humph. You think I’m afraid? I’m just trying to lure him out before I suppress him,” Jihuang Demon Lord snorted coldly. Although Zhou Xuanji killed Huangquan Drake King, he was still not a threat to him. He had full confidence in destroying the Drake King after all.

However, he really felt a little fear within his heart.

Xian Xianghua and the Tianxia Map. Who would dare to charge at Skyfall boldly?

He was not like Nether Ghost, who had numerous lives.

And it was odd that Nether Ghost had died since he had many lives.

Something must be wrong!

“Fate Ox, in terms of divination, are you better than Daoya Old Man? ”

Jihuang Demon Lord asked suddenly. There was a diviner in almost every powerhouse.

They could only avoid disasters and develop in the long term when they have had a diviner.

“I’m better than him, of course, ” the old demon, who was addressed as Fate Ox, replied proudly.

In the demon race, he was the best in divination. He played a huge role in helping Jihuang Demon Lord become who he was today.

Or else, with Jihuang Demon Lord’s temperament, how could he have grown until now?

The Demon Lord would have died a long time ago if not for him!

This was also why Jihuang Demon Lord greatly favored him.

“This Sovereign heard that although a Qilin appeared at his birth, he had a short life. If not for Daoya Old Man, who had changed his fate, he would have died a long time ago. Now, no one can divine Zhou Xuanji’s fate. Say, what fate did Daoya Old Man change for him?” Jihuang Demon Lord asked casually.

The Tianxia Map and Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique were both at Skyfall!

He could not wait to destroy Skyfall.

Fate Ox was stunned and fell into deep thought.

He could not answer this question.

He knew how to change fates too. However, he could not do something like Daoya Old Man did to Zhou Xuanji’s.

Jihuang Demon Lord no longer spoke, and both of them stood in silence.

Sometime later.

A majestic dragon roar could be heard from Skyfall. Fenyu Dragon King joined the battle.

His participation changed the tide straightaway.

“Damn! Why isn’t Jihuang Demon Lord here yet?” The purple-robed man complained, gritting his teeth. Blood flowed on his face, which made him look somewhat miserable.

The other two Great Realization cultivators were in bad shape too. Both were badly injured.

Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng gasped for air as they stared at the purple-robed man fiercely.

The extremely dominating Fenyu Dragon King stood in between them. Searing lava flowed along his body, which frightened the cultivators so much that they avoided him.

“If you continue to fight on, this King will devour all of you!” Fenyu Dragon King roared furiously. His voice generated waves of powerful gales that shook the forest beneath like waves in a green ocean.

The cultivators were in a rage as well, but they did not dare to try the wrath of the Dragon King.

“Humph, this Sovereign really wants to see if you can eat them! ”

At this moment, Jihuang Demon Lord’s cold laughter came, which shook the heavens and the earth. It was even more domineering than Fenyu Dragon King’s.

He walked across the air, followed by Fate Ox.

Seeing that he was coming, Fenyu Dragon King’s expression changed drastically.

Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng’s eyelids were twitching wildly as well.

World’s second!

Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

Jihuang Demon Lord fixed his gaze at the peak of Skyfall and smiled mockingly. “Zhou Xuanji, you are not qualified to possess the Tianxia Map. If you are willing to hand over the Tianxia Map, this Sovereign can consider sparing your life!”

After that, he raised his right hand and press down.

Fenyu Dragon King could not even react in time and felt a formless mountain smash against him. The Dragon King fell straight down into the forest, sweeping up waves of billowing dust, and the earth shook violently.