I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 272 - Chapter 272 Passing Down The Inheritance

Chapter 272 - Chapter 272 Passing Down The Inheritance


Lin Changge!

Ranked 76th in the world!

A commotion broke out among the second-generation disciples. Among the sword cultivators, Lin Changge’s fame was second only to Zhou Xuanji’s.

Of course, the difference between the reputation of the two was too vast. It was all because of the decline of the Sword’s Way.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Good timing. The Hundred Star Sky-Covering Sword Formation is from your Hegemon Sword Sect. Join us and guide these disciples. ”

“Yes, master!” Lin Changge stood up and said excitedly as he looked at Xiao Jinghong and the others.

He was looking for the top sword cultivator from overseas.

Soon, he locked his eyes on Ning Zifeng.

Great Realization, Level one!

This guy was the one!

Ning Zifeng looked at him as well. Their eyes met, and they felt a sense of rivalry even though no words were said.

“Stop looking. Get into the formation now! ”

Zhou Xuanji threw them a stare and scolded them.

Don’t tell me that they like each other?

Xiao Jinghong and the other three entered the formation as well, and all of them practiced the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Sword Formation together.

Zhou Xuanji dispersed the legendary swords above his head.

Then he walked amidst the disciples to give some pointers to each.

“The two of you look at that sword. Yes, the one with the crimson dragon soul.”

“The three of you look at that one. Yes, that’s the Swineculling Sword.”

“The three of you are still too weak in your cultivation. You should look at the same sword—that one. Later, following the movements of that sword.”

“The two of you stand together and help each other.”

Zhou Xuanji allocated their targets. At least two people were watching over each sword.

Zhou Xuanji arranged them in such a way just in case one of them was injured when the time came and disabled the entire formation.

After a while, the allocation was done.

Zhou Xuanji began to control the legendary swords, though slowly. This was to ensure that each could take a clear look.


Lin Changge was shocked in his heart. It was his first time being taught by Zhou Xuanji. He sighed in amazement when he saw each legendary sword using a different sword technique.

Even his dad could not do it.

He made the right choice by coming!

He had learned the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Sword Formation before, but he had yet to practice it much. This was a good opportunity to truly master it.

Because Zhou Xuanji was too reputed, no disciples dared to treat it casually. Moreover, with their exceptional talents, they remembered each move within one hour.

After remembering the sword moves, Zhou Xuanji began to teach them the technique to channel Qi.

It was not enough to form a formation just by remembering the sword moves. Each spell had its own special channeling techniques, making it incredibly difficult.

After teaching them the technique to channel Qi, he got up.

“All of you continue to train. Today, focus on this sword formation. Remind each other of the mistakes you make. You are the second-generation disciples, and after I have created a sect of my own, you will all be leading the new disciples. So, you are not competitors against each other. Instead, you should help one another. Understand?” Zhou Xuanji looked at all the disciples and said with a smile.

Although he looked young, he already had the majestic and solemn look.

Other than cultivation and demeanor, it had to do with the Tyrant Emperor Ring on his hand.

“Understood!” The eighty second-generation disciples cried out in unison, each looking fervent.

Zhou Xuanji’s words made their blood boil.

Creating a sect!

They would become pioneers!

Wait until Zhou Xuanji climbed to become the top cultivator in the world. They would also raise their reputation and position!

“Changge, come with me,” Zhou Xuanji waved his hand and said. After that, he leaped up and soared into the cloud.

Lin Changge followed behind him.


Ning Zifeng snorted lightly but with a smile.

Finally, a rival!

Someone that he could often spar with in the future!

He wanted to become the most powerful sword cultivator under Zhou Xuanji!

On the cliff, a few hundred meters higher, Haotian Boar King, Dade Bear Monarch, and the other Eighth Rank great demons were looking down.

Looking at the flourishing disciples, they looked at each other in dismay.

“We cannot continue to be lax. If they overtake us…” Haotian Boar King swallowed his saliva and said.

These disciples’ insight and ability to learn were really too great. The four great demons tried to memorize the sword moves of the Hundred Star Sky-Covering Sword Formation, but they could not do it as quickly as the disciples. They could only remember the moves after watching the disciples practice the formation a few times.

Jingtian Eagle said with a cold face, “Yes, we cannot lose our face as the Four Mountain-Guarding Kings of Skyfall!”

Four Mountain-Guarding Kings!

This was the title that Zhou Xuanji gave them, and the meaning was literal.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji brought Lin Changge to the peak.

Lin Changge was amazed at the galaxies above his head. They were so close that it seemed to be within reach. It was an indescribable sense of awe.

He noticed Xian Xianghua and Zhou Xiaoqi.

Top evil cultivator!

And the divine beast, Qilin, in the legends!

He was shocked in his heart. As for Jiang Xue and Daoya Old Man, he did not take notice of them.

“Since you have decided to take me as your master, I will not treat you badly. Now, I will pass you the inheritance of the Hegemon Sword Emperor,” Zhou Xuanji turned around and said to Lin Changge.

He wanted to teach the Sky Dominating Divine Sword to him.

The Sky Dominating Divine Sword was no longer the most powerful sword technique he had, so it was okay to teach it to Lin Changge.

With Lin Changge’s talent, it would take him decades to master the Sky Dominating Divine Sword to Great Accomplishment.

If he were an ordinary person, it would take more than a lifetime to master it.

When Lin Changge heard him, he opened his eyes wide as his breathing became more rapid, and his heart thumped harder.

“Zhou… Master, are you serious?” He asked carefully. It felt like a pleasant surprise that bashed onto his head.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Dog Culling Sword and said, “The Hegemon Sword Emperor’s inheritance was his sword and the sword technique. I will not give you his sword, but the sword technique I can teach it to you. The name of this sword technique is Sky Dominating Divine Sword. Have you heard of it before? ”

Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

Lin Changge swallowed his saliva and said, “I’ve heard it before. The ancient manuscript in the ancestral temple of the Hegemon Sword Sect has records about the Sky Dominating Divine Sword. It is said that our ancestors first used this sword technique to become unrivaled. ”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and started to swing his sword immediately, showing Lin Changge each and every move of the Sky Dominating Divine Sword.

Lin Changge observed attentively and did not dare not to miss out on any details.

Far away.

Xian Xianghua opened her eyes and smiled to herself. “This brat really knows how to gain people’s favor. ”

Shortly after, she continued to heal herself.

Jiang Xue glanced at Zhou Xuanji but did not pay much attention. Then, she continued to listen to Daoya Old Man’s teachings on divination.

It had to be admitted that the Exquisite Sword Mind’s talent was really extraordinary.

He could remember everything that he saw. Zhou Xuanji only showed him the sword technique once, and he remembered every move and immediately began to practice with his sword.

Zhou Xuanji observed him from the side and felt very pleased.

When Lin Changge mastered it, Skyfall would become a major powerhouse.

Two hours later.

Lin Changge descended the peak with excitement. Zhou Xuanji ordered him to live together with the second-generation disciples so that they could build relationships.


Zhou Xuanji began cultivating the World Buddha Art at the cliffside.

He had a feeling.

He was about to master the World Reincarnation.

How soon? It could be a few months or a few years.

However, he would definitely not take more than a decade.

The peaceful days resumed.

Everyone was focused on their training.

However, the peaceful life did not last long.

A month later, thousands of cultivators surrounded Skyfall. The weakest of them were at the Fifth Level of Astral Projection, and they had three Great Realization cultivators.

The one leading was a man dressed in purple robes. He had a medium stature and an ordinary look except that a small flame was levitating between his brows.